Rock N Roll Liverpool: The Need to Know

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It’s race week for Rock n Roll Liverpool! I arrived Wednesday morning in Manchester, England. To say I was a bit nervous is fair given the events of Monday night in Manchester. I’m here through Friday before I take the train an hour and change to Liverpool for race weekend. I’ve done my fair share of homework of the whats, whens and wheres, just because of this being the furthest I’ve traveled for a race (read, 4,000 miles!). RnR Liverpool is smart enough to have a race app and race center weekend website for essential information, but here’s some good to know information, especially if you’re coming from further away

Events: 5K on May 27 (9:30 am and 10 am start times depending on bib color); on May 28th, Half Marathon (9 AM start time), Marathon (10 AM start time), Fun Mile (1 pm start time). limited full marathon registration will be at the expo as all other events are sold out

Time Limits: 6 Hours for the Full, 3.5 hrs for the Half Marathon [from GUN TIME!]

Confirmation Sheets: Follow this link to look them up. MUST be printed and brought to the expo (not pulled up on your phone!)

Expo: May 26 from 1-7 pm; May 27 from 8-10 AM for the 5K and 10 AM to 5 PM for all other distances at the ACC Convention Center, King’s Doc. NO RACE DAY PICK UP for the Half, Full or Mile races.

Race Security: Full details here and on RnR Liverpool’s Facebook site. In short, bag check only available between 730 AM and 430 PM, bag sizes no larger than 50 cm x 30 cm by 20 cm and expect heightened security given the events in Manchester

Runner Tracking: Download the SportHive App!

Travel/Parking information: Take a look at the recommendations and come early!

Hopefully this helps put everything in a quick, easy to find spot. Stay safe, have fun and enjoy Liverpool!

Good Things Happen To Those Who Don’t Cheat

Runners, I feel, are generally pretty honest people.  We tend to try and catch someone if they drop their iPod on course.  We pick up friends’ bibs and packets at expos.  Heck, we even offer another runner gel or gu while on course during a ridiculously hot race, even if the gel was being held in the sports bra!  However, Rob Sloan of England, might be one of the exceptions.  You see, Mr Sloan ran the Northumberland Marathon earlier this month.  He signed up to race legally and didn’t buy his bib on the ‘blacklist market.’  He even trained hard for it and picked up all of his own stuff (or so I’m assuming).  Come race day, he started with everyone else at the start when the gun (or bull horn or siren) went off.

However, at mile 20, people saw Mr Sloan jump off course.  He caught a bus and took it close to the finish line.  He then decided to hide behind some trees and wait for the rest of the runners to get to the finish.  Mr Sloan rejoined the pack and ran across the finish…in 3rd place.  This was a real shocker to Steven Crams, the real 3rd place finisher.  Us runners typically also know who pass us on course, and Mr Crams never remembered seeing Mr Sloan pass him the final 6.2 miles of the race. Needless to say, Mr Crams was surprised to see Mr. Sloan being interviewed for 3rd place (Crams is in the brown in the video, Rob is being interviewed)  I don’t know if was spur of the moment, if Mr Sloan got caught in the excitement or if he thought that he wouldn’t get caught.  However, Mr Sloan did get caught. And claimed that he didn’t cheat even though he was clocked running significantly faster than the first half of the race.  After handing back the 3rd place medal, which was properly given to Mr Crams, Mr Sloan was then kicked out of his running club…while continuing to say he never took the bus.

Moral of the story, good things come to those who don’t cheat. And, you’ll never become and Olympian over night or over the second half of a race so don’t try.

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