15,000 Women and a Few Good Men at the Nike Women’s Half

This morning, bright and early at 7 am, 15000 women (and a few good men) took to the streets of DC for the Inaugural Nike Women’s half marathon on the east coast. When I put my name into the lottery over the winter, I was expecting not to get in because people love the Nike SF run and I figured he mass interest would be (and was) the same!

Anyways, I was up bright and early this morning at 5:30 am and changed and out the door by 6:05. Got to love eating a Greek Yogurt while taking the elevator to the lobby of my hotel. I hopped on the Rosslyn Blue line and was at the start by 6:30. After rushing through a crowd to check my bag (hey,I sweat so much, my metro pass wouldn’t survive and I need my chocolate milk at he finish), I headed to the 9-9:59 min/mile corral. At 7:03, we were off and on the streets of DC. We weren’t staggered at all, which I didn’t see as a problem since everyone around me was around my pace. The fans were out in full force cheering for us, a much appreciated plus, especially at 7 am. Shortly after mile 1, we spent 1/4 of a mile under the 9th street tunnel and the poor Garmin lost a signal. Oh well. We kept on chugging and made our way past people dressed up as a playing card and Twister. Around mile 3, we began running on a route that the Cherry Blossom Run takes us on. I was ok with it because I could settle into a rhythm and knew the route. Somewhere before and after mile 4, on part of the route that was out and back, we had some awesome drummers getting us pumped up to keep on going. Miles 6-9 got a little lonely and the Oreo and beer guys who are around mile 7.5 of the Cherry Blossoms 10 miler weren’t at their spot. Sniff. However, a guy was standing with a sign before mile 5-6 which read “single and supportive.” ME TOO!!! I wanted to stop for a picture and his number. We passed mile 10 and began circling back towards downtown DC.

We passed mile 11 and I could feel the I just want to be done thinking hitting home. Being tired didn’t help so a switch of music was an order. We got to mile 12 and the 20K point and had a straight shot to the finish (YAY!). I recorded a time of 2:07:39 per Nike.

Now the real fun begins. The first part of the chute involved bib scanning and getting our bling, a Tiffany’s necklace made for the race. It was all wrapped up too!


The Blue Box


Tiffany’s Necklace, NWM 2013

The beat part (2nd to the necklace) were the men in suits handing out the necklaces. if they see his, 100% dingle and starting residency here!! We hit the food portion of the chute and then got to the T-shirts. I hate not getting the shirts at the expo, because now I have to hunk and compare what size I want. After leaving the shirts, it got real crowded. People were in line waiting to buy finisher’s swag (ran into someone who waited 2 hrs!) and to get pictures taken on stage with their blue box. I browsed a bit and went to look up my results. I wove in and out of people and ended up back at gear check to pick up my bag. A change of shirt and chocolate milk does wonders!!

Overall, this was pretty well done, especially for an inaugural race. I honk a few tweaks for packet pick up might be needed (there was a huge line Saturday around 5) and either relocating of the finisher’s boutique or putting finisher’s swag online would be awesome. Really, though, I had a blast and crossed a race of my bucket list!  If you’re looking for results, head over here.

If you’re looking for some swag, check Nike Georgetown if you’re still in the DC area.  They have some of the finisher gear that was offered today at the finish line.  Nike online and Run also have select NWM DC gear if you couldn’t get your hands on anything in DC.

Now, it’s time for some light reading as I take a 9 hour exam on the computer tomorrow.  Good vibes and juju appreciated!

We Run DC

On Sunday morning, a whole lot of runners will fill the streets of DC for the Inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon. To be honest, I never expected to get in to this race, especially the first one. I changed my train to get out here this morning instead of tonight, picked up my bib, utilized a Nike gift card or two to pick up some swag and splurged on a pair of shoes. If you’re heading to the expo tomorrow, here’s some good info:

  1. Shake out run with Joan Samuelson Saturday 4/27 at Nike Georgetown, 8 AM
  2. Expo: At Washington Harbor in Georgetown from 8-6 PM.  Have your confirmation e-mail either on your phone or printed out.  Get it scanned and you’re good to go! If you’re a college student, be sure to bring your student ID and driver’s license, just to be safe. Also be sure to head outside the expo closest to the river: the have some good stuff out there as well.
  3. Getting some swag: You can head to Niketown (right down the street from the Expo), but also try City Sports in Georgetown or The Running Company which is a short walk down M street.  Less crowded and they have some NWM DC gear
  4. FYI, you get a finisher’s shirt on Sunday as you finish the race, so don’t panic when you don’t get one at packet pick up!







