What’s in a Streak?

Disclaimer: I received an annual Strava Summit subscription and Strava merchandise to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews

Data. Every runner’s dream! I picked up running in medical school as way to destress and forget about life for a bit. I tried keeping written logs, no logs, other website logs and couldn’t find a good balance. Once I started the life of marathons, I ended up getting a Garmin, and over time found Strava, where I linked my Garmin to keep track of all my cardio!

Strava is an online/app based site that allows people to connect, keep track of workouts and take parts in challenges, earn digital trophies and so much more.


Run, bike or swim….what are you tracking??

Challenges and trophies happen monthly, weekly and within groups themselves. NYRR has virtual races that can even get you guaranteed entry in their races that are tracked through Strava. Complete certain challenges to earn discounts on products as well! Complete a challenge and get trophies for your trophy case.


Looking to keep track of your yearly miles? Do that too! Indoor miles, outdoor miles, spinning miles, whatever floats your boat


The Streak, Bibrave Style

The month of May, Bibrave is having a running streak! Wondering where to ‘meet’ a bunch of online friends who like running and want to do some streaking running style. It’s not your typical Bulls NBA Championship of the 1990s, the UCLA Bruins NCAA Basketball streak under John Wooden or the current OSU Buckeyes Streak of beating Michigan. It’s a way to streak and have a fun time doing it.

Follow Bibrave on Strava and come join the streak: strava.com/clubs/bibrave

Deals and Steals

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate! Take advantage of all the family time and some deals and steals on top of it!



Bibrave Product Review: The Runner Box

Disclaimer: I received A Runner Box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

First product of the year for bibrave before a string of races!!! I had the opportunity to test Runner Box, an online service that caters to runners, cyclists and triathletes. I’ve tried monthly/quartly box services before for other things and even had an athlete related monthly box sent me as a gift in the past, but this is my first Runner Box.

It arrived on my snowy front door step (thanks Spokane. I’m feeling like i brought some of Cleveland with me) and I couldn’t wait to see what was in it. You get a whole lot of stuff for such a small Box! 

For particular box, I got a set of Louvo gloves, mac and cheese, some protein drink supplements, a super food bar and some other fun goodies. I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet, but here are my thoughts. Love the Louvo gloves. I still get use of my fingers (your fingers are exposed and the hands are covered,). I’m in Vancouver for the weekend and left them at brunch by mistake. I went back to find them for a reason! The REDD super food bar was a good grab and go thing for work. I also tried the Runa energy drink, but it was flat 😕. I think it had been left in the cold too long and had a tiny hole in it which defeated its purpose.

Here’s how Runner Box works:

  1. Pick your Box. It can be for you, a friend, family member, whomever
  2. Make a decision on how many boxes you want sent. Standard, 6 months or a year
  3. Remember that it’s a BIMONTHLY subscription (read it gets delivered every 2 months)
  4. Order and sit back. Runner Box does the rest!

Cost: from $20/Box

What you get: researched products based off what you of Box you ordered

The pros:

  • Good amount of stuff per Box (I’m still working though mine!)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good subscription options
  • Can do a Tri or Cycling Box!

Here’s where I waver a little bit and something to think about. I get weird when it comes to food/supplements/beverages and running. When boxes include it (I’ve had other boxes that also give gels, etc), I never know what to think because I’m so picky as it is. I also know people with dietary restrictions where they couldn’t have what was sent anyway. I also am picky and set in my ways with what I do for runs. I’d rather have something that was , more stuff than food, etc but that’s just me.

Overall though, a good product that does its research. If you’re looking for a gift for your athlete, this is something to look into. If you need a Valentines Day gift, they’re doing a limited time Valentine’s themed box! 

No NYC Marathon? Here’s to Rebuilding and Volunteering

48 hrs before the NYC Marathon was set to kick off in Staten Island and travel through the 5 boroughs of New York City, the mayor’s office and NYRR announced that it was officially canceled.  Earlier this week, the Marathon was still set to take place, but a firestorm of opinion flooded in through social media against the idea.  As a runner, I see both sides.  You don’t want your training, travel plans, money, etc to go to waste.  On the other hand, boroughs are still recovering from massive destruction from Hurricane Sandy/ Frankenstorm, the NYC subway is shut down, the Staten Island Ferry isn’t working, power is out, restaurants are shut down and NYC is trying to recover from mother nature.  Was it the right decision not to have the marathon? Yes.  Was it handled the right way?  Absolutely NOT (this is a PR nightmare for quite a few people, but I’m not going there).  So what to do now?

