Fabulous Friday Deals

It’s (unfortunately) the end of summer. Sniff!  Labor Day weekend marks the last weekend of summer and people are rushing to enjoy the last few days of the beach, vacation and whatever else they have left on their bucket lists for the summer.  Need some deals to help you cope with the end of summer? Here you go!

  1. Salt Flats Running Festival (Wendover, UT)- Race Date: 9/1/12 (Tomorrow)10% off  with salt10flats; deal ends tonight
  2. Surf City Beach Derby (Huntington Beach, CA)- Race Date 10/21/12: $10 off with HANG10  in the 10 mile or 10K. ENDS TODAY (8/31/12)
  3. Hidden Treasure Half Marathon (Salisbury, MD)- Race Date: 9/9/12; $5 off with HIDDEN5TR, ends 9/7/2012
  4. Rock n Roll Washington DC (Washington, DC)- Race Date 3/16/2013; $10 off with USACOURSE (1/2 or full), ends 9/9/12
  5. ZBsports.com: 10% off with coupon OR 15% off total purchase with VIP Dude membership & coupon through 9/7/12 ZBBUSTNOUT

Chicago Marathon or Bust…for The American Cancer Society!

In 44 days, the gun goes off for the Chicago and yours truly is making her second appearance!!  I made the decision after a friend of mine dropped the seed in my head (thanks Jay!!) to run for the American Cancer Society. My goal is $950 and I’m currently up to $250. Chugging a long and doing well!!  I’m hear to ask for a little help.  My challenge for the week: donate $10 on my page and forward my blog to 10 of your friends.  In return, I promise hand written thank you’s, regular updates on training and various race discounts as I come up on them!

If everyone who reads my blog donates $10, that would put me past my goal.  $10!  That’s 2-3 days of starbucks, 1 day out to lunch or something of the like.  For every DetermiNation runner who raises $1,000, cancer patients are helped out in a variety of ways:

  • assisting 25 patients to and from treatments
  • 22 wigs, free of charge, to female cancer patients
  • Personalized, cancer specific info to 85 newly diagnosed cancer patients
  • Help medical students provide 3 parties/yr for 20 pediatric patients

I’ve personally come back as a bone marrow match for an individual and am waiting to see if I’ll be the final donor, so as I train and fundraise, I’m trying to control the one thing I can and raise money to put an end to cancer.  I’m running in memory of my grandfather and a family friend who lost their 7 yr old daughter earlier this week.  Know someone who you’d like me to run for?  Let me know!!!  Here’s to beating cancer, because let’s face it. Cancer Sucks!

Phila Massage…You Should Go There!!!

Oh massages.  How I’ve been looking for someone who does them well in Philadelphia.  Last week, Phila Massages followed me on twitter.  After figuring out who they were and looking at their website, I figured I’d file them in the good to know part of my brain and followed them on twitter.  I’m always looking for good people to go to and I’ve had maybe 1 good massage in Philadelphia.  On Thursday, they advertised deals that were good until the end of August.  How good you ask??  This good:

15 min massage $10 (normally $25)
30 min massage $15 (normally $50)
45 min massage $25 (normally $80)
60 min massage $35 (normally $100)
75 mn massage $45 (normally $110)
90 min massage $55 (normally $125)

I was a little excited to say the least.  The nice thing about them?  You can book your appointment online and choose who with and when the appointment is.  You set up an account and can go in and change your appointment or schedule as needed!!  After 2 half marathons in 8 days and 40+ miles of training the past few weeks, my legs were taking a beating so today was much needed.  I didn’t know what to expect, but to say these guys at Phila Massages are awesome is an understatement.  Their working on setting up their new location on 17th Street in Rittenhouse Square (on the 4th floor of 132 S. 17th), but really, the best massage I’ve had since I’ve been in Philly.  The nice thing is, is they have options for athletes and have worked at the Philadelphia Marathon the past few years.  Bottom line, these guys are awesome and you’d be joking yourself if you’re in Philadelphia to not go in.  Still not convinced?  They’re having an opening party for their new location on August 23 from 5-8 where you can visit, mingle, and get free chair massages!!

Here’s their info incase you need it again:

Website:  www.philamassages.com             Facebook            Twitter

Phone: 215-995-6897

Hours: Mon – Fri:8:00 am-7:00 pm; Sat – Sun:8:00 am-6:00 pm

Rock n Roll Providence Race Review

I am one for a deal.  And a deal awhile back is why I signed up for the Rock n Roll Providence Half Marathon.  That, and I’m trying to get as many of the East Coast states as possible while I have time.  Ultimate goal? Run a half in every state.  So here we go:


Went for a run Friday morning and mailed some packages at the post office.  After a shower and gathering a few last minute things, I headed out the door around 12:30 with the goal of missing the Jersey Shore traffic.  I failed to, however, account for I-95N traffic around NYC (that added a good 30-45 minutes) and a 20 mile back up in Connecticut for no good reason (that added another 75-90 minutes).  So instead of 530 (ish), I got in around 7:30 pm.  After checking into the hotel (I stayed in Warwick, about 10 minutes from Providence) to avoid parking issues and it was cheaper.  I found an Italian place for dinner and did some research about things to do.


