Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the food has been devoured.  People were doing whatever they could to not feel bad about the amount of food that was to be consumed Thursday and onward, so us runners took to the roads and had ourselves some Turkey Trots. Some were on Thanksgiving, others were this past weekend.  In Charlotte, the 23rd annual Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K was at 9 AM Thursday morning.  Perfect time AND it’s less than 10 minutes from my uncle’s house.  My uncle and sister went to pick up bibs and the snazzy long sleeved shirts on Wednesday around 3.  That worked out perfectly as no one was there and if they found they missed a bag as they were sorting through stuff, one of them could go and pick it up without waiting 20 minutes in line.  My mom and arrived around 630 Wednesday.  We drove from St Louis to Nashville, TN on Tuesday and Nashville to Charlotte on Wednesday (a grand total of 720+ miles.  My dad came in from Ohio with Olive the dog and my mom, sister and I hijaked my uncle by convincing him to take a walk with us and the dog so Dad could put up a 4 foot blow up turkey in his yard.  After uncle Tom was surprised with the Turkey, we gave him surprise #2- Happy Tomsgiving Long sleeved shirts that we would all race in on Thursday (See Thursday’s post for pictures!).

On Thursday, we prepped stuffing and turkeys before leaving for the race at 835 AM.  A grand total of 10 of us (4 Guenthers, my uncle, my aunt/uncle/cousin and my other aunt/cousin) and 2 other families from the neighborhood went over in orange long sleeved shirts (safe to say that we won’t be shot at by hunters) to SouthPark in Charlotte.  I headed closer to the front of the start to avoid the people who have no idea what they were doing.  At 9:02, we were off through the neighborhoods of Charlotte.  People were running with turkeys on their heads, dressed up as Indians, someone dressed all out as a turkey and so on.  Someone even had forks, spoons and knives taped on their outfit.  My legs were still a little tired from the NYC Marathon and my calves were burning most of the race.  Charlotte decided to be a hilly area on the map, which really didn’t help things all that much.  My goal was to beat my aunt and that’s all that really mattered.  The course shuts down half of a road which is nice, you just have to watch cars in the opposite direction, especially if you cross the double yellow line.  At the end, you go up this big hill, which I forget about every year until I come around the corner and see it.  I finished in 47:40 (a minute slower then last year) but I was expecting something over 50 minutes for some reason (I need to learn to tell time!).

This race has always been good to us.  Granted, I do think they need to come up with some sort of system to get walkers and strollers in the back, or at least the slower runners not in the front.  I appreciated the fact that I wasn’t fighting dogs on leashes this year like in past years (yes, in past years, OWD (Olive the Wonder Dog) was illegally brought to and allowed to run in the race).  The weather couldn’t have been better this year- sunny and in the 50s and we were able to get in and park and out quickly.  Definitely a race I’d suggest, just as long as we sign up before you do!

Happy Thanksgiving


Do You Turkey Trot?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (yay!)- a time to give thanks for the year that’s flown by and for what we’re thankful for.  Everyone has their own traditions.  My parents, sister and I head to Charlotte, NC to visit family and on Thursday, in true Christine fashion, we’ll do a the Charlotte 8K Turkey Trot.  Initially, it was just my parents who signed up years ago.  my sister and I weren’t fans (and neither was most of the rest of the family).  Somehow, my sister, uncle and I ended up being signed up.  I blame mom.  But hey, 5 miles on Thanksgiving means I don’t feel as bad having some good food.

We typically get some of the Thanksgiving things ready before the run- getting the stuffing ready and the Turkey thawed out and all that good stuff.  We then head over to the race in 2 cars (we have 10 or so people- one car of runners, one car of walkers) and are off and running.  An hour later, we round up the troop and head back to my uncle’s house.  We make our way through the showers and whoever’s not showering is helping with the brunch preparations.  2 or 3 yrs ago, we started having a brunch with my uncle’s neighborhood.  They’re a fun bunch of people, and who doesn’t like some alcohol at 1030 on Thanksgiving Day?

