Happy Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is all about Fat Tuesday and stuffing yourself before the start of Lent (at least if you’re Christian).  To stay healthy during the winter and next few weeks, here’s some codes to save some $$$!

  1. April Fool’s Half Marathon (Atlantic City, NJ) 4/7/13: Save $20.13 through 2/13/13 with AF2013in2013
  2. April Fool’s 11K/7K (Atlantic City, NJ) 4/7/13: Save $10.13 through 2/13/13 with AF7K11Kin2013
  3. Racer Bib Frames: Save 25% through 2/15/13 with ILOVERACER
  4. Flannagan’s 5K (Columbus, OH) 3/16/13: like them on Facebook and get a $5 off coupon (or use EARLYBIRD13)
  5. Run Rock n Roll Virginia Beach (virginia Beach, VA) 9/1/13: Save $13 when you register on 2/13/13 with LUCKY13

Discounts Galore!

4 races in New Jersey.  Decent New Year’s deals.  Enjoy

  1. Atlantic City Marathon and 1/2 Marathon (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 10/13/13. Save $20.13 off the full and 1/2 Marathon with ACM2013in2013 through 2/1/2013.
  2. Atlantic City 10K and 5K (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 10/12/13. Save $10.13 with ACM5K10Kin2013 through 2/1/13
  3. April Fool’s Half Marathon (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 4/1/13. Save $20.13 with AF2013in2013 through 2/1/13
  4. April Fools 11k/7K (Atlantic City, NJ): Race is 4/1/13, 8AM. Save $10.13 with AF7K11Kin2013 through 2/1/13
  5. Long Beach Classic 1/2 Marathon (Long Beach, CA): Race is 1/26/13. Save $10 with carn10chm through 12/30/12
  6. Sunshine 1/2 Marathon (West Palm Beach, FL): Race is 2/23/13. Save 10% with SRACT13 through 12/30/12
  7. I ❤ to Run: Spend $100, get 25% off with SCOREBIG 
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