Dash for Organ Donation 10K

Today was my first race since the Boston Bombings on Monday.  It’s hard to believe the amount of emotion and terror Boston’s been through since Monday, quite frankly it’s all difficult to wrap my head around.  On Thursday, I found the Dash for Organ Donation 5K/10K online and decided to sign up.  I’m an organ donor myself and have been contacted about being a possible bone marrow donor myself, so this race was for a cause close to me.  I was able to pick up my bib and shirt yesterday at the Gift of Life Program House in downtown Philly and by the grace of the parking gods, they have their own parking lot, so no battling street parking to try and find a spot on the street.

This morning, I was up by 8 and out of my apartment by 8:45.  Even though the 10K didn’t start until 9:40, the 5K started at 9:25 and given that 1/2 of the Kelly Drive Loop is shut down on the weekends now and the strong possibility of the Regatta going on on the opposite side, I was figuring I’d be fighting for parking over by the Art Museum.  I pulled into the free 2 hr parking and thankfully the parking gods liked me 2 days in a row and someone was leaving which left me their spot!  I hung out for a little bit in Lloyd Hall and then headed over to where all the activities were going on for the Dash.  It was so encouraging to see so many people out.  I counted about 20-30 teams out supporting people who’ve been donors or received organ donations.

The couse itself was an out and back course on Kelly Drive.  After last week’s blah 10K race on the hills of KS (which never hit the blog due to travel and Boston), this race was so appreciated.  I love me some flatness!!  The first 5K, I ran in 27:44 (the 10K winners were somewhere close to the finish at that point).  On the way out people were hootin’ and hollerin’ at friends running the 5K which is always good to see and it was the same on the way back for 10Kers who hadn’t hit the turn around.  The second half of Kelly Drive gave me a time of 27:57 (at least I’m consistent!) with an overall time of 55:41.  By the time I finished, the 3K walkers were lining up and you saw a lot of teams coming for the 3K.

The nice thing about today was the weather.  Although a little chilly, it warmed up and the sun was out.  We were all subconsciously running for the 617!  The only downside is that the 5K racers started before the 10K racers.  I feel like it should be the other way around since the 10Kers will take longer to run.  Other than that, race is very well run and something we all needed.  If you’re looking for results, head over here to find them.

**Side note, if you’re looking for Boston Strong shirts, head to City Sports for their BOSTRONG shirts.  They’re $10 each with all proceeds benefiting The One Fund to help victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings**

To Boston, With Love, Philadelphia

Tonight, about 3000 runners and 30 runners took to the streets of Philadelphia to support Boston and those affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Something that started out at about 10 locations in Philadelphia on Tuesday/Wednesday turned into 30 by this afternoon.  It was so large, that about 10 minutes before we took ourselves for a run down Market Street, the police blocked off Market Street for us.  Yes, we had that many runners running for Boston.  CBS and ABC were covering the impromptu meetup and Mayor Nutter gave a phone call.  As one of the people from Philadelphia Runner put it, “Let’s not let fear extinguish the running community in this city.  If you’re going to run at Broad Street, run at [the] Broad Street [run], if you’re going to cheer at Broad Street, cheer at Broad Street.  Don’t let the fear stop us from running or stop us from cheering or from training.  Don’t let it stop us from PRing!”  The best way to tell you of tonight’s meet up is to show you:


Philadelphia Runner Meet Up; Run for Boston

Philadelphia Runner Meet Up; Run for Boston



All in For Boston

All in For Boston

Running Groups meeting up at City Hall

Running Groups meeting up at City Hall


Down Market St We Go!!

Down Market St We Go!!

photo 3














Run for Boston Philadelphia

With Monday’s bombings at the finish of the Boston Marathon, people began wondering what they could do in support of Boston.  Yesterday, I was watching interviews of Philadelphians and other locals who were at Boston and as runner, it’s unreal that something would like this happen to the sport.  This morning, I saw a post by Philadelphia Runner, a local running store, posted group runs in the Philadelphia area, in support of Boston.  Take a peek at where you can go if you’re in Philadelphia:

Fairmount Running Company (2023 Fairmount Ave )

Bryn Mawr Running Company Manayunk (4320 Main St). *MEET AT 6:30

Philadelphia Runner Center City (1601 Sansom St)

Fishtown Beer Runners (2346 E. Susquehanna Ave)

West Philly Runners (45th and Locust)

Fairmount Runners (meet at Fairmount Running Company. 2023 Fairmount Ave)

South Philly Striders (7th and Bainbridge)

Runs start at 7 (with the exception of Manayunk) and at 7:25, the groups will meet at City Hall and run to the Liberty Bell.  If you’re around, able and looking a way to support to support Boston, come on out.