Somehow, by 430 or 5, dinner is magically ready and it’s eaten faster than it’s prepared and our 5 mile run is essentially ruined, but that’s ok too.  So the big question is, Do you Turkey Trot?

Discount Friday! Who Loves Free Shipping??

I admit it, I’m cheap. I hate paying full price if I don’t have to, especially for things that should be less than what the full price is.  Needless to say, I was happy the other day when said that the $50 nike gift cards were 1000 points instead of 2000 points.  Want to guess who had just over 1000 points?  This girl!  Anyways, I always find good deals so here you go!

  1. Nike: Free shipping for a limited time.  code: SWOOSH and it saves you $8! If you ran the Chicago or the NYC Marathon, they have some clothing that’s going for at least $10 off to boot.
  2. Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon: Save $10 with the code AZRETREAT. You would think that Rock n Roll would just decrease their prices all together with the amount of promotional stuff they’ve been having recently.  Found this one through the one and only Bart Yasso!
  3. Rock n Roll has invaded Dublin, Ireland for a half marathon.  Currently, price is 33 euros ($44.61) through November 19th, 11:59 PST
  4. Gone For a Run: 20% off Rockbands (headbands) for runners with the code ROK11.  They’re also offering 50% off their portable water bottles for athletes.  Ends November 21 11:59 EST
  5. Schwaggle: The Ultimate Mud Run *Night Ops* which is April 21-22, 2012 in Millville, NJ.  Typically, $99- the schwaggle deal will get you the race for $54 for a 5-7 mile course with 20-25 obstacles and free beer at the end if you’re 21+.  Starts at 6 pm.  Have an membership? Take another 15% off and pay $45.90.


Where Do Your Race Medals End Up?

When I started the half marathon/ marathon thing, I had no idea how addicted to it I would become.  With said (healthy) addiction, comes an influx of medals with each race.  Initially, I began hanging them on the corner of one of my bookshelves in my bedroom.  After running a few, my mom convinced me to get a 3 hook ‘thing’ (for lack of a better word) to nail into the wall to show off my medal.  It was a cheap sort of thing and quite frankly, I’m now out of hooks.  The poor hanger could potentially come out of my wall! So I decided something to ask for as a present or gift for Christmas was a hanger or stand for my medals. And by 1, I really mean like 3 or 4.

I asked my mom about this and she sent me to Gone For a Run and to SportHooks.  Later on last night, she also found Tribute Sport. And when I asked where she found them, she said the back of Runner’s World- well why didn’t I think of that??  Of course, she is the MOM, so she knows stuff like this.  I’m now on my evaluation of a. what sort of medal display I would like and b. where can I get it for the best price (including shipping).

Gone For A Run

  1. They have stands for your medals or hanging displays that you nail into your walls.  The Standing display looks intriguing because you can put medals on the front and back and it’s something that doesn’t involve hammer, nails and having to fill in the nail holes if I ever move.  Price: $19.99-$29.99. Downside, only 2 options
  2. The hanging displays are nice in that you can get one that’s strictly metal or that is metal mounted on a wooden back. Price: 47.99-67.99.  There are more options and the top part of the display has different options of being plain or something written (like ‘Marathon’, ‘I Run These Towns’, ‘I Did It’, etc. Downside, only one side to hang medals on and it leaves wholes in your walls. And more expensive.

Option 1 Medal Stand

Option 2: Wall Display







  1. Oh SportHooks.  I actually saw them at the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September when I ran.  They have the option of getting a 10 hook hanging wall display ($63.95 + $14.95 shipping), a 5 hook hanging wall display ($39.95 + $9.95 shipping) or a 1 hook hanging wall display ($18.95 + $6.95 shipping)
  2. They have designs like the running foot, ‘Run Happy’, ‘Bling Junkie’ etc, but not a whole lot of variety/ ones that I really like.
  3. Some are specific to the Rock n Roll Series, to which I’m not a huge fan of
  4. They do have stickers, ornaments and maps in addition on the website, but I could put together a map cheaper than what they’re selling it for!  With the ornaments/danglers, the shipping is almost as much as the ornament ($9.99 for the ornament, $6.95 for shipping!)

