Johnny Cake Jog (#JohnnyCakeJog) 5 Miler

My parents are on a 2 week vacation in Europe at the moment (I can’t complain, I spent 3 weeks in May over there) and of course, the doctor child (me) was named the emergency contact.  So, to deal with it, I turn my weekends into race weekends.

I signed up for the Johnny Cake Jog after work on Friday night.  I was searching for things to do on my weekend off of not having call and found the race pamphlet on my kitchen counter.  Thankfully, I was able to hurry over to the News-Herald to register and still get the early registration fee of $15 (why pay full price if you don’t have to?).

The Johnny Cake Jog is in Painsville, so I got up at 7:25 and was out the door by 7:45 (trying to enjoy as much sleep as possible).  When I left, I was ok with the weather.  I thought It was cooperating with me for a bit.  I ended up at the race about 20 minutes before the start and that brief period of cool weather was out the window.  Oh well.  I was able to use the fairgrounds bathrooms before rushing to the start.

My first mile was pretty good and I was keeping a good pace.  The second mile, the heat and humidity hit me (and some cramps to boot).  Thankfully, there was water about 1.5 miles in and a short time later, we saw this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.13.51 PM


A little support is always a good thing.  I read the course was flat, but somehow a hill appeared between mile 2.  Or maybe, it was just me trying to deal with the heat.  We passed mile 2 and mile 3 turned out semi decent.  And what can I say, running along Johnny Cake Drive is always a good thing.  The last 1.5 miles or so along Mentor Ave was familiar because it was the road I took in.  It’s almost like your mind is messing with you a bit because you want things to be done.  We had one last water stop with the wonderful Target volunteers before conquering the last mile.  Not going to lie, me picking off people the last 1/4 of a mile was me wanting water and out of the heat!

The ice cold water was so appreciated, not going to lie.  I headed over to one of the barns that had food in it and had a breakfast of champions that included fruit, dairy and carbs 😉

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.09.22 PM


Who wouldn’t enjoy it??  Really though, the Johnny Cake Jog has something going for it and knows what they’re doing.  This is a race everyone should do, because it’s fun for sure!!  Thanks News-Herald!

PS, results can be found here

#ShotInTheDark 4 Miler

What does one do on a Saturday evening??  Apparently, on a spur of the moment decision, drive to downtown Cleveland for the Shot in the Dark 4 miler.  I saw this race a few weeks ago, but couldn’t commit because I wasn’t sure of my call schedule.  I ended up not having to work so I figured, why not try a night race and hope it’s not hot and humid.  Well it was still hot and still humid, despite it stormed last night and an apparent tornado took down a gym wall at Ursaline Collage.

I drove downtown with my own stash of water and powerade and miraculously found a parking spot on the street (free!) which was close to the start and finish.  The best part of the race?  It was put on by the Winking Lizard bar.  You better believe there was free food and alcohol available (for purchase).  People were taking it so seriously, running around and stretching….I was hoping to finish and not pass out!  I registered (and I hate paying full price for anything) and dropped my shirt off at my car and headed to the start.

Race started right at 730 with the standard “Ready, Set, Cowbell” and we were off.  We started with those running the 2 mile race, but they quickly turned the opposite way of us.  We headed over some bridge (I’d know if I lived downtown) and I was keeping a good pace through mile one.  Mile 2 comes along and so does cramps and hatred of being a woman.  Water 1.5 miles in was much appreciated.  We passed mile 2 and I saw a little kid with his dad cheering everyone on.  He got a high 5 for being Awesome.  We kept on chugging along and you could tell people were trying to deal with the heat (me included).  Mile 3 came and went and I was glad we were almost done.  We headed back over some other bridge (maybe the Veteran’s Bridge) and headed back towards the Winking Lizard.  All was well when I started passing people and finished.

I’ll take a 38ish minute 4 mile.  Heat and humidity can take the blame!  After grabbing some water, I got a free turkey burger sandwich and after a saw some guy’s cheeseburger, was wishing I went that route.  I sat for a bit on the side walk and listened to the Spazmatics.  I wasn’t hungry so my sandwich came with me as I headed home and left sweaty short prints on the sidewalk.

Really, a fun race with a good after party. Winking Lizard and Hermes have a good thing going for them!!

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