Destination: Santa Barbara

Running and Wine. Two things in my life that should theoretically go hand in hand. Come May, 2017, I’ll be in Santa Barbara for a weekend of running, wine country and everything in between! Destination Races has eight races, which include locations like Santa Barbara, Virginia, Napa to Sanoma, and British Columbia. All include a race in a place with Wine Country galore!

What’s to look forward in just over 249 days? And why should you look into Running for some wine?!

  1. Good exercise
  2. Post race wine tasting
  3. Scenic running through Wine Country California

Destination also provides a whole bunch of race options: run the whole race, or register as a team. Wine tasting or no wine tasting (but why would you go to wine country and not taste wine?). VIP experiences, extras all weekend.

If this doesn’t sell you, join me in the VIP Experience. Whatcha get?

  • Personalized VIP Race Bib
  • Express Packet Pick-Up at Race Expo with VIP Gift
  • Transportation to Race Start from Select Pick-up Locations
  • Pre-Race Energizing Breakfast Items at Start Line
  • Exclusive Warm-Up & Stretching Zone with Private Restrooms at the Start Line. Start line VIP area provided by The Burger Barn.
  • Private Gear Check with Pick-up at Finish Line VIP Tent
  • Access to VIP Tent at Post-Race Wine & Music Festival
  • Complimentary Invitation to All Race Extra Events
  • Private Wine Glass Pick-Up in Festival VIP Tent
  • Complimentary Recovery Brunch at Festival VIP Tent
  • Post-Race Food & Wine Experience
  • Contribution to Local Charity

Hopefully, this floats your boat! And if it doesn’t take $10 off with BIBRAVE10 and look for us in the orange on race day!

As always, race reviews happen over at Bibrave!


BibRave Product Review: Amphipod Hydraform Bottle

Disclaimer: I received an Amphipod Water Bottle to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Summer is in full swing as I write this, likely my last review as a Cleveland resident before moving to Spokane, Washington. It’s been consistently in the 80s here recently and I’m sans gym membership (no LA Fitnesses in Spokane unfortunately, it’s been a good run!). That just means more reason to get out and enjoy the long days after work and get some runs in on the pavements. And with summer, all the more reason to stay hydrated!!


When presented the option to try an Amphipod water bottle, I was intrigued. I’ve tried a few other hydration options that I’ve liked, but I’ve never been able to find a hand held water bottle that I’ve actually liked. Enter Amphipod Hydraform Ergo Lite. We had the option of doing a 16 or 20 oz bottle and I went 20 oz.


The nice thing about the Hydraform Ergo Lite is that it’s made for function and safety while keeping in mind runner’s input at the same time. It’s light weight, so for me, I don’t mind carrying it on my runs (though, I’ll probably end up keeping it for shorter runs). Also, it has a pouch on the side of the carrier, big enough for an iPhone 6 (especially if you need to call for help!). I had no problem carrying my phone, IDs and cash/credit cards- still plenty of space. Another perk? A clip for your keys! No more worries about dropping your car and apartment keys into the port-a-potties or down a sewage pipe.


Now, drinking from this sucker. The mouth piece is a one way thing, so either suck or squirt. Easy as pie! no struggling to twist off a lid or go searching for a water bottle. Also, there’s more than enough room to through on some gels if you’d like

Because of being int the midst of moving, I haven’t had the chance to try longer runs or races with it, but I’m more than looking forward to a few of the ones I have scheduled already on the west coast. I’m already looking forward to trying this on some longer runs. My only suggestion would be to make the carrier insulated for the warmer weather so it would keep the water cool on the run, especially with the summer weather.


Either way, go find yourself an Amphipod water bottle and see why we love it! Join us on Tuesday at 9EST/6PST with Amphipod to chat for an hour!

What are other pros saying: Sarah  Alex   Jessica

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Catching Kayla

Take a good 15 minutes to watch this video.  A little Friday motivation and a tear jerker to boot

Catching Kayla

Meg’s Miles

On Jan. 13, Meg Menzies went out for her regular morning run.  She never made it back to her home and 3 kids.  While running opposite of traffic (like all good runners do), she was hit and killed by a drunk driver.  This weekend, runners took to the roads/treadmills/tracks to run for Meg in Meg’s Miles.  If you ran, head over to the Facebook page to join the group.

