BibRave Product Review: Orange Mud Hydraquiver

Disclaimer: I received Orange Mud HydraQuiver as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review find and write race reviews!

Happy New Year’s to all! Here’s to an awesome 2016 and preparing to move to the west coast! I had the opportunity to try out Orange Mud’s HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1. I’ve tried out some Orange Mud stuff before (their Transition Wrap) in the past and was excited to try out some hydration products. I’ve always had issues finding one that I like since I hate running with a lot of stuff on me. So when I had a fun little package show up in the mail, I was excited:

I was lucky enough to run outside a few times with it. In Cleveland, we’ve gotten snow early the past few years, so to be able to run outside in short sleeves was a plus. There’s a few models, but the single barrel was perfect for me and actually fit pretty well for my size. It’s also adjustable with plenty of pockets

Look what gets to come running outside for a bit today: #elnino2015 #bibchat #hydraquiver #60incle

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You have plenty of room to put anything you need: keys, water, gels, phone/ipods, fill in the blank (just not another thing of water). I was able to use it pretty well and adjust it as I needed too. I wore it with short sleeved shirts and had no issues with chaffing or anything. The water bottle stayed in place and was easy to reach on runs too (and this from someone with short arms!!). Shorter arms than me? You can adjust the bottle height to fix the problem. Bonus! I know as a women, I have more up top, but that didn’t hinder fastening things up. No leaking issues for me in terms of the water bottle either!

I’m in love with this thing. I can’t wait to use it for some longer runs as I get into some more marathon training. My only concern is that I can’t carry more water on it. However, it’s light, not obstructive and not something I feel while I’m running. Check out Orange Mud as they have a few different models, something that’s a plus. This is something that’s a must look into, especially if you’re over running with hydration belts!

Join us Tuesday for #bibchat at 9/8 CST as we chat more with Orange Mud!

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