Trick or Treat- Race Style!

So I know that I posted already today, but tomorrow is a new month. And with a new month, comes price increases for races. ¬†SOOOO, if you’re thinking of signing up for some of these, do it today before they increase the price! Hence, Trick or Treat running style ūüôā

  1. The Capital City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon (Columbus, OH)- the race is May 5, 2012.  Registration goes up to $65 tomorrow for the Half, $45 for the Quarter Marathon.  Try using the Coupon Code EXPO for $5 off.  Current prices are $60 and $40 until midnight!
  2. Rock n Roll New Orleans¬†(New Orleans, LA)- Race is March 4th, 2012. ¬†Registration goes up to $110 for the full and $105 for the Half tomorrow. ¬†The SAINTSWIN (even though they didn’t) might get you $14 off if you use it between 12 pm- 12am CST (1pm-1am EST). ¬†Current prices are $95 for the full and $90 for the half
  3. The Flying Pig Marathon and Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)- Race is May 6, 2012.  The half goes to $80 and the full goes to $90 tomorrow.  Currently, prices are $75 for the full, $65 for the half.  They have a 5K, 10K and awesome medals too!
  4. The Pittsburgh Marathon (Pittsburgh, PA)- Race is May 6, 2012.  The half goes to $85 and the full goes to $95 on WEDNESDAY (11/2).  Currently, $75 for the half and $85 and they have a 5K and a relay!
  5. St. Luke’s Half Marathon (Allentown, PA)- Race is April 29th, 2012. ¬†Price goes up to $55 tomorrow. ¬†Currently, it’s $50 and there’s a 5K
Just a few that I know of, but hope you enjoy!

Who’s Who in the NYC Marathon- Celebrity Edition

Hark! ¬†This time next week, I’ll be limping and gimping everywhere I need to go because I’ll be sore from the NYC Marathon. ¬†Yes, I’m calling the soreness now. ¬†If I’m not, I didn’t do something right. ¬†So, I figured it would be fun to take a look at who’s running the NYC marathon in the Celebrity Division. ¬†You know, not the people who are going to run this thing in 2 hrs and 5 minutes.

  1. Apollo Anton Ohno (OH- NO!)- I mean come on, the guy killed it on the Olympic Speed Skating Short track and Dancing With the Stars (if you watch it). ¬†He’s running for Subway with Jared…
  2. Andy Baldwin- For all you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, yes the Navy Doctor guy.
  3. Richard Blais– For all you Top Chef (Season 4/ All-Stars [season 8]) fans, this was the Molecular Gastronomy dude who always used liquid nitrogen and complained all the time during the All Star Season if he wasn’t on top. ¬†Note, I’ve seen all 8 season of Top Chef so I know who my complainers are and he got on my nerves toward the end of Season 8 but at least he won over Mike Isabella from Top Chef, Season 6
  4. Jennie Finch– for all you softballers, yes the Olympian Pitcher…and she’s only been training for 12 weeks after giving birth to her kid. She’s also apparently going to be the last to start and everyone she passes, Timex, Swatch or one of those watch companies is making a donation to something
  5. Mark Messier– Former NY Ranger hockey player and Stanley Cup winner
  6. Edwin van der Sar- For all you ManU (Manchester United) Soccer fans, yes he’ll be there too

And finally, last, but not least…

Your’s Truly- ME!!! ¬†Making my debut performance in NYC. ¬†Hopefully I will be back for more ūüôā

You’re Asking the 10k Runners to Do What?!?

Yesterday, I decided to celebrate Halloween a few days early by running the Halloween Hustle in Lee’s Summit, MO. ¬†Now, Lee’s Summit is about 20 minutes away from wear I’m currently hiding out in Overland Park, Kansas. ¬†I figured it would be nice to get a run on a course outside before the NYC Marathon on November 6th and it was the first time for the race. ¬†I figured the people of KC and Lee’s Summit might want to have this race again next year so if enough people signed up, the committee would put it on again next year. ¬†Additionally, they were collecting food for the local food pantry and promoting health which is always important.