For reasons unknown to me, I got a wake up call at 6:20 AM.  Why you ask??  I have no idea, especially since I wasn’t the one who asked for it.  I feel bad for the person who didn’t get it and for me- I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I changed and tried to find a breakfast place and ended up driving to Providence.  And then came the rain.  And it stayed around all day!!  I picked up my packet at the expo (early was better for this race) and signed up for the Yuengling Shamrock 8K and 1/2 Marathon (March 16 and March 17), better known as the Dolphin Challenge in Virginia Beach.  Woot!!  I started walking towards College Hill (while it was still raining, but not horribly) and found a little cafe and got a light breakfast.  I also went to some of the local shops.  When I left my 3rd store, it was pouring.  I made a 15 min walk back to my car to put some stuff away and decided on some lunch (note, I had a water proof running jacket on, so I was fairly dry).  Stopped in to get some lunch.  Around 230, I headed to my hotel and took a shower.  I was cold and felt all rainy.  Afterwards, I found a 4:15 mass a few miles away.  By the time church was out, rain was done.  Headed back to Providence, checked out Benefit Street and watched part of the WaterFire event (curious? Head over here).  Went to the hotel for the night and got ready for the race


Woke up at 530 thanks to my alarm and the wake up call that I actually asked for.  Changed, gathered my stuff and headed out the door.  I parked around 6:15 and did a quick mile or so (I was hoping to get 15 for the day, that didn’t happen).  I made my way to the start and snuck into Corral 5 (I was suppose to be in 6).  At 7 AM, the gun went off and 5 minutes later, I crossed the start.  So much for a ‘flat’ course.  200 feet after the start we start going up a crazy hill.  We made our way through the Providence streets and after mile 1, you could see runners (if you looked to your left and looked up one of the side streets- that involved more hills) going the other direction.  We went through the historical part of Providence and then hit some ‘uninteresting’ parts of Providence.  After a few miles of straightness, we got some turns and wooded areas of Providence and my legs started weighing me down.  I could feel the walking of Saturday catching up with me.  At mile 10, we had completed a massive loop of the city and had a mini loop that we would do to the finish.  My legs weren’t happy with me the last 3 miles- tired like no other!!  To boot, the water stations seemed very sporadically spaced.  There were points where it was at least 1.25 miles between water stations late in the race. I didn’t feel bad at all taking 2-3 cups of water.  As we turned the corner for mile 13, we were presented with our final hill.  I hate when races do that.  It’s the last thing I really want to deal with.  I crossed the finish and that’s all that I really cared about (2:14:29)…I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow.  After getting through the chute, I sat on a curb and enjoyed some popsicle and chocolate milk- recovery of champions.  Drove back to the hotel and took a shower and a quick power nap.  After picking up some lunch for the road, headed out on I 95 and had some extra time added due to the state of NJ thinking I can’t pump my own gas.  Tomorrow, i get to enjoy a much needed massage….

You know, that moment when you…

Are in a time crunch and have to hurry to get a shower in, changed and off to catch a flight?  I was in the situation this weekend.  Saturday, I ran the Ben Moore Memorial 1/2 Marathon in Annapolis and I had a early afternoon flight off to Kansas City.  My hotel was (luckily) around the corner, so I could get in a quick shower and save the people on my 2 flights from BWI. I was pretty much packed, but threw my dirty (sweaty) clothes in a laundry bag and my sweaty (wet) shoes in a different plastic bag and left for the airport.  I got into KC and to my hotel to get ready to work with some med students.  When I took my shoes out the next day to go for a run, you guessed it, they were still a wet hot mess.  Lesson learned?  I think so.  The solution I didn’t think of?  Crumple up newspapers and shove them in your shoes when they’re soaking wet.  They get all the sweat/ water wetness out and you’re not in a situation where you’re running in wet shoes the next day.  Hopefully, my stupidity will save someone!!!

Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon

Oh Maryland.  I knew I’d have to face your daggon hills eventually in order to get you checked off for my 50 state half marathon list.  I’m glad you’re done and over with!!  So how did I get to running the Ben Moore Memorial 1/2 Marathon?  On Wednesday, I reached out to a board prep course that I took to see if they needed any help for a review course that just started up this week.  Thursday, they asked if I could come do a rapid review of sorts on Sunday (ie tomorrow).  Since I hate flying out of Philadelphia and flying out of Baltimore/BWI was cheaper, I searched for any longer run races in the area.  Enter the Ben Moore Half Marathon in Annapolis.  That was only $35!!!  I signed up and drove out last night and conveniently stayed at a hotel around the corner from the start which was super nice.  I drove around historic Annapolis, stopped at the US Navy Academy and walked around.  Side note, if you ever need running shoes and are around a military academy and no running store, check their bookstore (I got my shoes for $25 off!!).  After checking in to the hotel, I went and got dinner and drinks for $10. Gotta love happy hour!!!  The area I ate at was at a town center and they had Friday night concerts going on so I hung around to hear some of it.  After heading back to the hotel and laying out my clothes, I chilled out and watched me some Olympics (I felt soooo bad for Morgan Uceny who was tripped up in the last lap of the 1500m!!)

