What’s In Your Suitcase for the NYC Marathon

Runners are nit picky.  We have certain things we wear depending on the weather, our particular shoes that we can’t live without and certain things that we can’t live without when we go to a race.  For my marathon last year and NYC in a few days, I’ve had to pack a month + out because I’ve been leaving from a place that isn’t Philadelphia.  What’s on my must have list?

  1. My shoes.  Right now, I’m on the Brooks Ravenna 2.  I’ll wear them on board the flight since there’s no way I’m checking them in my bag.  I’ll also pack a second pair of shoes just to be on the safe side
  2. NSAIDs- I’d like to be able to walk on Monday. enough said!
  3. Powerade chews. I hate hate hate GU with a passion.  The only way you’re getting me to eat GU is if I’m being threatened with an IV.  I’m hooked on the Powerade chews.  Flavor, caffeine, that’s all I need
  4. Running clothes- since I’m running for charity, I’ve got my Long and Short Sleeved Jack’s Fund Shirts.  I’ve also thrown in some arm warmers and some throw away gloves that I really could care less about.  There’s also the long and 3/4 length running tights (with pockets) as well as a pair of shorts, just to be safe
  5. Sports Bras.  Sorry, normal bras just don’t cut it for 26.2 miles.  I usually wear one when I fly anyways just so I have one in case I forget how to pack
  6. Running ‘belt’- you know, the spy belt so you can put all your chews and cell phone in so you don’t have to carry them
  7. Socks and underwear.  The 2 things I have no problem overpacking on.
  8. Itineraries. This for anything planes, trains and hotel related.  Anything printed out just so I can argue should I need too (That would also mean channeling the Guenther/Goudy side of me or the newly acquired how do act like a Philadelphian)
  9. The obvious: Jeans and casual, touristy type clothes
  10. Flip Flops for swollen, post race feet
  11. Toiletries
  12. Calf Compression sleeves. To help with circulation….and just because
  13. iPod.  this would be the back up to the newly acquired iPhone…
  14. Chargers and electronics

This is me, I know I’m probably forgetting something.  You can also bet I’ll be looking at this tonight when I’m getting my last minute stuff together!

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