Anyways, I signed up for this after running my half marathon a few weeks ago thinking it would be a good taper run. ¬†I noticed that I could pick up my stuff early which is always a plus if I can do it, just so I’m not rushing the morning of the race. ¬†I went back and forth with this on Friday and just decided to do it so it would be done with. ¬†A short, 20 minute drive later, I arrived at the gym that was putting the race on to get my stuff. ¬†I got the generic RoadID bib, a t-shirt and a bag filled with flyers (the same flyers I actually got at my half marathon a few weekends ago). ¬†As the lady was giving me my bag of goodies, she wished me luck tomorrow. ¬†Tomorrow would be Saturday. ¬†Now, the race was scheduled for October 29th, 2011 which was indeed Saturday. ¬†It didn’t help me that all on Friday, I thought it was the 27th so I thought the race was on Sunday. ¬†In order to not sound like a complete moron, I waited until I got back to my computer and internet in order to check this. And what do you know, it was a Saturday race and at least I didn’t show up this morning for it.

Saturday (the real October 29th), I headed out to some place called Unity Village, MO which is right next door to Lee’s Summit. ¬†Now, you would think that I should have known things were going to go downhill if I couldn’t remember which day of the week it was. ¬†I do one of the “I don’t know where I’m going but the people in front of me look like they do” things and follow a string of cars going into some entrance which turns out to be where the race was. ¬†It was probably 40* out and there were tents, bouncy machines and a few vendors set up. ¬†People were all decked out in costumes (I really can’t run in those sorts of thing). ¬†For example, there were Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss, Batman, someone trying (and failing miserably) to be LeBron James, and then dogs dressed up as a runner and a Mexican. ¬†At 7:55, we head over to the start line. ¬†Since this was a 5K and a 10K race, there were theoretically 2 starts (one for each race). ¬†The 10K was suppose to start at 7:55 (which didn’t happen). ¬†We’re waiting and waiting and 10 minutes later (at 8:05 but I wasn’t keeping track or anything), the timing clock was finally set up. ¬†One of the organizers came on over a microphone and said they were running behind (obviously) and then gave course directions. ¬†The 5K runners were going to do 2 laps around the course while the 10K runners were going to do 4 laps around the course. ¬†You have GOT to be kidding me. ¬†I was standing at the start thinking, you’re already late with the start, you made it sound like there was going to be a longer course and know you’re telling us it’s essentially 1.5 mile intervals?!?! ¬†Had we not started at 8:13 AM, I might have been in a better mood.

We finally got started and because of the cold, I felt like I was hacking up a lung. ¬†It wasn’t a horrible course, but it’s not something I would ask a bunch of people running 6.2 miles to run around 4 times. ¬†As I finished the first lap, I made the decision to just do the 5K and run another 3.1 miles at the gym back close to where I’m staying. ¬†I didn’t care about my time. ¬†I didn’t care about the money, I just didn’t feel the need to push something with my marathon coming up in a week.

I know this was the first year for the race so there are kinks. ¬†My suggestion to them is 4 laps is too much to ask for during a 10K. ¬†Most 10Ks that are incorporated with a 5K either do an extended course or are 2 laps around the 5K course. ¬†Some people don’t like having to do the same thing 4 times while running! ¬†I would also suggest another location. ¬†It looked like it was being held at some sort of retreat or park center or something along those lines. ¬†If you’re working with a track club, I’m sure they can help you figure out more likable locations for a race. ¬†I’ll give it room to improve since it’s the first running of it. ¬†That, and I’ll ¬†probably never be in KC to begin with during Halloween again

What Does 7000 Registrations, 12 hrs and the New Orleans Saints Have in Common?

On Monday, my friend Jay posted posted a link involving the Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in New Orleans, LA. ¬†If you know anything about Jay and I, we both aren’t fans of the Rock n Roll series and the Competitor group. ¬†Why, you might ask? ¬†They’ve been increasing prices of their marathons and half marathons (something that is next April or May is already $80-$90 just for the half marathon!) and they’ve been taking over local races that have been doing perfectly fine on their own. ¬†So the fact that Jay posted anything made me laugh and take a look. ¬†The link took me to this page:

Why might this be of interest to any of Jay’s running friends? ¬†Rock n Roll New Orleans was running a promotion from noon until midnight CST. $55 off registration into the half and full marathons. ¬†FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS!! ¬†Instead of paying a $90 (half marathon) or $95 (full marathon) registration fee, you could get in for $35 and $40 respectively. ¬†That is absolutely insane!! ¬†I remember telling my mom how much I felt like a traitor since after the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half, I vowed never to run another Rock n Roll event because of the prices. ¬†I can’t beat $35 though. ¬†How did the discount come to be $55? ¬†Enter the New Orleans Saints. Yes, those Saints who play in the NFL. ¬†They happen to beat the Colts 62-7 on Sunday. ¬†Point difference: 55.

