Washington DC, Some Cherry Blossoms and a 10 Mile Run

I’m back in Kansas exhausted and listening to the beginning of a storm, which is very calming amazingly enough.  Friday, I headed back east to check on my place in Philadelphia, deal with too much mail and get walked in on by a realtor showing my place before heading to DC on Amtrak.   DC always has the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and this was year 3 or 4 of my family heading out for it.  I got in around 9 and my parents around 11.  We stayed just off the Rosslyn stop which is a nice walk away from Georgetown and by the metro. Perks? Free parking at the hotel for my parents and us not spending an arm and a leg in downtown DC.

Saturday, I woke up early and spent the morning volunteering at the expo.  With 4 hrs of volunteer work, I had guaranteed entry into the 2014 Cherry Blossom Run and no worries about the lottery (yay me!).  I spent time in the t-shirt exchange.  Words of wisdom, ladies, don’t let the men sign you up for the lottery.  They know nothing about your sizes.  my mom came over later and spent the afternoon working at the bib hand out for the 10 miler.  My dad?  He had the easiest job of all.  He was a running medic (how did I not see that on the volunteer sign up list?  I have so done that).  By the time  I got off, I met my dad and sister for lunch before meeting up with my mom for church later on.  We of course had to watch some Final 4 action before heading off to bed.

This morning, we were up bright and early.  Poor mom ended up sick and somehow still came out (she’s related to 2 docs so really, we had her covered).  My dad headed out early to be briefed by the medical director of the race and my mom and I headed out shortly after.  A 10 minute metro ride later, we were off at the Smithsonian with 17,000 of our closest friends.  Normally, I don’t check bags, but when people I’m running with want to, I will.  It all goes under my since I tend to finish first.  After checking our bag, we headed off to our corals, me to orange and mom to green.  After the elites went off, I waited for the orange coral to leave and was enviously watching tweets about the elite women having 5 miles up on me before I even started.  I was too far back in my coral (or so it felt like) so I was weaving in and out of people trying to get on some sort of pace.

The first few miles, it didn’t feel like I was running, but I apparently was.  I was also looking to see if I knew anyone (which hardly happens)- I later found out my mom had seen me while I was passing her by one of the out and back sites.  We saw the elite men coming through while I was around mile 1-2 and of course we all cheered.  We kept on chugging along and the pace brought us back to the halfway point and the Washington Monument.  So many people and I saw one of my favorite signs of the day:



We then headed for the running path, which tends to be a lonelier part of the race, but is where most of the Cherry Blossoms are.  Thanks to the climate not knowing what it wants to do with itself, the Cherry Blossoms weren’t fully out yet.  I’m convinced they’re having some PMS issues, but what can you say.  We kept on going and I was getting text updates on where my parents were (thanks tracking!!!). Around mile 7, we passed a beer and oreos station- too bad they were out!  Come mile 7.5-8, there was the volunteer banana handing out water in a TNT shirt.  Mile 9 never looked so good and I appreciated the count down of how much further I had to go.  Not so much appreciated: the pot holes of DC.  I always forget about the little hill at the end and not being able to see the finish right away, but once I saw where I was going, I was off.  Officially, time was 1:37:15 and I held a steady pace.

Afterwards, I picked up some food, my bag and my medal and waited for the rest of the family.  After grabbing some showers at the hotel, we were off to brunch before we all had to head separate ways (me to Kansas via BWI, my sister to Baltimore and my parents to Ohio).  As always, a great race that’s well organized and run.  You can tell it’s well put together!!  Kudos to the dude who’s run all 41 of these things.  That’s impressive!!  Sleep well tonight runners, I promise I will

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