Tribute Sport

  1. Not a whole lot of variety, but cheaper of the three sites I’ve seen.
  2. 5-8 hooks for the displays, but all of them get nailed into my walls!!
  3. They also have ornaments, but only 3 total.
  4. They cater to Triathletes, cyclists, snowboarders and golfers in addition to runners and are currently running a 20% off and $5 off shipping promotion through 11/15/11 (coupon code gomoab).

I know open this up for discussion.  Where have you, my dear running friends, gotten running display options?  Which do you like better??  I am an open book and if you know of other places, what are they??

Race Discounts!

If anyone is looking for easy $$ off races, here are some I’ve come across:

  1. Capital City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon: $5 off with CHAMPION promo code.  Race is May 5, 2012
  2. Palm Beaches Marathon Festival: $15 off the full marathon with PALM15, $8 off the half marathon with PALM8. Race is December 5, 2011
  3. Rock n Roll Series: $10 off with the PHILLYROX11 code

11/11/11 Deals- ACT FAST!

Don’t forget to take advantage of some online deals going on or ending today!

  1. Running Warehouse has 20% off gift cards that ends today.  Free Shipping to boot!!
  2. Road Runner Sports- $11 off an order of $111 or more (VIPs save $22) and free shipping until 6 PM EST! (Hurry, less than 2 hours left!)
  3. The Rock n Roll Series (half marathons and marathons) are celebrating 11/11/11 with $20 off most of their races until 11 PM PST (2 AM 11/12/11) tonight
  4. For the Coloradoans, $11 off $50 spent at Colorado Running Company

Feel free to add any if you find more!

Don’t Forget to Thank a Veteran

Today, don’t forget to thank a Veteran, as Freedom isn’t truly Free.  To those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, thank you! To those currently serving, I appreciate you for the sacrifices you’re making and the time away from family, friends and civilian life.  To the families of military men and women, you are so strong and know that you are appreciated!!.

I found an old ESPN video from last year about how sports have helped servicemen and women who’ve suffered injuries during battle and think it’s worth a view!

Marathon Banners

It’s been a few days (4 to be exact) since I finished the NYC Marathon.  I don’t hate running with a passion and actually returned to running earlier than I did with my first 2 marathons.  One of the things I always wondered is what happens to the Marathon banners that are posted along the course and through out the city.  I’ve seen one or two from the Chicago Marathon last year on and has a few vintage ones on their website.  You know the ones I’m talking about, they look like this:

Now, I’m not saying I need exactly this particular banner, but having one that was hanging during the NYC marathon this year would be cool to have.  So running universe, any ideas on where to find these floating around?  Better yet, has NYC even taken them down since it’s only Thursday and the Marathon was Sunday?

Running Discounts

I’ve run into a few discounts that I thought would be appreciated!

1. It’s never to early to start Christmas shopping.  If you’re looking for a holiday present for a runner, Running Warehouse is having a gift certificate special of 20% off all gift cards. A $25 gift card is now $20, a $50 gift card is now $40, $100 gift card for $80 and a $200 gift card for $160.  You get free 2 day shipping as well! I’ve used these guys before and very reliable in terms of shipping and no tax.  Head on over here to take advantage as this ends on 11/11/11

2. As much as I’m not a Rock n Roll Marathon/ Half Marathon fan, I’ll throw this out there.  On November 11, 2011, they’re doing a $20 off promotion on most of their races in honor of Veteran’s Day from 11 AM- 11 PM PST (2 PM EST- 1 AM EST on Nov. 12).  The discount should come up when you register between those times on Friday!

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