Last night, I came across an article in one of the local New Orleans newspapers. 7000 people signed up for the race in twelve hours. ¬†7000!!! ¬†Organizers are convinced that it’s due to the increasing popularity of the event. I’m convinced it’s due to the price being slashed by over half. ¬†I mean, a half marathon for $90 more than 5 months out? ¬†You have got to be kidding me! ¬†All in all, Rock n Roll lost $385,000 on this promotion alone ($55 x 7000 people). ¬†I fell less of a traitor since they lost a huge chunk of money. ¬†And guess what?? ¬†They’re using the SAINTSWIN promotion again this monday! ¬†Only catch? ¬†They’ll cap the discount at $21 (ie 3 touchdowns scored by the Saints). ¬†Hmmm, I wonder why???

To you, New Orleans Saints, I thank you.  You saved me a huge chunk of money and allow me to laugh at a series that thinks $90 for a half marathon is an appropriate amount to be charging people.  I hope you win big next week so more people can take advantage!!

Good Things Happen To Those Who Don’t Cheat

Runners, I feel, are generally pretty honest people. ¬†We tend to try and catch someone if they drop their iPod on course. ¬†We pick up friends’ bibs and packets at expos. ¬†Heck, we even offer another runner gel or gu while on course during a ridiculously hot race, even if the gel was being held in the sports bra! ¬†However, Rob Sloan of England, might be one of the exceptions. ¬†You see, Mr Sloan ran the Northumberland Marathon earlier this month. ¬†He signed up to race legally and didn’t buy his bib on the ‘blacklist market.’ ¬†He even trained hard for it and picked up all of his own stuff (or so I’m assuming). ¬†Come race day, he started with everyone else at the start when the gun (or bull horn or siren) went off.

However, at mile 20, people saw Mr Sloan jump off course. ¬†He caught a bus and took it close to the finish line. ¬†He then decided to hide behind some trees and wait for the rest of the runners to get to the finish. ¬†Mr Sloan rejoined the pack and ran across the finish…in 3rd place. ¬†This was a real shocker to Steven Crams, the real 3rd place finisher. ¬†Us runners typically also know who pass us on course, and Mr Crams never remembered seeing Mr Sloan pass him the final 6.2 miles of the race. Needless to say, Mr Crams was surprised to see Mr. Sloan being interviewed for 3rd place (Crams is in the brown in the video, Rob is being interviewed) ¬†I don’t know if was spur of the moment, if Mr Sloan got caught in the excitement or if he thought that he wouldn’t get caught. ¬†However, Mr Sloan did get caught. And claimed that he didn’t cheat even though he was clocked running significantly faster than the first half of the race. ¬†After handing back the 3rd place medal, which was properly given to Mr Crams, Mr Sloan was then kicked out of his running club…while continuing to say he never took the bus.

Moral of the story, good things come to those who don’t cheat. And, you’ll never become and Olympian over night or over the second half of a race so don’t try.

When Fall Turns To October

When fall turns to October, it means it’s close to my birthday. ¬†Today is my last day as a 25 year old. ¬†How am I celebrating turning a year older and I year wiser?

  1. I’m running the NYC Marathon for Jack’s Fund. ¬†It would be awesome if you could help me celebrate by helping me raise my last $791 to raise money for melanoma research. ¬†It would be really cool if we could show cancer who’s boss!
  2. I invested in my first thing from Tiffany’s. ¬†What you ask? Something I would actually use: glasses. ¬†Don’t believe me? Go look! I even got free shipping ūüôā
  3. I switched running shoes. ¬†What, say that again?! You didn’t hear me? ¬†After almost 2 years with my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s/7s, I switched to the Brooks Ravenna2. ¬†It was a good relationship while it lasted, but something changed. Me, Mizuno, I’m not sure exactly
  4. I managed to get through 25 uninjured.  Impressive, I know! Uninjured and single
  5. My mom visited me in KC for a girls weekend. Food, Food and shopping…that’s the way to go if you ask me!

I Get Hot Chocolate AND I’m Seeded?!?!

I always love getting emails from races. ¬†Many times it’s the automatic “Thank You for Registering” or “Last minute race details” and “Don’t forget to bring you’re confirmation sheet signed” sort of thing. ¬†A while back, I wrote about signing up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Washington DC. Don’t remember it? Go over here to refresh your memory! ¬†While browsing Facebook and the Hot Chocolate 15K website, I found out that they had corrals for runners that can run under a certain time. ¬†Normally, I never qualify for these things. ¬†Never, nada, not a shot, zilch. ¬†So just for fun, I humored myself and and looked at the times needed to ¬†get a corral. Normally, this is where I would say- I laughed at how fast the standards were set and moved on.

