Runner Help Runner

Yesterday, Runner’s World posted a picture someone had taken at the end of RnR Washington DC.  A man was describing waiting for his wife to finish the marathon when he saw a runner approach the finish in distress when a second runner came and caught him and got the runner across the finish line.  It looked something like this:

Runner Help Runner

Thanks to social media, they’re no longer mysterious.  The runner in yellow is Ryan Gregg and the runner in green is Michael Stefanon.  Take a look at what they said happen on Saturday

The Professional Quitter

Meet Matt.  Matt is a runner who was quite successful in college and in the early part of his professional career.  As he figured out, it’s ridiculously hard to make it as a professional runner, and often, those attempting to be professional runners have to get a day job.  Then he figured he could do just as well being a professional quitter.  That is, Matt is what the running community refers to as a rabbit.  He’s the pacer of the group and guarantees to get runners with in 1/100 of a second.  That’s pretty freakin’ precise.  Matt paces the elite runners and then right before the finish, he steps off course.  He’s always guaranteed a disqualification or a DNF.  He’s one of the few who can make a living of being a professional rabbit, and yet, he gets no glory or recognition.  Maybe he should go back to being a professional runner because by the looks of it, he’s pretty darn good.  Matt, here’s to you and all of your awesomeness.  Maybe one day we can get an Olympic medal around your neck because you sure do deserve it!


Image from the Washington Times; Matt Scherer

Here Comes the Olympics…And Branding Issues

Has it been awhile? Yes. Am I alive? Yes!!!  The Olympic Trials have happened across the board and not without some issues.  There was the week long drawn out issue of the who came in third with Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh in the 100 m dash. I mean, how do you not have something in place for when time and photo finish doesn’t answer the question.  Now, there’s the issue of branding and censorship with the USOC.  Runner’s World wrote an article discussing issues athletes are facing.  The official team sponsor is Nike.  Say a runner who is sponsored by Asics or Adidas medals and is on the Olympic Stand.  Instead of wearing their own sponsor gear, they’re decked out in Nike, not who’s paying them and giving them money. Really?  Athletes are also on a black out period for the next month.  They can’t even say anything about their sponsors and there’s control over what can and can’t be said.  Clearly some disconnect between the USOC and athletes.  Change needed?  I think so.  Read the article and make up your mind on what you think!

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

Early last night, I was checking facebook and a post came up in one of the groups I’m in.  It directed you to a Virtual Run/Walk Page for Sherry Arnold.  On January 7, Sherry went out for an early morning run in her small Montana town and never returned home.  The only thing that has been recovered of her is her right running shoe.  A week later, 2 men were arrested, one of whom confessed to her murder.  Her body hasn’t been found in the 3 weeks since her disappearance and death and any sort of tips, help in locating her, etc is much appreciated.  Her friend, Beth, is the writer of the blog Shut Up and Run, where she talks a bit more of the events surrounding Sherry.  On February 11, there’s going to be a virtual run/walk for Sherry.  It’s easy- print out the bib and run how far or how ever long you’d like.  I know we all have some sort of run we’re going to be doing, so why not throw a bib on and support a fellow runner to boot?  To make it easier, here’s a link to the bib and a picture of it!  Continue to keep her husband and two kids in your thoughts and prayers, as they go through a difficult time and if you know anything, say something!

Homemade Chili

Last night, I was in a bind of what to do for dinner. I really didn’t feel like going out to pick something up after church, but I didn’t feel like cooking or left overs either.  Well that’s a problem.  I found some ground beef in my freezer so I opted for Chili.  As a poor, running, medical student, it’s also nice in the sense that it’ll last me a few meals.  So here you go, an improvised chili recipe.


  • Ground beef or ground turkey. I used 96% fat free ground beef
  • Tomato Sauce (8 oz can)
  • Kidney beans
  • Chili spice packet
  • Optional: Onions

note, my kidney beans supposedly had chili flavor in with them but I couldn’t taste it, so I added a chili spice pack

The How To:

If you know me, I like things to be ridiculously easy.  Why make things difficult, if they don’t need to be, right??