Runners are known to be some of the nicest people you’ll meet (so for everyone holding massive grudges against us right now for wanting to run our race, hear me out).  If you’re were suppose to run in NYC or are in NYC and looking to stay the weekend to help out, here are a few places to search to see where you’re needed

  1. Donating hotel rooms: if you’re no longer traveling to NYC, but still have your hotel room, consider donating it to someone who needs a place to stay because power is out, water is off and what not.  Head to Races2Recover to learn more.  Also, if you’re a New Yorker looking for a place to stay, head over to their website to get some help
  2. On Twitter, follow Lea Ann Kish.  Runners are meeting up Sunday, November 3 at 830 AM to donate food, water, etc to those on Staten Island needing help (Meet up at the Staten Island Ferry)
  3. Looking to volunteer? The New York Observer has a continuously updated page of places looking for volunteers or how to go about it.  Head over here to see how to help.  Everything from donating blood to
  4. Volunteers can also visit the UJA Federation of New York for places looking for volunteers
  5. In Staten Island?  Head over to Staten Island Recovers to see what they need
  6. Buzzfeed has an ongoing list of different places that need help, people to take food and water up flights of stairs, etc

Were you running and don’t want you’re training to go down the drain?  Check out some other options:

  1. Raleigh (NC) City of Oaks Marathon (November 4, 2012): if you’re in NC and didn’t travel to New York, a good option to look at!
  2. Richmond Marathon (November 20, 2012): there’s limited spaces left in the marathon, so be sure to jump on it!
  3. Rock n Roll Competitor Series: offering 20% off with BIGAPPLE code for Rock n Roll San Antonio (11/11/2012) and the Las Vegas Strip at Night (12/2/12).  20% of proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy Relief
  4. The Fort Worth Marathon (11/11/12): option for all you Texans out there!!
  5. Looking for other races in your area? Head over to Marathon Guide for some help!

If you’re in NYC, hopefully this list will help you out if you’re looking for where to volunteer at.  Here’s to something positive coming out of this weekend!

Explore America’s Top 10 (ish) Marathon Courses

Ever want to explore the course of a huge marathon before signing up for it?  Here’s a nifty tool posted by Ryan Hall last week.  Go check out the likes of Chicago, NYC, Seattle, Miami and The Marine Corps marathons.  It’s a cool little site by Innovation for Endurance.

  1. Chicago Marathon
  2. New York City Marathon
  3. Marine Corps Marathon
  4. Boston Marathon
  5. St. Jude’s Country Music Marathon
  6. ING Miami Marathon
  7. Chevron Huston Marathon
  8. Rock n Roll San Diego
  9. Rock n Roll Las Vegas
  10. Rock n Roll Seattle

When The Right Thing Is Done…

…everyone finishes at the state meet, the disqualification rule is conveniently forgotten, the story goes viral and makes ESPN’s Sportscenter Top 10 Plays.  Though the story of what Meghan Vogel did for competitor and fellow runner Arden McMath hit the news waves over the weekend, here’s a look at her interview.  Makes me proud to be from Ohio!


11/11/11 Deals- ACT FAST!

Don’t forget to take advantage of some online deals going on or ending today!

  1. Running Warehouse has 20% off gift cards that ends today.  Free Shipping to boot!!
  2. Road Runner Sports- $11 off an order of $111 or more (VIPs save $22) and free shipping until 6 PM EST! (Hurry, less than 2 hours left!)
  3. The Rock n Roll Series (half marathons and marathons) are celebrating 11/11/11 with $20 off most of their races until 11 PM PST (2 AM 11/12/11) tonight
  4. For the Coloradoans, $11 off $50 spent at Colorado Running Company

Feel free to add any if you find more!

Runners, Finish Safe

Today, I saw my mom post something that had the word FREE in it.  I’m in school so FREE is always a good word to hear.  FinishSafe, a website that allows people to register on their website and put their medical information together.  In return you (normally) can purchase tags that attach to your shoe, luggage, race bib (if you’re a runner, triathlete, etc), key ring and even a larger one for your wallet.  You’re given a pin number so should you pass out, get injured, go unconscious, etc and medical personale are trying to figure out what to do for you, they can call the FinishSafe number, put in your pin number and find any sort of health info unique to you.  FREE TAGS, you hear me?!?

