Product Review: StrideBox

As a runner, any time there’s something to try, I’m willing to try it once. My mom decided to send me a 6 month subscription of StrideBox, a service that sends out running related samples once a month for people who subscribe.

The basics- where to find them!





How it works

If you have a runner you love, you can send it as a gift as a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or year long subscription. Fees range from $20 to $180 depending on how many boxes you want to send over the year. If you’re buying for yourself, $15 as a sign up fee and $15/mo. Your first box ships the Friday after you sign up and the first Friday of the month.  Each box has 6-8 running related samples in it.

Stridebox, a perfect small box of goodness for any runner!

Stridebox, a perfect small box of goodness for any runner!

February Box

My box came on Friday, so a nice little end of the week surprise to kick off the weekend! What’d I get this month?

  1. Nuun Hydration tab. I get to throw it in a bottle of water and give it a try on this weekend’s run. Hopefully I can find it likable so I can get some flavor into water so I drink more of it
  2. iGloves. Perfect for the negative windchill we’ve been having in Cleveland this winter so I can save my hands and still take calls on my phone
  3. Picky Bars. Never heard of them but excited to try them!
  4. High Protein coffee. Never been a coffee drinker, so this will likely be going to my mom 🙂
  5. Joshua Tree Lip Balm
  6. Skratch hydration
  7. Chia Surge. Another energy supplement it looks like. We’ll see if it agrees with me!
What you get: 6-8 running related samples. February included: iGloves, High Protein coffee mix, Chi Surge, Picky Bars, Nuun, chapstick, and stickers

What you get: 6-8 running related samples. February included: iGloves, High Protein coffee mix, Chi Surge, Picky Bars, Nuun, chapstick, and stickers

I love the idea of this. It’s like a Birch Box for runners and we’re always trying to find new things that work for us, so this gives us the opportunity to try some samples before spending a boatload on something, only to find out it doesn’t work. You can start/stop receiving it whenever you’d like, but hopefully I’ll stick with this for awhile!

Runners, Finish Safe

Today, I saw my mom post something that had the word FREE in it.  I’m in school so FREE is always a good word to hear.  FinishSafe, a website that allows people to register on their website and put their medical information together.  In return you (normally) can purchase tags that attach to your shoe, luggage, race bib (if you’re a runner, triathlete, etc), key ring and even a larger one for your wallet.  You’re given a pin number so should you pass out, get injured, go unconscious, etc and medical personale are trying to figure out what to do for you, they can call the FinishSafe number, put in your pin number and find any sort of health info unique to you.  FREE TAGS, you hear me?!?

This is very similar to RoadID Interactive, only (until the end of April), you don’t have to pay to get the tags.  Also, you don’t have to worry about paying a yearly fee like you do for RoadID Interactive (I know since I have an account).  What’s better?  There’s an APP for that if you’re an EMT.

So hurry up and go take advantage of this.  It’s free and it’s for your own good.  You don’t want to be collapsing during the Chicago Marathon (like people did last year when I ran it) or cramping up and dehydrating during the Cherry Blossom Run and not be able to communicate with the medics about your medical history…you won’t regret it!

Barefoot Running

One of the big things in running, or one of the things that is up and coming, is barefoot running.  I do some of it with the Vibram 5 Fingers “shoes”.  Thing of gloves with rubber on the bottom for feet with 5 toe ‘fingers’ cut out.  I got a pair last year from CitySports here in Philadelphia and worked my way up in milage (about 5 or so) and ended up wearing them during the Broad Street Run.  I ended up with an ITBand injury, but I still love them.  I wear them now for shorter runs, but am going to try and do some longer runs in them.  Over the weekend, I was able to get a steal from $50

of running stuff for only $25 at a local running store [Fairmont Running Company] and went in to see what they had and I ended up finding another pair of Vibrams that were a new release (see my picture).  My goal is to start with 5-6 miles a week in them and up the milage from there.  What to consider if you’re looking into these things?


  1. Very light weight
  2. Let your feet do what they’re suppose to do naturally
  3. Comfortable to wear even when walking around in day to day activities

What to think about

  1. A little on the pricey side- I would try to buy them when there’s a change in season or when they’re getting ready to come out with new styles.
  2. If you wear inserts or orthotics, these wouldn’t be the best things in the world for you to wear
  3. You really have to break these in in terms of miles.  If your running 8 miles a day, wear them for 1-2 and then go to tennis shoes for the rest of the run initially.  It’s recommended that you add 1-1.5 miles every 7-10 days in them in order to get used to them (don’t go from 5 miles to 10 miles in one setting like I did!).

I like my new pair I bought more than the first generation.  They’re easier to get on in my opinion.  I’ve seen more people start to wear these in races I’ve run and think that people are really starting to consider them so take a peak!


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