  1. Defrost the meat if you need too.  I put it in the microwave to defrost for about 5 minutes and then threw it on a wok to cook on the stove
  2. After the meat is cooked through, drain the fat from the wok
  3. Add: Kidney Beans, Tomato Sauce and Chili flavoring packet
  4. Mix everything together and let it simmer for 5 minutes or so.  Or until you don’t feel like waiting anymore
  5. Add Onions.  You can do this before or after (or not at all, but I like onions with pretty much anything so any excuse I have to use them, I will)
  6. Enjoy!

I had enough to set aside for 4 more meals for later in the week.  Who knows, tacos could come of this later in the week! Feel free to add anything else you’d like (cheese, rice, tabasco sauce) but this is the quick and easy version.

Per serving: Calories 310 Total Carbs: 30 Total Fat: 7 Protein: 34

Hearts to you, Niagara, Canada

Today, while looking over some facebook and twitter posts during a break, a new post from Bart Yasso, Runner’s World CRO, popped up on my feed.  It was a share of a post of a friend of his who lost her husband suddenly.  Her husband’s name is Jerry Friessen and he died suddenly this morning at the age of 51.  The details are unknown at this point, but he was doing what he loved to do- running.  Friessen was well known across Niagara Canada and he was also known for helping with Caribbean cruise runs.  He grew up an athlete and was a talented boxer back in the day.  Active in his community, it’s safe to say that there is a sense of shock and loss to his family, friends and those who came in contact with him or to those who participated in any of his races.

Prayers and sympathy go out to his family and to someone who sounds like a class ask, I hope you Rest in Peace and that you’re watched over in heaven!–running-legend-dies-suddenly

What Does 7000 Registrations, 12 hrs and the New Orleans Saints Have in Common?

On Monday, my friend Jay posted posted a link involving the Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in New Orleans, LA.  If you know anything about Jay and I, we both aren’t fans of the Rock n Roll series and the Competitor group.  Why, you might ask?  They’ve been increasing prices of their marathons and half marathons (something that is next April or May is already $80-$90 just for the half marathon!) and they’ve been taking over local races that have been doing perfectly fine on their own.  So the fact that Jay posted anything made me laugh and take a look.  The link took me to this page:

Why might this be of interest to any of Jay’s running friends?  Rock n Roll New Orleans was running a promotion from noon until midnight CST. $55 off registration into the half and full marathons.  FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS!!  Instead of paying a $90 (half marathon) or $95 (full marathon) registration fee, you could get in for $35 and $40 respectively.  That is absolutely insane!!  I remember telling my mom how much I felt like a traitor since after the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half, I vowed never to run another Rock n Roll event because of the prices.  I can’t beat $35 though.  How did the discount come to be $55?  Enter the New Orleans Saints. Yes, those Saints who play in the NFL.  They happen to beat the Colts 62-7 on Sunday.  Point difference: 55.

Last night, I came across an article in one of the local New Orleans newspapers. 7000 people signed up for the race in twelve hours.  7000!!!  Organizers are convinced that it’s due to the increasing popularity of the event. I’m convinced it’s due to the price being slashed by over half.  I mean, a half marathon for $90 more than 5 months out?  You have got to be kidding me!  All in all, Rock n Roll lost $385,000 on this promotion alone ($55 x 7000 people).  I fell less of a traitor since they lost a huge chunk of money.  And guess what??  They’re using the SAINTSWIN promotion again this monday!  Only catch?  They’ll cap the discount at $21 (ie 3 touchdowns scored by the Saints).  Hmmm, I wonder why???

To you, New Orleans Saints, I thank you.  You saved me a huge chunk of money and allow me to laugh at a series that thinks $90 for a half marathon is an appropriate amount to be charging people.  I hope you win big next week so more people can take advantage!!

