Where Do Your Race Medals End Up?

When I started the half marathon/ marathon thing, I had no idea how addicted to it I would become.  With said (healthy) addiction, comes an influx of medals with each race.  Initially, I began hanging them on the corner of one of my bookshelves in my bedroom.  After running a few, my mom convinced me to get a 3 hook ‘thing’ (for lack of a better word) to nail into the wall to show off my medal.  It was a cheap sort of thing and quite frankly, I’m now out of hooks.  The poor hanger could potentially come out of my wall! So I decided something to ask for as a present or gift for Christmas was a hanger or stand for my medals. And by 1, I really mean like 3 or 4.

I asked my mom about this and she sent me to Gone For a Run and to SportHooks.  Later on last night, she also found Tribute Sport. And when I asked where she found them, she said the back of Runner’s World- well why didn’t I think of that??  Of course, she is the MOM, so she knows stuff like this.  I’m now on my evaluation of a. what sort of medal display I would like and b. where can I get it for the best price (including shipping).

Gone For A Run

  1. They have stands for your medals or hanging displays that you nail into your walls.  The Standing display looks intriguing because you can put medals on the front and back and it’s something that doesn’t involve hammer, nails and having to fill in the nail holes if I ever move.  Price: $19.99-$29.99. Downside, only 2 options
  2. The hanging displays are nice in that you can get one that’s strictly metal or that is metal mounted on a wooden back. Price: 47.99-67.99.  There are more options and the top part of the display has different options of being plain or something written (like ‘Marathon’, ‘I Run These Towns’, ‘I Did It’, etc. Downside, only one side to hang medals on and it leaves wholes in your walls. And more expensive.

Option 1 Medal Stand

Option 2: Wall Display











  1. Oh SportHooks.  I actually saw them at the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September when I ran.  They have the option of getting a 10 hook hanging wall display ($63.95 + $14.95 shipping), a 5 hook hanging wall display ($39.95 + $9.95 shipping) or a 1 hook hanging wall display ($18.95 + $6.95 shipping)
  2. They have designs like the running foot, ‘Run Happy’, ‘Bling Junkie’ etc, but not a whole lot of variety/ ones that I really like.
  3. Some are specific to the Rock n Roll Series, to which I’m not a huge fan of
  4. They do have stickers, ornaments and maps in addition on the website, but I could put together a map cheaper than what they’re selling it for!  With the ornaments/danglers, the shipping is almost as much as the ornament ($9.99 for the ornament, $6.95 for shipping!)

Tribute Sport

  1. Not a whole lot of variety, but cheaper of the three sites I’ve seen.
  2. 5-8 hooks for the displays, but all of them get nailed into my walls!!
  3. They also have ornaments, but only 3 total.
  4. They cater to Triathletes, cyclists, snowboarders and golfers in addition to runners and are currently running a 20% off and $5 off shipping promotion through 11/15/11 (coupon code gomoab).

I know open this up for discussion.  Where have you, my dear running friends, gotten running display options?  Which do you like better??  I am an open book and if you know of other places, what are they??

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