Get Your Rear Into Gear 10K

The Get Your Rear Into Gear 10K.  I had every intention of running the NYRR half this past weekend but wasn’t selected through the lottery.  I found this race instead about a week and a half ago so I signed up for it in order to keep my running motivation up for the Cleveland Marathon in May.

So after my whirlwind of a day last Saturday in getting to DC, watching some March Madness Basketball and not getting back to Philly until 3:10 AM and my apartment at 330, I woke up  around 815 and knew it was going to be a long run due to exhaustion.  I thought I left with plenty of time to park (around 855 AM) but the city is already shutting down one side of the River (Kelly Drive) and the other side of the river was detoured due to all the crew people rowing around.  So not only was parking almost non existent, you had to go around and about just to get to the race.  Spots just opening up.  By 9:25 (the start was literally a 7 minute drive from my apartment, 10 if you include actually being able to park on a good day), I figured if I don’t find a spot in the next few minutes, forget it.  At least the money I paid was going to a good cause.  i finally found a spot 1/2 mile from the start and was running to get there…

I got to the start (with some other late comers due to parking) 8:30 after the start of the 10K and 5K (there was a 2 mile walk that was getting ready to start).  I ended up just going with it and starting late.  I managed to make up some good time though and caught up with the 10kers eventually.  What was kind of a bummer was on the way back, we ran into the 2 mile walkers and trying to work through them wasn’t fun when they take up 2-3 lanes of road.  I made it to the finish in a little over an hour by my watch (1 hr 9 minutes by the clock).  Unfortunately, they never took the 8:30 off of my time officially.  Not like I was trying to win a prize or anything but still!

The best part was I got a 7.5 mile run when I was aiming for 6.2 miles and they had volunteers after the race walking around handing out water (very much appreciated).  I even was able to find a good picture of me from the event which I will be ordering since it’s so difficult to get a good picture of a person (especially me) running.  Good event, good cause, just gotta remember spring in philly means less parking since more people are out 😦 .

Side note, they have Get Your Rear Into Gear races all over the country

Side SIDE note, if your over 50, get a colonoscopy….it’s not worth getting colon cancer because you’re scared of not eating for a day in order to have a tube un through you…

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