Race Review: Akron Half Marathon

As life has been hectic recently, I’m a touch behind on the Akron Half Marathon from a few weekends ago. Typically, it happens the last weekend of September and is a Saturday race. After work on the Friday before the race, I headed down to Akron to pick up my bib at the John Knight Center. There’s no mailing option to get your packet sent to you, but the expo is open until 9 pm. I got to the expo and made it to free parking. You picked up your bib and bag first and then made your way through the expo to get your shirt. If you did the full marathon, you got a jacket (a touch jealous about that one). Plenty of vendors there and Akron Marathon specific clothing, including a pair of sweats that ended up coming with me. Race day entailed The Marathon, Marathon Relay and Half Marathon. It’s part of a series and if you did all 3 races, you got extra bling at the end

Even though I’m local [ish], I ended up staying at one of the race hotels so I didn’t have to drive the hour in to Akron on race day. They did have a shuttle that transported you to the start, but I felt like sleeping in. I was able to drive and get to the start within 15 minutes and was within 1/4 mile of the start. The weather was nice, but cool at the beginning. I was grateful for the indoor bathrooms of the student union prior to the start!


The Course: Akron has Hills. I hate hills. There were parts that were flat and/or down hill which were fine, but you do go over bridges which have some incline of their own. You see some good parts of Akron and then some other parts that are meh. They had a good amount of entertainment on course, a plus. There were parts with spectators and other parts where it was you and your music if you had any. Since there was a Half and Full marathon and a Full Marathon Relay, the course was marked well and had color coded letters (H, F, R) to let you know where to go. When the relay runners split for there hand offs, there was more than enough staff at each exchange during the first 2 to keep things in line. Also more than enough people and notice just after mile 12 to let the Full and Relay Marathon runners to go one way and the Half Marathon Runners to go another. If you missed it, it was your own fault.

The race finished in the Akron Baseball Stadium. Luckily we didn’t have to go around the entire stadium. Plenty of seating for people to come and watch and for runners to chill out after the race. It also had the post race party: you walked out of the finish and got water and your medal. You kept walking and there was a food tent that took your food tab off your bib and handed you a bag and afterwards, you got a banana, another water and chocolate milk. You were then directed to the beer tent and then there were the porta potties right there if you needed it. They also had a Pizza Tent that was off to the side and I almost missed. Took no more than 5 minutes if you weren’t waddling!

Organization: A+! Just wish there were 1-2 more aid stations at the beginning

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