Pray for Boston….How to Help

Driving from Kansas to Philadelphia is no easy task.  I spent the better part of Day 2 today listening to events unravel in Boston as the Boston Marathon went from excitement to horror as bombs exploded near the finish.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston and Massachusetts, as we as runners never thought anything like this would happen in our community or to our sport.  If you’re looking to help, head over here to see how to contact people and how to help those displaced. 

Need a place to stay?  Head over HERE

Have a place to help a runner?  Head over HERE

Are you safe and well but having trouble reaching people or looking to check on someone?  Check with the Red Cross Over HERE

Spread the Word and PRAY FOR BOSTON

Washington DC, Some Cherry Blossoms and a 10 Mile Run

I’m back in Kansas exhausted and listening to the beginning of a storm, which is very calming amazingly enough.  Friday, I headed back east to check on my place in Philadelphia, deal with too much mail and get walked in on by a realtor showing my place before heading to DC on Amtrak.   DC always has the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and this was year 3 or 4 of my family heading out for it.  I got in around 9 and my parents around 11.  We stayed just off the Rosslyn stop which is a nice walk away from Georgetown and by the metro. Perks? Free parking at the hotel for my parents and us not spending an arm and a leg in downtown DC.

Saturday, I woke up early and spent the morning volunteering at the expo.  With 4 hrs of volunteer work, I had guaranteed entry into the 2014 Cherry Blossom Run and no worries about the lottery (yay me!).  I spent time in the t-shirt exchange.  Words of wisdom, ladies, don’t let the men sign you up for the lottery.  They know nothing about your sizes.  my mom came over later and spent the afternoon working at the bib hand out for the 10 miler.  My dad?  He had the easiest job of all.  He was a running medic (how did I not see that on the volunteer sign up list?  I have so done that).  By the time  I got off, I met my dad and sister for lunch before meeting up with my mom for church later on.  We of course had to watch some Final 4 action before heading off to bed.

This morning, we were up bright and early.  Poor mom ended up sick and somehow still came out (she’s related to 2 docs so really, we had her covered).  My dad headed out early to be briefed by the medical director of the race and my mom and I headed out shortly after.  A 10 minute metro ride later, we were off at the Smithsonian with 17,000 of our closest friends.  Normally, I don’t check bags, but when people I’m running with want to, I will.  It all goes under my since I tend to finish first.  After checking our bag, we headed off to our corals, me to orange and mom to green.  After the elites went off, I waited for the orange coral to leave and was enviously watching tweets about the elite women having 5 miles up on me before I even started.  I was too far back in my coral (or so it felt like) so I was weaving in and out of people trying to get on some sort of pace.

The first few miles, it didn’t feel like I was running, but I apparently was.  I was also looking to see if I knew anyone (which hardly happens)- I later found out my mom had seen me while I was passing her by one of the out and back sites.  We saw the elite men coming through while I was around mile 1-2 and of course we all cheered.  We kept on chugging along and the pace brought us back to the halfway point and the Washington Monument.  So many people and I saw one of my favorite signs of the day:



We then headed for the running path, which tends to be a lonelier part of the race, but is where most of the Cherry Blossoms are.  Thanks to the climate not knowing what it wants to do with itself, the Cherry Blossoms weren’t fully out yet.  I’m convinced they’re having some PMS issues, but what can you say.  We kept on going and I was getting text updates on where my parents were (thanks tracking!!!). Around mile 7, we passed a beer and oreos station- too bad they were out!  Come mile 7.5-8, there was the volunteer banana handing out water in a TNT shirt.  Mile 9 never looked so good and I appreciated the count down of how much further I had to go.  Not so much appreciated: the pot holes of DC.  I always forget about the little hill at the end and not being able to see the finish right away, but once I saw where I was going, I was off.  Officially, time was 1:37:15 and I held a steady pace.

Afterwards, I picked up some food, my bag and my medal and waited for the rest of the family.  After grabbing some showers at the hotel, we were off to brunch before we all had to head separate ways (me to Kansas via BWI, my sister to Baltimore and my parents to Ohio).  As always, a great race that’s well organized and run.  You can tell it’s well put together!!  Kudos to the dude who’s run all 41 of these things.  That’s impressive!!  Sleep well tonight runners, I promise I will

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