Good Things Happen To Those Who Don’t Cheat

Runners, I feel, are generally pretty honest people.  We tend to try and catch someone if they drop their iPod on course.  We pick up friends’ bibs and packets at expos.  Heck, we even offer another runner gel or gu while on course during a ridiculously hot race, even if the gel was being held in the sports bra!  However, Rob Sloan of England, might be one of the exceptions.  You see, Mr Sloan ran the Northumberland Marathon earlier this month.  He signed up to race legally and didn’t buy his bib on the ‘blacklist market.’  He even trained hard for it and picked up all of his own stuff (or so I’m assuming).  Come race day, he started with everyone else at the start when the gun (or bull horn or siren) went off.

However, at mile 20, people saw Mr Sloan jump off course.  He caught a bus and took it close to the finish line.  He then decided to hide behind some trees and wait for the rest of the runners to get to the finish.  Mr Sloan rejoined the pack and ran across the finish…in 3rd place.  This was a real shocker to Steven Crams, the real 3rd place finisher.  Us runners typically also know who pass us on course, and Mr Crams never remembered seeing Mr Sloan pass him the final 6.2 miles of the race. Needless to say, Mr Crams was surprised to see Mr. Sloan being interviewed for 3rd place (Crams is in the brown in the video, Rob is being interviewed)  I don’t know if was spur of the moment, if Mr Sloan got caught in the excitement or if he thought that he wouldn’t get caught.  However, Mr Sloan did get caught. And claimed that he didn’t cheat even though he was clocked running significantly faster than the first half of the race.  After handing back the 3rd place medal, which was properly given to Mr Crams, Mr Sloan was then kicked out of his running club…while continuing to say he never took the bus.

Moral of the story, good things come to those who don’t cheat. And, you’ll never become and Olympian over night or over the second half of a race so don’t try.

For The (World) Record…

When people think of breaking world records, they think of Paula Radcliff breaking the world record in the Chicago Marathon early in the 2000s or Usain bolt speeding his way along the track circuit.  Meet Fauja Singh.  Fauja started running marathons at 89 years young.  Yes, EIGHTY-NINE!!!  Since he started his marathon quest, he’s participated in 8 total marathons.  Number 8 came this past weekend in Toronto.  He set the world record for oldest person to finish a marathon at 100 years old.  Yes, ONE HUNDRED years young.  The winner of the race, Kenyan Kenneth Mungara, won in 2:09;51.  Canadians qualified for the 2012 Olympics.  And Fauja Singh broke world records for runners over 100 in 8 different categories while finishing in just over 8 hours.  As much as I don’t understand how people can walk marathons, you are my exception.  100 years old and still going strong, I salute you.

To you Mr. Singh, we say congratulations!  Proof that anyone can do anything at any age.  Hopefully we see you in the torch parade for the 2012 London Olympics.  I, for one, will be looking for you!

Run Baby Run!!

Many people think if you run marathons, you’re crazy for wanting to embark on such a feat. Months of training, the odds of getting hurt, you’re sore for a week and your feet hate you after the fact.  Every once and awhile, you hear of people who run who are a few months pregnant who didn’t know they were pregnant.  Take Amber Miller.  Amber ran the Chicago Marathon on October 9th pregnant.  If by ran you mean finished in 6.5 hrs with an average of pace of a 14 minute mile.  She was also 39 weeks pregnant and went on to deliver her child 7 hrs after she finished the marathon.  She originally only planned to complete only half and then skip out to the end.  Her husband never thought she would make it to the marathon still pregnant (he expected the baby to be born first).  And, her OB apparently gave her the OK.

Personally?  I think it was a stupid move.  People were pulling out of race due to heat related issues and having issues with fluids.  I’m not doubting that exercise is encouraged during pregnancy, but what if something would have happened to her or the child while on course and not near a medical tent?  Sure, she’s done 8 marathons in the past, but at 39 weeks pregnant, there should be other things to be thinking about.  Even though you have Paula Radcliff and Kara Goucher who both ran while pregnant, they modified they’re running routines towards the end of their pregnancies.

What are your thoughts about this?

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