This morning, I woke up around 6:15 and changed before heading out to the start.  I picked up my bib and got  myself situated (no expo for this race which in a way, was nice).  This was a smaller, local race with a few hundred people.  I tried something different and ran with a fuel belt, something I’ve never done before (I don’t like a lot on me when I run).  Part of it was due to there being water/gatorade every 2 miles or so and I wanted something on me since I wasn’t familiar with the area.  A little after 7:35 the race started.  A recurring theme was what goes down must come up (instead of what goes up must go down).  There were so many hills! And I hate hills in general, but I guess that comes with running in Maryland.  The roads weren’t closed down so we were running against traffic and parts of it hit major (or so it seemed) roads.  At the big intersections, there were people stopping traffic for us which is always appreciated.  I was a fan of the fact that there weren’t a lot of spectators for the race.  I was in one of the moods where I just wanted it to be me and the roads, but needed something to actually get me to go run (ie a race).  However, at the points where you needed motivation, people were following us with signs and cheering us on).  The first 2 miles and the last 2 miles seemed to have the worst hills and since mile 1-2 was mile 11.5 ish-13, you knew what was coming at you on the way back.  At one point while grudgingly going up a hill, I looked behind me and there was a single file line of people walking the monster of a hill (or what we thought was a monster since our legs were screaming).  I was never so glad to see mile 13 and then the finish.  Another check off the 50 state bucket list that’s for sure!

The race chips were from running stone age.  You know, the ones that you have to tie into your shoe laces and have to give back or pay a fine?  The ones pre dating D and B tags??  Try bending over to untie your shoes after this race to get it off.  I finished about 2;17 something.  The humidity got to me some and I was feeling a little nauseous after the race.  Chocolate milk would have been really good actually.  Overall, great local race that’s cheap with awesome organizers and volunteers.  Proceeds benefit a local charity, this year for breast cancer.  Gotta say, do a small race every once in awhile 🙂

Photogenic Monday

Yesterday, Philadelphia Runner put on a Olympic Viewing party and had a live stream of the track and field events at Tir Na Nog, an Irish Bar and Grill We’re talking Tyson Gay, Usain Bolt, all those fun guys.  It was 3 glorious hours of food, laughter, free stuff and give aways.  Here’s some fun stuff I captured courtesy of my phone!  Thanks  Philadelphia Runner!!


Dear NBC,

Let’s discuss your coverage of the Olympics.  Between the summer and winter Olympics, we get to see them every 2 yrs or so.  They’re kind of a big deal, so we like to see as much of them in real time as possible and uninterrupted.  That being said, this 2012 London Summer Olympic coverage has been awful to say the least. Never have I seen so much commercial interruption and interviews during events that have nothing to do with what’s actually being shown.  For example, let’s take this morning’s Women’s Marathon.  Those of who actually get up at 6 AM to watch the live coverage of it want to do just that, watch the live coverage of it.  I really don’t care about the tennis players showing up for their match or Lindsey Vonn talking about tennis.  Why? Tennis has nothing to do with marathon running!!  Then, you break away from the race every 30 seconds while our friends who are watching on BBC get to watch an uninterrupted race. You’re killing me here!

Let’s also discuss your primetime coverage.  With so much going on in these games, one would think you’d have plenty of options of events to put on TV.  Instead, we’re watching a segment on rock bagpipping and getting horrendous sideline reporting by your sideline swimming reporting.  When something like the Olympics, that only comes around every few years, we want to watch as much of it as possible without stories that have absolutely nothing to do with it.  If you want to do side or backstories, have a Olympic pre game show so to speak that is actually worth watching or commentators that actually know how to work it into event coverage.  Better yet, show the stories with they’re actual sport!  After these Olympics are over, I’ll be watching very little, if any, of you NBC.  One shouldn’t have to take to twitter and social media exclusively to get their live coverage of an event, something I just spent my Sunday morning doing.  If you’re goal was to fill my morning with minimal coverage of actually competitive activity, congrats, you’ve done your job well. #NBCFail


Olympic Loving Americans

Bring on the Olympic Running!

Last Friday, we watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in London.  For the past week, soccer, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics have taken over the TV scene on NBC (even if we know what’s going to happen ahead of time).  I love the swimming, not going to lie.  However, tomorrow is huge. Bring on the Track and Field and the Marathon too!  If the marathon is live, I will no doubt be watching it.  The big news is that Paula Radcliff pulled out with a foot injury last week and it’s up in the air of Desi Davilla is running.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Philadelphia Runner is hosting a viewing Sunday August 5 from 2-5 at Tir Na Nog.  Interested?  It’s Free!!!  FREE I tell you! Expect buffet appetizers and raffles and other fun shenanigans. And hey, runners are good people right?  Head over here to sign up and hope to see you there!

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