Glassboro (NJ) 10 Miler Race Report

This was my first race since the Emerald Nut Run New Year’s Eve/Day Night in NYC.  I’m off to New Orleans next week and was in desperate need of a long run.  And by long run, I mean more than 7.5 miles.  I found the Glassboro 10 miler through a few weeks ago.  It’s so small, it required sending in check and registration forms!!  It cost me a whole $12.  Yes, $12.  The best part? It started at 1 pm.  I had the whole morning to get stuff done around the apartment, didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and left around 12:10 and arrived with time to spare.

The race started and ended at Rowan University and was put on by the women’s XC coach (I think).  I picked up my shirt (which was short sleeved as opposed to long sleeved like the registration form stated.  Bummer) and then waited for my bib.  Turns out, the race was small enough that they didn’t believe in bibs, but rather, handing you index cards as you crossed the finish with your place on it.  No long sleeved shirt, no bib for my wall of fame.  2 strikes here!!  Around 12:55 (ish) we walked to the start, which turned out to be the shoulder of one of the main roads.  Yes, we were running along live traffic and I was having semi flashbacks to the Hot Mess that was the Hot Chocolate 15K.  However, this wasn’t highway roads, but rather, country (ish) roads.  I say country because it reminded me of where I grew up in Ohio.  The mile markers were spray painted in bright orange and at mile 2, the one major intersection we had to worry about was manned by someone shouting out where we were time wise.  After some water, we trucked on, myself with only one earphone in with my music going, until we hit mile 5 (and more water).  There were police watching out for us in addition to volunteers for the race series.  I grabbed some water and began my run back.  I always hate out and back courses because you know if there’s something horrible coming up, but this course wasn’t horrible.  Some hills, but nothing compared to the Quakertown hills of last year.  On the way back (around mile 3-4), I saw some older guys (old enough to be grandfathers/great grandfathers) still heading towards mile 5- Kudos to them on that one.  It was one of those runs where everything felt right.  Through out the whole thing, I forgot to check what time we actually started on my phone, so I was guessing the whole time.  Come mile 8, I got more water and found out that I was at 1:12:00 or so.  By the time I crossed the finish, I was at 1:29:46, 9 minutes or so off my Broad Street Run time of last year.

Normally I don’t stick around after races, but since it was a smaller race, I did because I thought I might actually be in the top 3 of the 20-29 yr old women group (told you it was small).  45 minutes later, and after walking to see if they missed the last place for my group, I left with a small (single serving) bottle of wine and a $30 off $75 gift certificate to a local, south Jersey running store.  Overall a successful day, topped off by me getting gas for 20-30 cents cheaper in Jersey.

Couldn’t Register For Broad Street? Try These Races Instead!

So Broad Street went from selling out in over 2 months, to 5 days to under 5 hrs.  Wow.  People had a heck of a time trying to register and frustrations were running high (as to be expected).  Messages are going up on the IBX Broad Street Run Facebook page of frustration or trying to get in .  So to save you time (and sanity), here’s a list of other races to consider

  1. The Long Branch Half Marathon (NJ)- Takes place on May 6, 2012 and you have 3.1 mi more on us Broad Streeters
  2. The Ocean Drive Marathon/Half Marathon/ 10 Miler- Takes place March 25th (5 weeks before Broad Street)- something I considered, but have visitors that weekend!
  3. Asbury Half Marathon (NJ)- On April 25th; they have a 1/2 and a relay full marathon
  4. Penn Relays 20K (PA)- Takes place on April 22 and is one of the hidden distance races philly has to offer (and the oldest!)
  5. Broad Street RERun (PA)- May 12, take out your frustration of the Broad Street Run by running the ReRun and running in something benefiting hemophilia
  6. The Oddyessy Half Marathon- One of Philly’s newer half marathons is run May 26th, 2012.  Do something workout related on Memorial Day Weekend!
  7. The Flying Pig Marathon/ Half Marathon (Cincinnati, OH)- for all you Ohioans, run the pig! Takes place on May 6th, 2012
  8. The Capital City Half Marathon (Columbus, OH)- Still open spots for the May 5th race (you’ll see me there!)
  9. The Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (KY)- go run 13.1 miles on April 28th and then say hey to some horses the next day

These are only suggestions, but hopefully useful!