You can also head over to #megsmiles google doc to dedicate your miles and leave a message for her family and kids.

As always, be careful on the roads.  And to those driving, be sure to watch out for runners/cyclists and whom ever else is sharing the road…



Happy Pay Week!!

Thursday was payday and despite having to work today, I’ll be off to WV tonight for the Marshall Univ. 1/2 Marathon.  Since I firmly believe in not paying full price, here’s some help!

  1. Mercerville Fire Company 5K (12/14/13- Mercerville, NJ)- 10% off with mercerville10fc
  2. Cleveland Marathon and Half Marathon (5/18/14, Cleveland, OH)- $10 off the Marathon with 2014RACM and $5 off the Half Marathon with 2014RACHM
  3. Hot Chocolate 5K/15K Columbus (11/17/2013, Columbus, OH) $5 off with ACTIVECBUS5OFF
  4. Go Santa Go 5K (12/1/13, Chicago, IL)- $10 off with GOSTANTA10CGA

Enjoy and happy running!

For your football halftime entertainment…

…enjoy some online running deals!

  1. The Runner’s World Running Festival (Bethleham, PA Oct. 18-20): If you haven’t registered yet, you still have time but it’s running out! Enjoy 10% off the Half Marathon  with runningbecauseRWHalf or 10% off the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon with runningbecauseRWHat 
  2. If you’re running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, relax and enjoy 25% off Second City tomorrow after running the 26.2!  Use CM13 at checkout!
  3. Run Chat Compression Socks: Buy 2 and get 50% off with RC50
  4. Potomac River Running (Washington DC): 15% off for federal and military employees in DC through the end of the Government Shutdown (in store only)
  5. NYC Cupcake Run (October 19, 2013, NYC): 20% off through 10/13/13 with CUPCAKERUN
  6. New Milford Ed Fondation 10K and 3 Mile Fun Run (New Milford, NJ 10/27/13): $5 off with RRSPORTS

Hump Day and…

…that much closer to pay day!  Here some ways to enjoy

  1. Rock n Roll Cleveland Runner Tracking: The first 3,000 runners and spectators enjoy FREE RUNNER TRACKING the code TRVLCLE (normally a $5 charge)
  2. Pro Compression Socks40% off with JJ40
  3. LivingSocial: 10% off their best travel deals with BEST10
  4. Running Warehouse: 35% off select apparel for men and women


#ShotInTheDark 4 Miler

What does one do on a Saturday evening??  Apparently, on a spur of the moment decision, drive to downtown Cleveland for the Shot in the Dark 4 miler.  I saw this race a few weeks ago, but couldn’t commit because I wasn’t sure of my call schedule.  I ended up not having to work so I figured, why not try a night race and hope it’s not hot and humid.  Well it was still hot and still humid, despite it stormed last night and an apparent tornado took down a gym wall at Ursaline Collage.

I drove downtown with my own stash of water and powerade and miraculously found a parking spot on the street (free!) which was close to the start and finish.  The best part of the race?  It was put on by the Winking Lizard bar.  You better believe there was free food and alcohol available (for purchase).  People were taking it so seriously, running around and stretching….I was hoping to finish and not pass out!  I registered (and I hate paying full price for anything) and dropped my shirt off at my car and headed to the start.

Race started right at 730 with the standard “Ready, Set, Cowbell” and we were off.  We started with those running the 2 mile race, but they quickly turned the opposite way of us.  We headed over some bridge (I’d know if I lived downtown) and I was keeping a good pace through mile one.  Mile 2 comes along and so does cramps and hatred of being a woman.  Water 1.5 miles in was much appreciated.  We passed mile 2 and I saw a little kid with his dad cheering everyone on.  He got a high 5 for being Awesome.  We kept on chugging along and you could tell people were trying to deal with the heat (me included).  Mile 3 came and went and I was glad we were almost done.  We headed back over some other bridge (maybe the Veteran’s Bridge) and headed back towards the Winking Lizard.  All was well when I started passing people and finished.