BUT NO!!! ¬†For once in my adult running life, I can apply for a corral!! ¬†And, it means I don’t have to find a group of people to get behind and take 20 minutes to the start. YAY ME!!!! ¬†Because I had an excellent Broad Street Run for me, I was able to apply for the C Corral (out of corrals A-D). ¬†They had options of submitting results from 5Ks, 5 Milers, 10 Milers an Half Marathons. ¬†I submitted my info from Broad Street 2011 and waited to here back. ¬†After 2 weeks, I resubmitted just to be safe. ¬†And resubmitted a week after that. ¬†I was getting a little bummed out because I really wanted to be seeded. ¬†And I just wanted the letter on my bib in addition to the number because it looks cool. ¬†Apparently, a bunch of people were having issues with not hearing back from Ram Racing (the registration people for the Hot Chocolate 15K). It took an email, a twitter post and a facebook post, all of which I had to say I’m really following the directions to figure out what was going on.

Enter Sunday, October 16th.  I get an email that looks like this:

I get a corral!!!

Don’t believe me? ¬†Check out my registration page:

There's the letter C (for Corral C) Next to corral!

I’m just a tad excited. ¬†This is probably the one and only time I’ll ever be seeded in a race ūüôā

Will run for Hot Chocolate anytime!!

For The (World) Record…

When people think of breaking world records, they think of Paula Radcliff breaking the world record in the Chicago Marathon early in the 2000s or Usain bolt speeding his way along the track circuit. ¬†Meet Fauja Singh. ¬†Fauja started running marathons at 89 years young. ¬†Yes, EIGHTY-NINE!!! ¬†Since he started his marathon quest, he’s participated in 8 total marathons. ¬†Number 8 came this past weekend in Toronto. ¬†He set the world record for oldest person to finish a marathon at 100 years old. ¬†Yes, ONE HUNDRED years young. ¬†The winner of the race, Kenyan Kenneth Mungara, won in 2:09;51. ¬†Canadians qualified for the 2012 Olympics. ¬†And Fauja Singh broke world records for runners over 100 in 8 different categories while finishing in just over 8 hours. ¬†As much as I don’t understand how people can walk marathons, you are my exception. ¬†100 years old and still going strong, I salute you.

To you Mr. Singh, we say congratulations!  Proof that anyone can do anything at any age.  Hopefully we see you in the torch parade for the 2012 London Olympics.  I, for one, will be looking for you!

Kansas City Half Marathon- Running through the City of Fountains

When you’re in the Overland Park KS area, you’re basically right outside of Kansas City. ¬†And when you’re in the vicinity of Kansas City, you have to specify if you’re on the KS side or the MO side. ¬†Anyways, since I’m out here with no good idea of where to run, I decided to sign up for the Kansas City Half Marathon. ¬†Specifically the Waddell and Reed Half Marathon. ¬†Way to sign up for something 2 weeks before it happens, but I apparently am really good at signing up for half marathons with little to no notice these days. ¬†Since I’ve been hanging out in Kansas, I have no idea where to run. ¬†I was able to get into a local gym for a month that has treadmills and a short track which is good for intervals and runs of 6-7 miles (in which I lose interest in running on the treadmill). ¬†However, I then have to time when I go so I don’t have to deal with the screaming volleyball players. ¬†Solution: Half Marathon. ¬†That, and I can now check off the state of Missouri (since it was on the MO side of Kansas City) of my states of half marathon.

The stronger bib that's 100% recyclable to boot. It will, however, go on my wall of bibs in Philly

Kansas City is home to Hallmark Headquarters and is also known as the City of Fountains. ¬†Needless to say, crowns and fountains are integrated into the city, but that’s besides the point. ¬†I went to pick up my stuff at the expo Thursday afternoon. ¬†I was able to get free parking at the hotel it was being held at (score!) and since there was no one there, I was able to get through without waiting in any sort of line. ¬†I got a decent bib this time around, one with more structure per se so it doesn’t get crinkled up or drip with sweat due to being made out of paper. ¬†I also picked up my shirt, which only stated there was a marathon going on. ¬†It would have been nice to mention us half marathoners- we work just as hard!! ¬†Anyways, I then scoured the expo for any and every exhibit that ¬†had anything to do with selling shoes. ¬†I am in the process of switching from my Wave Inspire 6s to Brooks’ Ravenna 2s. ¬†My feet of spoken and like Ravenna better (yes, through ESP, my feet can speak)- it was just a matter of finding them for not $100. ¬†3 spots, no Ravenna 2s- insert sad face here. ¬†I did get info on some half marathons, including one called the Oz Marathon. ¬†At the Oz Marathon exhibit I was asked a trivia question- What color were Dorothy’s shoes in the original book? Not the movie, not Wicked; in the original book The Wizard of Oz (Answer: Silver). ¬†Anyways, after making my rounds, I headed back to KS and prepped for a 7:05 start time on Saturday.


