Discounts Galore!

4 races in New Jersey.  Decent New Year’s deals.  Enjoy

  1. Atlantic City Marathon and 1/2 Marathon (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 10/13/13. Save $20.13 off the full and 1/2 Marathon with ACM2013in2013 through 2/1/2013.
  2. Atlantic City 10K and 5K (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 10/12/13. Save $10.13 with ACM5K10Kin2013 through 2/1/13
  3. April Fool’s Half Marathon (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 4/1/13. Save $20.13 with AF2013in2013 through 2/1/13
  4. April Fools 11k/7K (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 4/1/13, 8AM. Save $10.13 with AF7K11Kin2013 through 2/1/13
  5. Long Beach Classic 1/2 Marathon (Long Beach, CA): Race is 1/26/13. Save $10 with carn10chm through 12/30/12
  6. Sunshine 1/2 Marathon (West Palm Beach, FL): Race is 2/23/13. Save 10% with SRACT13 through 12/30/12
  7. I ❤ to Run: Spend $100, get 25% off with SCOREBIG 

The Holidays Have Come and Gone…

….but the deals are still here!  Enjoy some post holiday money saving races.

  1. Cocoa Women’s Half (San Antonio, TX)- race is 1/20/13.  Save $20 on the half, $10 for the 5K with CHRISTMAS. ENDS TONIGHT
  2. Provo Halloween Half (Provo, UT)- race is 10/26/13. Save $15 with HOLIDAY2012 through New Year’s (1/1/13)
  3. Portland Fit– Train for Rock n Roll Portland (Oregon) in May. Save $10 on registration with RNR13
  4. USA Fit Marathon & 1/2 Marathon (Sugar Land, TX): race is 1/27/13. Save $10 off the half and full marathon ($2 for the 5K) with FBEF

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Refund or Defer? What will you do??

This morning, 7 weeks after the NYC Marathon was cancelled less than 48 hrs before it was scheduled to start, NYRR and Mary Wittenberg made an announcement about the resolution that NYRR and their insurance company had come to.  NYRR had been pretty tight lipped about any sort of solution that left runners less than thrilled about whether they’d get guaranteed entry, a refund or anything at all.  In short, here’s the options:

  1. Get a full refund and with no guaranteed entry into any future race
  2. Take a guaranteed entry in the 2013, 2014 or 2015 NYC Marathon, pay the 2012 Marathon price but get no refund
  3. Guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Half Marathon in March and pay the fees associated with the NYC Half

Additionally, if you paid for the Marathon Eve Dinner, seats in the bandstand and a few other extras, expect to be fully refunded.  It doesn’t address the runners who ran for charity- will they have to raise their $2,500+ again to gain entry (That’s the lowest amount and how much I raised for Jack’s Fund in 2011 to get in). All NYRR says is that the charity will contact those charity runners for this year.  What about the people with a 9+1 guaranteed entry that they were planning to use for this year?  To read the full release, head over to the NYC Marathon Site or check out the Runner’s World article posted earlier today.

Day 2 of Holiday Giving

It’s December, which means it’s currently Hanukkah, almost Christmas and almost January.  Who wouldn’t mind some extra money in their pocket anyways??

  1.  Swiftwick– my new favorite running socks. 10% off with HOLIDAY12 through 12/24/12
  2. Run Rock n Roll: on 12/12/12, save $20 off race registration from 12 AM PST-11:59 PST
  3. Women’s Half Marathon: $20 off race registration on 12/12/12 from 12 AM-11:59 PST
  4. Ringing In Hope 10k/5k/ 1K (Brambleton, VA): Race date 12/31/12 at 11AM; 15% off with RING15HWR through 12/31/12
  5. Potomac Running Club Holiday Party: held at their Falls Church, VA location from 6:30-7:30 on 12/11/12. The first 25 RSVP’ed guests to arrive get an addidas gift, there’s a fun run and free massages.  20% of sales of addidas products go towards “Our Neighbor’s Profit”


Pacers Jingle All the Way 8K

I had no intention of doing another race until the Emerald Nut Run on NYE.  I decided to do a last minute trip to DC this weekend for a Living Social event at 918 F street.  Being the runner I am, I looked for a race and found one put on by Pacer’s.  The Jingle All the Way 8K is an event benefiting Habitat for Humanity in DC.  When I got in yesterday, I stopped my hotel and checked in (about 3 hours before check in started, but that’s besides the point) and headed over to the Pacers Logan Square location.  One of new things that they’re doing is assigning runners a bib as they pick up their packets instead of prior to the race.  I think it works for smaller races, but for bigger races, I’ve heard of there being issues with it.  I enjoyed me some DC, found a holiday market and found a Holiday Market where some Christmas shopping occurred when I went on my afternoon run.  While taking advantage of the nice weather and on my run, I was attacked by some sidewalk and landed flat on my side.  No injuries except to my ego and some bruises.  I’d expect that to happen to me in heels, not in my running shoes.

This morning, I got to sleep in until 7:30 as the race didn’t start until 9 and, as it turns out, was about 1/2 mile from my hotel. As I was leaving, one of the bell hops told me he expected me to win.  All with a laugh.  I left around 8:30 and used it as a warm up to the race.  Prior to the start, I enjoyed a banana and a chocolate carmel santa clause (breakfast of champions, I know).  I ran into some reindeer, a gingerbread man and some people who happened to be from Ohio and knew my neck of the woods (that rarely happens).  We got lined up and instead of starting of 9 like we were suppose to, we ended up starting at 9:10.  Shortly after the start, I found a running menorah.