When registration goes bad

Dear Broad Street Run,

I’d hate to be your IT guy right now.  Registration today was long, hard and unenjoyable.  It took me three times to try and get through due to site slowness and runners not being able to breath in and breath out and take their time in registering.  The Broad Street run sold out in 5 days last year.  Were you not expecting to have ridiculous numbers of runners sitting by their computers waiting to sign up as registration was suppose to open ‘around 10 AM’??  I mean really, this race has been around awhile.  A friend of mine was tweeting other races because of people’s frustration with registration.  Granted, us runners probably need to learn to breath in and out a little bit in relax, but what can we say, we get excited about things.  Then, there’s the issue of people being registered multiple times. I mean, there has to be some way to set up the confirmation stage so people don’t click buttons more than once.  I feel for the people who hit confirm, yet get a ‘service unavailable’ message- that was me my first time too.  But people having to wait 40 minutes- a few hours for things to go through??  It’ll take me a shorter amount of time to run the race.  I think It’s about time to get a better registration system.  You figured people were going to hop on the registration band wagon so why not bite the bullet before issues come up?  You might want to fix some things ASAP before it becomes known as the BS Run.


The Long Distance Running Community

A Runner’s Race Dilemma

I hate when I’m in a race debate.  Or a race ‘pickle’ as some would say.  I’m signed up for the Capital City Half Marathon on May 5th, 2012 (a Saturday).  It’s at home in Ohio, I’m registered, I get my own bed for a night and there’d be a bunch of food and massive amounts of Runnervention going on.  My issue?  The Broad Street Run is May 6th, 2012 (Sunday). In Philadelphia. And, to boot, I can register a day early (ie TOMORROW on 2/14) since I have health insurance through IBX (there’s one plus of it being the school’s health insurance).  What’s a girl to do?  Sign up for the BSR and book it back to Philly for a second double digit run in 2 days? or enjoy home for an extra day and not make my legs suffer through the drive or flight back to Philly?  What Would You Do?

PS: the Broad Street Run sold out in a week last year so there’s not much time to decide!  Registration opens Wednesday, February 15th at 10 AM

It Took HOW Long?

Early this afternoon, I got an email from the Chicago Marathon.  In the subject line, it said something to the effect of “Registration Has Closed in Record Time for the BOA Chicago Marathon”.  It took all of 6 days for the Chicago Marathon to sell out 45,000 slots.  6 DAYS! Last year, it sold out in a month.  In 2003, it sold out in 35 weeks.  Crazy what less than 1o years can do, huh?  That and the effects of social media like Facebook and Twitter.  You can like the Chicago Marathon or follow them to see all the craziness that has ensued since registration opened on February 1st.

Obviously, some people are bummed that they didn’t have the chance to register.  Or that they didn’t have the $150 registration fee to get in this year.  Or that they’re unsure if current injuries will keep them out of the early October race and there’s no way to transfer in with someone who down the line can no longer run.  However, one of the nice things about runners is that we like to do things for others.  So while we put ridiculous amounts of miles on our legs training (I ran 1500+ miles last year) in any weather (or at the gym like me to watch sportscenter, basketball and football), there’s always the idea of running for charity.  I’ve blogged about my experience with Jack’s Fund for whom I ran the NYC Marathon for in November and The Steps Foundation, for whom I ran the Chicago Marathon for in 2010.  This year, I’m returning to Chicago for the American Cancer Society, however, there’s a whole list of charities offering slots into the marathon as long as you fundraise a certain amount of money.  If you want to run Chicago this year, consider doing it for something better, like to support Girls on the Run, Children’s Oncology Services, The Pat Tillman Foundation or any of the other Charities offering entries into this years race.  To those in, congrats!!

Side note, to anyone interested in running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, registration opens Wednesday, February 15.  It sold out in a week last year!

Chicago Marathon- Runaway Registration!

I love Chicago- it’s a little known fact, but I really do. I ran my second marathon there in 2010 and finished in 93 degree weather while running for The Steps Foundation. Registration for the 2012 Marathon opened up February 1st. In 2 days, 30000+ people have registered for the race. THIRTY THOUSAND! The Chicago Marathon has been selling out quicker and quicker every year. Last year it sold out in a month. This year, it’s looking like it’ll go quicker. So, if you have the desire to run a flat, fast course with 45,000 of your closest friends, pull the trigger soon! Go here to register.

Don’t believe me with how quickly registration is going? Take a look at this release from the higher ups.

A few people I know (including me) are running for Charity. Interested? Surf the Charity Page and see if there’s one you like. I’m doing this race for ACS and DetermiNation.

Happy Running!

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