This is very similar to RoadID Interactive, only (until the end of April), you don’t have to pay to get the tags.  Also, you don’t have to worry about paying a yearly fee like you do for RoadID Interactive (I know since I have an account).  What’s better?  There’s an APP for that if you’re an EMT.

So hurry up and go take advantage of this.  It’s free and it’s for your own good.  You don’t want to be collapsing during the Chicago Marathon (like people did last year when I ran it) or cramping up and dehydrating during the Cherry Blossom Run and not be able to communicate with the medics about your medical history…you won’t regret it!

Running Warehouse- Every Runner’s Favorite Website :-)

Like any normal person on a Saturday night, I’m sitting on my apartment floor next to my mini heater since it’s suppose to get into the 30s at the end of March.  Upon occasion, I take a peak at some of my favorite running apparel/ shoe websites.  Tonight is one of the those occasions.  I moseyed my way over to Running Warehouse to see if they were running (no pun intended) anything special on my favorite pair of running shoes since my version is going out of stock since the next version recently came out.  My favorite pair of shoes are the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s.  I’ve never had an IT Band issue with them and they treat my feet well.

Anyways, Running Warehouse typically has really good deals on clothing and shoes for runners

My favorite pair of kicks!

in addition to the other needed materials we so require (gels, gel blocks/chews, hydration/water bottles, running books, bags and heart rate monitors).  Currently my shoes that are typically $100 are being sold for $47.88.  That’s a 53.22% savings (or $53.22 off).  This weekend especially, I’m tempted to do some Running Warehouse damage since my OSU Buckeyes lost and Butler won (OSU bread, attended Loyola Chicago of the Horizon League and was tortured by Butler for 4 yrs).  I’ve gotten running shorts for 40% off and a bulk box of my running chews for a good price.  What’s better?  Free Shipping.  No limits on how much you have to spend, you just have to be in the continental  US (sorry Hawaii and Alaska!).  My orders have gotten to me within the 2 days they say they will (unless it’s a late Friday night, I give them through Monday since lets face it, the US Postal Service isn’t up and running on Sundays).  And, if you have to change your order?  No problem! I’ve had to email to change a shoe size and they’ve made the change on the same day and even noted on the receipt that I called to make a change which is a plus- it shows they pay attention!!

So if you’re addicted to running stuff, head on over.  Like them on Facebook or their blog– they might do a top secret deal for you in addition to the deals they already have going on!

Until next time, I’m off to hide my pain in running shows and hit the sack early.  Half Marathon in Delaware tomorrow and an Idea of what I might quite possibly be doing on November 6th, 2011 to come this coming week!

What To Do When You’re Bad At Tracking Miles

I admit it, I’m horrible at writing down the miles I run in any sort of bound book.  Every time I try, it fails someone.  The past month plus, I’ve been averaging over 30 miles a week and not once have I remembered to write it in my running log.  Because I know I’m bad at it, I started using Daily Mile last May after I ran Broad Street.  It’s an online site where you can log workouts- running, swimming, spinning, elliptical, core, whatever.  I’m an internet type of person.  I get on to check facebook, email, things for school and for whatever reason, it’s just easier to remember to go to my account and put in my miles.

Why do I like Daily Mile (or DM to those of us  who use it) you ask?  It gives me a chance to connect with other runners.  When I ran the Chicago Marathon last year for The Steps Foundation, it gave me a chance to connect with other people who were also running for the same organization.  I’ve used the miles I see other people to guilt trip myself into a run when I don’t feel like it or to run further.  I also like seeing other races people have run so I can see if there’s one that I want to sign up for. It also keeps a running weekly and overall cumulative track of my miles

(for example, I know I’ve run 246 miles this year and 1207 miles since I started using it last May).  I can put in the routes I run so I know exactly how far I’ve run (or if you’re a biker, where you biked).  It tracks calories burned, what the weather was like and whatever fun, technological stuff you like to use (Garmins and so on).

And, guess what, there’s an app for that!  Us iPhone/iTouch users can download the Electric Miles App from the iTunes store for free so it’s easy to input your workout after you complete and not be forgetfullike me and actually remember to write it down.  When you’re training for something (say a 1/2 or full marathon or a triathlon), that’s a plus!

So take it as you will, but Dailymile is worth your time!

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