Happy Hanukkah!


We somehow ended up running the flat part of DC, which I have absolutely no problem with.  We passed mile 1 and about 9 minutes in, we saw the lead pack passing mile 2.  We’re all jealous at the point (who wouldn’t want to run 5 minute miles?), but cheered them along because that’s what we do.  The race had loop turns but people would see friends running the opposite direction and give them high 5s or hoots and hollers.  It’s always good to have races where people are out enjoying themselves.  After mile 2 came in went, I was keeping a good pace and we found some water.  Since the leaders hadn’t hit the second water stop yet, those volunteers were bringing some of their cups over to help the first water stop. We kept on chugging along and I found people I wanted to pass and not let beat me.  Hey, you can’t let the 10 year old kid beat you, ya know?  The streets were quiet, unlike a morning race in NYC, Chicago or Philly.  Not complaining about that one.  We passed miles 3 and 4 and you knew you were close to being done.  We had one last loop turn before arriving back at Freedom Square and crossing the finish.  My official time was 44:00 flat, a PR of 2 minutes.  Not expecting that, but I’ll take it!

My friend the Garmin broke my splits down as this:

Mile 1: 8:51, Mile 2: 8:42, Mile 3: 9:03, Mile 4: 8:57, Mile 5: 8:19

I finished 215/979 of 25-29 year old women and 1,391 of 4,702 overall.  It was cloudy, damp and about 52*, but I’ll take it for Winter.  A good race to do if you’re ever looking for a December race!

Holla at some deals!

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s Christmas so have some deals!

  1. GU: 50% off and Free Shipping with Givethanks2012
  2. Road Runner Sports: extra 15% off with CX12N312 through 12/21/12
  3. Gone For a Run: Free shipping with PHILLY12 through 12/12/12
  4. Running Warehouse: 15% off liquidation items with FB15D
  5. Running Skirts: 15% off with iskirt

NYRR Join The Voices 5 Miler

This weekend was my first time back in NYC since our friend Hurricane Sandy decided to take over.  My last race out here was the Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off (and what turned out to be the only race that actually happened Marathon Week in NYC).  Don’t remember?  Go over here to read about that race and weekend. 

Anyways, I came in on Amtrak yesterday morning after finding $25 one way tickets through a deal last month.  After getting in around 10:45, I headed to downtown and the WTC area to the Club Quarters which had just reopened as of Wednesday due to Sandy (that’s a bummer for business right there).  After checking in, I hopped on the train to the Upper East Side and picked up my bib and shirt at NYRR.  Long sleeved is always nice and is a welcome change from the long sleeved shirts I normally get from them during the Emerald Nut Run on New Year’s Eve.  After finding an Irish Pub with some college football on and grabbing a bite to eat and window shopping, I headed to church and enjoyed the rest of the night.

This morning brought a 645 AM wake up call even though the race didn’t start until 8:30.  Needing to actually get to Central Park on the 1 train, the line wasn’t fully up and running yet and I needed to be sure to be on the 7:35 train.  Needless to say, my running tops I brought weren’t thick enough; I was wishing I had thrown in one of my thicker layered shirts, but what can you do.  Besides, running with 3 long sleeved shirts on is fun, right?  I brought some gloves with me and my new toy, my Garmin 410 (I bought it last week off for 1/2 off with free shipping and another $20 off courtesy of a coupon my mom emailed me.  Thanks mom!). More on my new friend shortly.  After getting to Central Park and wondering, I got in my corral and heard from a few people from NYRR, Cornell/Weill Hospital and Brain Cancer supporters/ survivors representing Voices Against Brain Cancer.  It’s a great organization so head over here.  VABC was started in memory of 24 year old Gary Lichtenstein shortly after he lost his battle with brain cancer in 2003 by his family and supports brain cancer awareness and research.

Shortly after 8:30, we got a double bull horn send off and off we went.  It was reverse of the Poland Spring 5 miler so we headed across the top of Central Park to the east side, down the east side of the park, around the Jackie O area and back up the west side of the park. About 1.25 miles in I stopped to go to the bathroom and lost a minute and didn’t even get in to go.  I gave up and started running again (after the race, I was wishing I hadn’t stopped).  I only picked up water at one of the water stops (which one, either at mile 2 or 3).  I was weaving between people for a good 30% of the race, which I hate doing.  My best advice to people is to know yourself and where to start in a race!  According to my Garmin, I ran in 46:28 with splits of: 9:27 (mile 1), 9:27 (mile 2), 9:05 (mile 3), 9:30 (mile 4) and 8:57 (mile 5).  According to the official results, I finished in 47:27 (thanks to the failed bathroom attempt, but what can you do).

I’m glad to see NYC getting back on it’s feet post Sandy.  There were chopped up and shredded up trees in Central Park, still some shops and restaurants closed down due to Sandy and that’s just on Manhattan.  Stores and organizations are still doing fundraisers and collections for Sandy Relief in other parts of the area that have been affected.  Here’s to hoping these guys get back on their feet sooner rather than later!

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