NYC Marathon for the North Shore Animal Protection

This year, I’m running the New York City Marathon for the North Shore Animal League. Moe the fur ball is my mascot, but won’t be running with me because he hates planes and let’s face it, that would be a tad cruel. 

To say this summer was long is an understatement. It’s been pushing 90* degrees in Spokane, we’re in the midst of fire season, a whole lot of work to the point where I pulled out of my ironman that was downsized to a half ironman. I regrouped and now it’s off to Marathon Training. I signed up for the New York City Marathon this year because I was itching for one back east. I did it last in 2011, the year before Hurricane Sandy cancelled it. I ran for charity back in 2011 and decided to do the same this year after I didn’t get in off the lottery.

Enter the North Shore Animal Protective League. It’s a the world’s largest no kill shelter that works on getting all animals adopted. My full donation site and story is over here, but here’s the gist. Moe the fur ball is my cat, otherwise known as Moe, Mr Moe, Mr Fluffy pants, Fluff, Moe the fur ball, etc and He was adopted when I was still living in Cleveland from a shelter. Every animal we had growing up was a pound animal, so I’m all about adopting.

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Welcome home hooomman

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The North Shore Animal League has saved over 1 million animals since 1944, place over 18000 pets per year and does over 58,000 exams and 65,000 vaccinations on animals on average every year. Their work isn’t limited to the New York area. They’ve responded to multiple natural disasters over the years (Hurricanes Katrina, Rita) and has saved animals from mills from the Cayman Islands to Moscow Russia and saving dogs from the Yulin Meat Festival in China. All animals that go through North Shore Animal League receive exams and medical care. Often times, animals needing long term treatment who are adopted out, will be covered by NSAL as well.

My fundraising goal is $3000. Think of it this way, I do all the hard work (including trying to find safe air quality to run in during fire season in the Pacific/Inland Northwest area) and put on a boat load of miles on my legs and in return, I post and send cute pictures of Moe through out the process on social media and to you. No donation is too small! To read more, head over to my personal fundraising site (or check instagram/twitter/here!).

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Moe. All the Moe

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