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  1. Cleveland Marathon (May 15, 2016): 10% off with Akron16
  2. Pittsburgh 10 Miler (10/25/2015): $10 off with 10OFFEQTAKR
  3. Hot Chocolate 15K/5K (11/8/2015): $10 off with STEPUPCHICAGO through 10/4/2015

Bibrave Associated

  1. 2XU: 20% off with BIBRAVE20
  2. Wigwam: 15% off and free shipping with  10-WG615BR
  3. Buff: 10% off with BIBRAVE10 through 9/20/15
  4. Honolulu Marathon: 20% off with TOMPRO

Bibrave Product Review: Full Buff USA

Disclaimer: I received a Full Buff from Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

More BUFFS!!! If you remember awhile back, I had the opportunity to test a Half Buff from Buff USA. No? Head over here to refresh your memory. It even made it to the Madison Mini with me!

I was more than excited to test out the Full Buff from Buff USA. When you think about the size comparison to between the half and full buffs, it’s about a 2.25 half buff to 1 full buff comparison. Another plus? Holy Orangeness and colorness batman! Talk about being safe if you want to be seen! Don’t believe me?

Benefits of the Full Buff is that it has a whole lot of ways to wear it. Come winter in Cleveland, I’ll be a fan of the neck coverage and neck/head combination of it because of it’s length.


Because of the ways you can use it, it’s beneficial across sports lines. Good for runners, bikers, hunters, etc. A fellow BibRave Pro uses it for a bandana on his furry 4 legged running buddy!

Besides how it can be worn and a nice way to get some protection against wind, it’s also a good sweat wicking device. It holds in the sweat so you’re not dripping sweat all over your face.

Awesome Points:

  • 95% UV protection (because trust me, melanoma and skin cancer isn’t an awesome thing to have)
  • 12 ways to wear (or multi wearable as I call it)
  • Wicking material
  • THERMAL!!! I know how important this is for my northern and living on lake friends

The Specifics

  • Cost: Starts around $25 + shipping (though free shipping on orders >$50)
  • DISCOUNT: 10% off with BIBRAVE10
  • Website: http://www.buffusa.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Buff.Inc
  • Twitter: @Buff_USA
  • Instagram: @buff_usa

Bottom Line: Another strong product from Buff. A must get for sure for all your sports loving, outdoorsy type of people!

Don’t forget to join us Tuesday, September 22 for #Bibchat. Buff will be sponsoring again!


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Product Review: Zensah Thigh Sleeve

Disclaimer: I received entry the Zensah Thigh Compression Sleeve to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! Don’t forget to join us every Tuesday at 9/8 EST/CST for #bibchat on Twitter

Runners are known for liking all thing compression for their legs, especially after long runs. We torture ourselves on a regular basis, and so anything that can help in the recovery process, we’re all for it. Awhile back, I was given the opportunity to try out Zensah’s thigh compression sleeve and I’ve since been trying it out

Cost: $24.99.

Sleeves included: 1 sleeve per pack. This seemed a little odd to me, since any time I’ve gotten compression sleeves in the past from Zensah in the past, I’ve gotten a pair. I wish it would have been a pair so I can wear them both at once!

Sizing: Either S/M or L/XL. You can go Men or Women with Sizing. For women, the S/M is for thigh circumference of 18” – 22“ and under 5’8″. The L/XL is for thigh circumference 22″ and up and for people taller than 5’8″

I tried a few different approaches to wearing the sleeve after I got it. It’s a fairly stretchy sleeve, but at 5’2″ I felt like I ran out of leg since it goes off thigh circumference, but doesn’t alter much based off height. At least on me, it came down all the way to my knee.

I wore it mainly after runs to help with compression and circulation. It for the most part, did it’s job. Part of what I noticed with it, was that the top part would at times roll down on me. I tried sleeping with it on and it almost got to be too much. However, when I wore it for short term compression, it felt pretty good.

I also found an unexpected use for it: knee compression! If you’re feeling tight around/behind the knee, it actually felt pretty good to wear. It almost felt better as a knee sleeve rather than a thigh sleeve!

What I wasn’t a fan of, was if you tried running with, it got bunched up. I felt like it wouldn’t stay in place and the top part would roll down on me. I’m not entirely sure why- maybe secondary to my bilateral short leg syndrome (ie, I’m short), maybe it was a touch to big, I’m still trying to figure it out.

I will say though, we were talking amongst BibRave Pro’s and suggestions/input were passed along to Zensah. I’m a fan of Zensah- I have 2 pairs of their calf sleeves (remember the Ultra Sleeves??). I would use this more for compression purposes, however, not while running like I can do with the calf sleeves. I think if something can be adjusted that also takes into account people’s height, it would make a big deal. Someone at 6’5″ is different than 5’2″. Love the idea, but I think a few tweaks are needed.

Zensah: web facebook instagram twitter

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