Bibrave Product Review: Mission Groove Super Bites

Disclaimer: I received samples of Food Groove Mission Bites to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Snacks. Let’s face it, we all need some, whether it be pre race/post race, during the day, after work, you are it. Bring in Food Groove Mission Super Food Bites. I was excited to give these little guys a try.

Mission Food is based out of Dallas, Texas. The goal is to have pure, raw superfoods in the form a small bite size snack to keep you going. Each bite size snack has a punch essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with the goal to increase energy, improve brain function and decrease chronic disease amongst other things. Each packet has 10 bite size morsels and come in a resealable pouch so you can save some for later (If they make it that long).

We were given 10 samples to try, but 3 separate flavors that included Truffle Punch, The Nutty Adventurer and Mother Earth. The Nutty Adventurer is a combination of  peanut butter, date, goji berries, almond protein, and Chia, amongst other things. You get the peanut butter taste with some kick of the berries. I had some paired with some chocolate chip pancakes after a 10k last weekend and I thought it was a great combo (who knew!) There’s also the Truffle Pouch, that’s more of a chocolate/fruity combination. It has some of the same berries as the Nutty Adventurer, but includes Dark Chocolate, dates and Cacao Nibs to help with the chocolate taste. These were my top two favorites, but I’m a peanut butter lover at heart so the Nutty Adventurer won me over.

Concerned about diet? No fear! Soy free, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Grain Free, Paleo and no added sugars! my one wish is I wish there could be a way to get more protein into these things. I personally struggle getting enough protein in my diet regularly, so if there was a bit more protein in these delicious bites, that would be awesome. Regardless, these are worth a try. They’re easy to pack (I’ve got some in my purse for work), tasty and quite frankly a great way to hold you over pre work out/post work out and give you some pretty awesome health benefits.

Convinced yet? Save 15% with BIBRAVE15 for 1 order at Mission Food!

The Hoopla over the Hapalua

Disclaimer: I received free entry to The Hapalua as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Right now the Eastern Washington can’t make up it’s mind about weather. We’re in some cycle of 40 degrees, some rain thrown in and then hey let’s get cold enough for some snow. Couple that with being in Chicago over the weekend for the F^3 Half Marathon (another post for another day) and running in 30* weather, means I’m ready for some sun, Vitamin D and warmth. Come first weekend in April, I’ll be in Hawaii for the second time in less than 18 months for a racecation and I can’t wait!Boards. I met up with some fellow Bibrave Pros that race and had a blast!

The Hapalua takes place April 8, 2018. I’m guessing some warmer weather will be happening this time around. I’m even more excited that it starts on Waikiki Beach (boom!). I’m also looking forward to Malasadas at the end. We had them at the end of the Honolulu Marathon and they’re to die for!

The course itself starts in front of the Duke statue and goes out Ala Moana Beach towards Honolulu Harbor and Aloha tower before coming back along the beach. Afterwards, you get a chance to go up and around Diamond Head and back down to the start/finish area.  Word of warning. It’ll be flat and fast a majority of the race until you get to Diamond Head. Then you get some hills, so you’ve been warned!

This trip is going to be a shorter trip for me as I’ll leave late that night (I found really cheap tickets to Holland from Seattle, what can I say). However, I would like to hike Diamond Head this time around. In 2016, I was trying to not beat myself up to badly before the marathon (the marathon beat me bad regardless). If you have a chance, go visit Pearl Harbor. I had a chance to visit and go out to the Arizona during the 75th Anniversary events back in 2016, and it’s something to see.

Local to Hawaii? Register for the King’s 10K as a training run. This happens on March 4th, so chop chop to get signed up! Looking for a Hawaiian get away in April? Sign up for the Hapalua and save 10% with BIBRAVEHAPALUA. Price goes up at the end of February for the Hapaula, so there’s still time!

Product Review: 2Toms SportShield

Disclaimer: I received 2TOMS SportShield as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Chaffing. Every runner’s enemy, arch enemy, something they curse when they hop in the shower and have that recognizable sting of broken skin because of something rubbing and water in spots that you didn’t bother to check before hopping in the shower. I’ve tried products in the past, but nothing really ‘stuck’, or I ended up not being a fan of it. If I ever forgot what I was using, I even tried the deodorant trick.

Enter 2TOMs. When the opportunity came up to try it, I jumped at it to see if it would work.

It was a fun treat to get in the mail, and came just in time for the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa (where I did the 5K, 15K and Half Marathon over the course of the weekend). Needless to say, it was part of my luggage come GDC time and I used it the Saturday of the 5K and 15K. I opted for the SportShield wipes for my feet and the roller for the bra area (guys, one less thing you have to worry about). Needless to say, 1 application survived both races without the need to reapply and without any chafing or blisters! Repeat for Sunday’s Half Marathon, and I made it through the weekend without any blisters or chaffing. My body thanked me for that part (not sure about the 25+ miles of the weekend though).

I ran a few local short races leading up to my first marathon in over a year, the One City marathon in Newport News. Needless to say, 2TOMS joined the car ride down to VA. The only thing that kicked my butt that race was the heat and humidity the second half. During the race? No chaffing, no blisters, no broken skin!

The 2TOM Roll Liquid On is a good product for thigh or underarm chaffing for bras. The wipes? Feet, all the way. The best way to use this (in my opinion), is to put on as much gear/clothing as you can and then apply the 2TOMS. The liquid at least, doesn’t get all over you, but the wipes tend to stick to your hands a bit more. Be prepared to wash your hands! I didn’t have any issue with 2TOMS coming out of my clothes or socks (a huge deal) and it really does last.

Not convinced you need some 2TOMS?? Order yourself some with a 20% off discount through the end of April with 2TOMS20. I’ve already stocked up on some more Roll On and towelettes for the rest of the year! They have some other products that might be of interest: butt shield, odor eliminating detergent, stink free SportShield and more

If I haven’t convinced you, head over to see what some of our other Bibrave Pros have to say!

Amy – Ashley – DanielleJenn–  Samantha

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