Cincinnati Half Marathon- A Rare Saturday Half

Once in a blue moon, I run half marathon on a Saturday.  A long way back, I signed up for the Cincinnati Half and for some reason, I thought it was on a Sunday (as are most of the half marathons I run), but I realized after the fact it wasn’t.  Whoops.  I got off work on Friday around 5:45, ran back to my apartment and ‘packed’, meaning I grabbed my dirty laundry basket and a small bag with some running necessities and headed out.  It took a little over 4 hours, but I managed to get in around 10:30.  I also managed to leave my spare phone charger in my white coat pocket. Did I mention that I thought I had my spare phone charger and didn’t think to grab my one from my apartment? This led to me hanging in my car for awhile to recharge my phone.

This morning, I woke up bright and early with serial alarms and rolled out of bed about 6.  My stuff was already set out so I changed and started heading to the start over by Reds Stadium.  Luckily, there was race day pick up.  Unfortunately, I underestimated how far from the start I was and there was a good line by the time I got there at 630. I have Cincy PD to thank though because they thought the race started at 730, so they were late getting to the start, so the slow moving line made no difference and I had time to use the bathroom.

We hung around the start and finally were off at 720.  It was already hot, humid and overcast out and that would make for a long race.  Tired legs (despite taking yesterday off) didn’t help.  The first mile or 2 weren’t bad at all, no hills (a rarity for Cincy), but the first water stop wasn’t until 2.2 miles in.  Come mile 3, we hit our first hill and I was completely drenched in sweat with 10 miles to go.  I was already slowing down and not really caring about time (coupled with flash backs of the 2010 Chicago Marathon).  Mile 4 covered ground I felt like we had already covered and hit our second water stop at 4.2 ish miles.  He then took some turns and ended up along the Ohio River for a majority of the last half of the race.  It felt like it was getting hotter and more humid and my legs didn’t like it at all.  We kept chugging along and people were doing the run walk thing.  After mile 8, we turned and started heading back towards where we started.  The water stops kept being inconsistent (which was obnoxious).  By the time we started covering the back portion of the out and back half of the course, my motivation approached nothing.

After we passed mile 12 (probably close to 1/2 mile left), I got a text from work.  Gotta love other residents wondering which attending is on for Cardiology during a race.  I finally finished with my second crappy run in a row.  One more and I should be golden for the year right?

I appreciate that there was race day pick up (not a guaranteed thing at other races). I felt like they needed to have more volunteers on this side of things given how long the line was.  They had pick up a few days prior to the race for the locals.  I overheard that the race organization may be on the newer side, but how does PD not get the right time?  I also think that there needed to be more water on course and water stops that were more evenly spaced, every 1-1.5 miles.  It was hot, humid and not the best weather wise and people were struggling.  Kind of indifferent on this race…

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