Random Musings of a new Clevelander

I’ve recently moved back to the midwest and to the mother state of Ohio.  I’m still finding the running places to go and the stores that people like around here (let’s face it, I have no idea what running stores are good or not).  So far, I’ve found a Second Sole store a few miles away from me with a running group on Saturdays (maybe?) and  Fleet Feet in Pepper Pike.

My first running group experience was over a week ago at Fleet Feet (they meet on Mondays at 630).  I had no idea I was running with 2 women who were at the 2012 Women’s Marathon Olympic Marathon trials.  That was mildly horrifying and yes, at 930 min/mile, I was the slowest one there.  See ya back at the store!!  At least with both Second Sole and Fleet Feet I was able to find some good races to look into in the area and now that I’ve found out my schedule, I can plan my minimal social life.  Any suggestions on places to run and stores to utilize are appreciated!!

In other running related schinanigans, I’ve found some deals:

  1. Chicago 10K (Chicago, IL August 11, 2013): $10 off with FLEETFEET10K
  2. Conquer the Bridge 5 Miler and Half marathon (San Pedro, CA September 2, 2013): Active members get 15% off with conquer15bdg
  3.  MAD Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K (Idaho Falls, Idaho July 27, 2013): Active Members get $10 off with  13mad10mar
  4. 5K Dance Party: Check out their Living Social deal for various Cities!
  5. Newly Added: 20% off City Sports with RWB1776.  One full price and select clearance items through Monday


EPIC Half Marathon

As my last weekend of freedom before living in the halls of a hospital comes to an end, I figured I needed to make the most of it somehow.  After going through a whole host of online modules for work, I figured I needed to do something running related.  On Wednesday night, while searching for races, I found the EPIC (Every Person Involved Cares) Half Marathon in Pontiac, MI.  $30.  Yes, THIRTY dollars just 3 days or so before the run.  My hotel room cost more than the run.

I drove out Friday afternoon, a quick 3 1/4 hr drive to Pontiac, outside of Detroit.  Packet pick up was at the Hanson Running Shop in Utica and afterwards, I headed to my hotel.  Plus side of where I was staying?  I had a Tim Horton’s down the street and it was a mile from the Silverdome, the start of the race.  I went into Detroit for a few hours and then called it a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 and got changed and headed out the door.  I made it to the start area at the Silverdome and parked in less than 10 minutes.  That building should be torn down, but that’s just me.  Us runners waited for info on where to go, what to do and all that fun jazz.  Not only was this a small race, it was an inaugural race (my 3rd this year).  I was thinking I should quit signing up for the inaugural races as we started half an hour later than we should have.  The first 5K was a loop of sorts and we did it with the 5K runners.  It was tempting to peel off with the 5Kers at one point because of the heat, but I’m knocking off MI if it kills me.  As I kept running, we headed in a straight line for the next 2+ miles.  Looking up at some of the inclined hills wasn’t enjoyable.  Having a porta potty available 4 miles in with no one in line was appreciated!!

We finally got to make a turn somewhere after mile 5 and enjoyed some flatness.  We also began hitting the water stops that were out of cups, but not bottles of water.  One more thing to carry.  We chugged on and by the time we hit 10 miles, I was beyond the point of caring what my time was.  It was humid, hot, I wanted some rain and to finish (and not last).  Two miles later I kept telling myself 10 more minutes.  Once I saw the general vicinity of the Silverdome, I was picking off a handful of people around me.  Finishing never felt good.  As long as I got the timing chip cut off my shoe so I didn’t have to pay for it and a medal was enough for me (you know it’s an inaugural race when you get an announcement at the beginning that there are more runners than medals and if you don’t get one, it’ll be mailed to you).

Overall, I thought the race is going in the right direction.  This was the first year for it and the funds go to the Foster Care System in Pontiac, so it’s for a good cause.  Organization was good for the most part, we had 13 water stops (12 if you take out mile 9 who was out of water), police at all of the high traffic areas and a lane coned off the entire race for runners.  We were suppose to start at 7, and ended up not starting until close to 7:30.  I know it’s June and it’s hot, but you could feel it start to get warmer in that short time frame.  I was a bit concerned with it being on the road when I saw the course, but was blocked off really well.  Overall, a little bit of tweaking will go a long ways for these guys!

PS, looking for results?  Go here, Run Michigan or message me and I can email you a copy!

Columbus 10K

After a month plus of not racing, I was finally back on the pavement.  I drove to my parents house Saturday afternoon for the weekend and joined my mom at the Columbus 10K Sunday morning.  For being one of the older races in Columbus, this is one I’ve never done.  We left around 7:15 and met up with a friend of my mom’s who also ran the race. The race started at COSI and we ended up arriving an hour early.  At least COSI let us use their indoor bathrooms as many times as we wanted.

The morning started with a kids fun run, so they got 600+ people cheering for them.  After the kid’s race gun went off, there was one kid flying through and everyone thought that he was the only one running.  Until the rest of the group came running behind them.

The 10K started at 9 and it was starting to warm up even before we started.  We headed out on some of the side streets before hitting Columbus.  We passed Northern Market (really good food there for lunch and dinner) and into parts of residential Columbus.  The first water stop about 1.25 miles in was appreciated.  Especially since the next one wasn’t until mile 3.  A bulk of the race was on the Olentangy River trail.  I have to admit, with the temperature rising, the shade of the trail was so appreciated.  I’ve never run on the Olentangy Trail, but it’s a nice trail to have. Except for the parts where the highway is the next door neighbor.  I was holding out ok, but started to slow down a bit because of the heat.  I was ahead of the 9min pace group for awhile and ended up being passed by them.  At mile 5, we had a group of kids passing out water at the last rest stop.  I finished up the last mile or so on the trail, with the .2 finishing along the river next to COSI.  Instead of finishing across where we started, we finished parallel to it, which seemed kind of odd.

THe Columbus 10K gives out medals and pancakes, I can’t ask for more from a race that’s for sure.  After finding my mom, we saw a runner that my mom knew from local races down for the count.  EMTs were helping them out and then the “My kid’s a doctor and can help” line was pulled.  My advice was given and the right thing was done (thankfully).  A shower at home never felt so good, that’s for sure.  I wish the race started 1/2 hr- 1 hr sooner just because of the heat (and it was as hot or hotter last year).  Definitely a race to do and well run by the Columbus Running Company!

Happy National Running Day!

I’m back! No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve just been insanely busy. I spent the first 3 weeks of May traveling Europe. I got back and was on a train 3 hrs later to Baltimore for my sister’s graduation. After returning to Philadelphia, I spent the week packing, getting ready to walk for graduation and spent today loading up a 16 foot moving truck and my small 4 door and drove out to Cleveland. In any case, it’s National Running Day, which means discounted stuff!

  1. Rock N Roll Series: $20 off most of their half and full marathons
  2. TriRockSeries: $20 off all triathlons
  3. National Running Day of Service (Austin, TX): an early morning run followed by community service. I love it!
  4. Awesome 80’s Run: $10 off with RUNDAY10, 10% off with AWESOME
  5. Hollywood Half Marathon: $15 off with RUNDAY15
  6. NFL Running Series:Discount taken off at check out for the Titans Back to Run, Rams Back to Run and Bolt to the Q
  7. Lehigh Valley Health Network 1/2 Marathon (Allentown, PA; Sept 7-8): Half Marathon registration is $55, Team Marathon Registration is $225 ($40 savings) and the 5K is $20. Good through Friday 5/7
  8. Carlsbad 5000: $10 off Registration

Stay tuned for more as I find them!

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