Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon

You know it’s Thanksgiving Week when The Philadelphia Marathon and 1/2 Marathon is run. Normally, this would be prefaced by the OSU-M*ch*g*n game, but that unfortunately was changed.  Anyways, we’ll do this race review bullet style!

  1. Saturday: headed to the expo on 2.5 hrs of sleep to pick up my bib.  I had to work call on my rotation so I was up from 5:30 AM Friday AM to about 9 AM Saturday AM with about a 30 min nap while at work and 2 hrs of sleep before driving back to Philly.  After picking up my bib and some retail therapy, I stayed and volunteered for a bit (mainly for the free long sleeved shirt, but also because I think runners should volunteer at races every once and awhile.  I ended up with a 930 PM bedtime and missing Standford upsetting Oregon in college football (of all weeks, right?).
  2. Sunday Pre Race: wake up at 5:30/ 5:45 AM.  You would think that would be enough time to get ready since my race stuff was out and just had to be put on, hair pulled back and teeth brushed.  But when you don’t leave until 6:15 for a 7 AM major race with 35,000 people, you forget about parking and road closures.  Slow downs on 76 before I got off at 30th St Station slowed my down.  I parked in a lot by 30th street station at 6:39 AM and hustled to the start.  Hustled as getting to the Ben Franklin Parkway as the National Anthem was being sung and in my corral as the wheelchair athletes pushed off.
  3. The Race up to 10K: You know the saying that you should get a good night sleep 2 nights before a race because you don’t sleep well the night before?  Keep that in mind.  Less then a mile in, I saw some guy wearing a tutu.  I guess it’s not just the ladies who like to wear these things.  The first 4 miles I felt like were really congested.  In Philly, we have the narrow historical streets which seemed more of an issue this year (why, I don’t know).  My mile 2 pace was something around 11 minutes (thanks congestion).  After mile 4, one of my favorite sites was some Philly guys who had a sign hung that said “You say ‘Philly’, we drink” so we had a few people shout Philly and these guys yelled back and drank (why aren’t there more drinking games like this during a marathon?).  At some point, I also saw a volunteering penguin.  Once we hit Chestnut street, the road started to widened and us runners spread out.  After mile 5, my foot hit a pot hole and i gracefully prevented myself from falling on my face and breaking my nose. I hit the 10K mark at 1:00:06 (I run a slower 10K when I have longer races)
  4. The race: 10K onward.  I love the Philly Marathon because it’s (mostly) flat.  I made it through mile 7/7.5 with no problems really but then we started having the 1-2 hills of the course.  Perfect timing for me to start to fade because of not enough sleep.  We hit Drexel and the lives college students have today.  standing outside cheering runners with alcohol, in sweats and banging on pots and pans.  Hill #2 came around mile 10. Yeah, I was beginning to crap out as I put it later.  We ended up on MLK Drive and you pretty much know you have a little over 2 miles left.  And a dancing unicorn before mile 11.  I had one of those just keep running and don’t care about time mantra.  We split from the Marathoners the last 1/4 of a mile or so and turned towards the finish.  I got a shout out from Bart Yasso (also fun) and was just glad to be done
  5. The time: 2:11:41. I’ll just have to be ok with it

As always, love the Philly 1/2 Marathon and Marathon.  Maybe one of these years I’ll actually do the full…

About drrunner
8 time marathoner, 65 ish time 1/2 marathoner with a bucket list item to hit all 50 states. BibRave Pro, Doctor and a mix of insanity

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