I’ll take a 38ish minute 4 mile.  Heat and humidity can take the blame!  After grabbing some water, I got a free turkey burger sandwich and after a saw some guy’s cheeseburger, was wishing I went that route.  I sat for a bit on the side walk and listened to the Spazmatics.  I wasn’t hungry so my sandwich came with me as I headed home and left sweaty short prints on the sidewalk.

Really, a fun race with a good after party. Winking Lizard and Hermes have a good thing going for them!!

Random Musings of a new Clevelander

I’ve recently moved back to the midwest and to the mother state of Ohio.  I’m still finding the running places to go and the stores that people like around here (let’s face it, I have no idea what running stores are good or not).  So far, I’ve found a Second Sole store a few miles away from me with a running group on Saturdays (maybe?) and  Fleet Feet in Pepper Pike.

My first running group experience was over a week ago at Fleet Feet (they meet on Mondays at 630).  I had no idea I was running with 2 women who were at the 2012 Women’s Marathon Olympic Marathon trials.  That was mildly horrifying and yes, at 930 min/mile, I was the slowest one there.  See ya back at the store!!  At least with both Second Sole and Fleet Feet I was able to find some good races to look into in the area and now that I’ve found out my schedule, I can plan my minimal social life.  Any suggestions on places to run and stores to utilize are appreciated!!

In other running related schinanigans, I’ve found some deals:

  1. Chicago 10K (Chicago, IL August 11, 2013): $10 off with FLEETFEET10K
  2. Conquer the Bridge 5 Miler and Half marathon (San Pedro, CA September 2, 2013): Active members get 15% off with conquer15bdg
  3.  MAD Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K (Idaho Falls, Idaho July 27, 2013): Active Members get $10 off with  13mad10mar
  4. 5K Dance Party: Check out their Living Social deal for various Cities!
  5. Newly Added: 20% off City Sports with RWB1776.  One full price and select clearance items through Monday


Dash for Organ Donation 10K

Today was my first race since the Boston Bombings on Monday.  It’s hard to believe the amount of emotion and terror Boston’s been through since Monday, quite frankly it’s all difficult to wrap my head around.  On Thursday, I found the Dash for Organ Donation 5K/10K online and decided to sign up.  I’m an organ donor myself and have been contacted about being a possible bone marrow donor myself, so this race was for a cause close to me.  I was able to pick up my bib and shirt yesterday at the Gift of Life Program House in downtown Philly and by the grace of the parking gods, they have their own parking lot, so no battling street parking to try and find a spot on the street.

This morning, I was up by 8 and out of my apartment by 8:45.  Even though the 10K didn’t start until 9:40, the 5K started at 9:25 and given that 1/2 of the Kelly Drive Loop is shut down on the weekends now and the strong possibility of the Regatta going on on the opposite side, I was figuring I’d be fighting for parking over by the Art Museum.  I pulled into the free 2 hr parking and thankfully the parking gods liked me 2 days in a row and someone was leaving which left me their spot!  I hung out for a little bit in Lloyd Hall and then headed over to where all the activities were going on for the Dash.  It was so encouraging to see so many people out.  I counted about 20-30 teams out supporting people who’ve been donors or received organ donations.

The couse itself was an out and back course on Kelly Drive.  After last week’s blah 10K race on the hills of KS (which never hit the blog due to travel and Boston), this race was so appreciated.  I love me some flatness!!  The first 5K, I ran in 27:44 (the 10K winners were somewhere close to the finish at that point).  On the way out people were hootin’ and hollerin’ at friends running the 5K which is always good to see and it was the same on the way back for 10Kers who hadn’t hit the turn around.  The second half of Kelly Drive gave me a time of 27:57 (at least I’m consistent!) with an overall time of 55:41.  By the time I finished, the 3K walkers were lining up and you saw a lot of teams coming for the 3K.

The nice thing about today was the weather.  Although a little chilly, it warmed up and the sun was out.  We were all subconsciously running for the 617!  The only downside is that the 5K racers started before the 10K racers.  I feel like it should be the other way around since the 10Kers will take longer to run.  Other than that, race is very well run and something we all needed.  If you’re looking for results, head over here to find them.

**Side note, if you’re looking for Boston Strong shirts, head to City Sports for their BOSTRONG shirts.  They’re $10 each with all proceeds benefiting The One Fund to help victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings**

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