Come Saturday morning, I was up bright and early at 5:20 or so. ¬†For a race that was 25 minutes away from where I’m staying, when you have no idea where you’re going, having to get up early is a price to pay to get there. ¬†Anyways, my stuff was laid out and pinned on the night before. ¬†Me, my long sleeves and 3/4 length spandex were off by 5:45 and in Missouri by 6:05 and parked by 6:20. ¬†The nice thing was that I was parked 5 minutes away from the finish and close to where the high way was in order to get back to Kansas. ¬†The porta potty lines were short too which is always a plus. ¬†I’ve learned if you want a faster line, get into the line with more guys- they move faster. ¬†I then went and hung out at the start (which was right around the finish line). ¬†At one point, someone was moving past me and noticed me shaking. Yes, it was 45 degrees at the start and the sun wasn’t up. ¬†Once I got moving, I was doing ok. ¬†The first 3 miles or so, I was moving and keeping up with the 2:05 pace group. ¬†Then Kansas City decided to introduce me to its hills. ¬†This coming from someone who isn’t a fan of hills. ¬†We’re talking hills that felt like it the were up a 30 degree incline. ¬†The first hills hit around miles 2 and mile 3.25 into the race. ¬†What made it worse was that you could see it coming. ¬†We also got hit again after mile 4 at some point. ¬†Through the first 10K, I was running under 10 minute miles (yay me!!). ¬†Then, I started slowing down. My wall came between miles 8-9. ¬†My legs hated me and the first half of the course’s hills. ¬†That, and the dry heaves that decided to show up. ¬†I was very appreciative to the guy handing out bottled water between miles 6-7. ¬†And the DJ at mile 11 yelling it was all flat and downhill (which was true). ¬†That and the sun was up but it wasn’t warming up all that much. ¬†I had been hoping to finish under 2:10. ¬†Official time: 2:13:20. I’ll take it but my mile wall I hit kinda stung later on. ¬†Since I had to get back to my side of Kansas, I grabbed my medal, water, banana and chocolate milk and ditched the finisher photo op and got to my car.

I was back in Overland Park in 30 minutes thanks to highway construction down to one lane. ¬†I appreciated the fact the hills were out of the way in the first half of the race. ¬†And that there were water and gatorade stations every mile or so. ¬†And that it’s a local race not associated with a race series. ¬†The weather was gorgeous, although it could have been warmer, but that’s beyond my control. ¬†The medal could have been more interesting. ¬†I mean this is the City of Fountains for crying out loud!! ¬†I’d come back for it. ¬†If I’m ever in Kansas (or Missouri) again.

Run Baby Run!!

Many people think if you run marathons, you’re crazy for wanting to embark on such a feat. Months of training, the odds of getting hurt, you’re sore for a week and your feet hate you after the fact. ¬†Every once and awhile, you hear of people who run who are a few months pregnant who didn’t know they were pregnant. ¬†Take Amber Miller. ¬†Amber ran the Chicago Marathon on October 9th pregnant. ¬†If by ran you mean finished in 6.5 hrs with an average of pace of a 14 minute mile. ¬†She was also 39 weeks pregnant and went on to deliver her child 7 hrs after she finished the marathon. ¬†She originally only planned to complete only half and then skip out to the end. ¬†Her husband never thought she would make it to the marathon still pregnant (he expected the baby to be born first). ¬†And, her OB apparently gave her the OK.

Personally? ¬†I think it was a stupid move. ¬†People were pulling out of race due to heat related issues and having issues with fluids. ¬†I’m not doubting that exercise is encouraged during pregnancy, but what if something would have happened to her or the child while on course and not near a medical tent? ¬†Sure, she’s done 8 marathons in the past, but at 39 weeks pregnant, there should be other things to be thinking about. ¬†Even though you have Paula Radcliff and Kara Goucher who both ran while pregnant, they modified they’re running routines towards the end of their pregnancies.

What are your thoughts about this?

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