How Did Your Celebrity Fare at NYC??

So how did you’re favorite celebrity do this weekend at the NYC Marathon?  Not sure? Here you go!

  1. Apollo Ohno: 3:25:12 (7:50 min miles)- yes, our favorite speed skater did really well! No, I didn’t get to see him as he started before I did and in a different wave.  But I followed him on twitter- does that count?
  2. Jennie Finch: 4:05:26 (9:23 min miles)- our olympic softball pitcher.  I got her autograph on Saturday.  Yes, I was one of the 30,000 she passed and therefor raised $1 of the $30,000 or so that went to charity
  3. Mark Messier: 4:14:27 (9:43 min miles)- pretty darn good for a hockey player that spent most of his days on skates
  4. Mario Lopez: 4:23:30 (10:04 min miles)- I had no idea he was running but he did
  5. Edwin Van der Sar 4:19:16 (9:54 min miles)
  6. Jack Waitz 3:50:41 (8:49 min miles)- Jack is the husband of the late running legend Grete Waitz.  He ran with a strained calf and said Grete wouldn’t have wanted him to run hurt.  Kudos to him for coming out to the US!
  7. Ryan Sutter 3:17:58- not much of a Bachelorette/ Bachelor fan but if you are, here you go
  8. Richard Blais: 4:31:54- not bad for a Top Chef. I was only 21 minutes behind him!



Who’s Who in the NYC Marathon- Celebrity Edition

Hark!  This time next week, I’ll be limping and gimping everywhere I need to go because I’ll be sore from the NYC Marathon.  Yes, I’m calling the soreness now.  If I’m not, I didn’t do something right.  So, I figured it would be fun to take a look at who’s running the NYC marathon in the Celebrity Division.  You know, not the people who are going to run this thing in 2 hrs and 5 minutes.

  1. Apollo Anton Ohno (OH- NO!)- I mean come on, the guy killed it on the Olympic Speed Skating Short track and Dancing With the Stars (if you watch it).  He’s running for Subway with Jared…
  2. Andy Baldwin- For all you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, yes the Navy Doctor guy.
  3. Richard Blais– For all you Top Chef (Season 4/ All-Stars [season 8]) fans, this was the Molecular Gastronomy dude who always used liquid nitrogen and complained all the time during the All Star Season if he wasn’t on top.  Note, I’ve seen all 8 season of Top Chef so I know who my complainers are and he got on my nerves toward the end of Season 8 but at least he won over Mike Isabella from Top Chef, Season 6
  4. Jennie Finch– for all you softballers, yes the Olympian Pitcher…and she’s only been training for 12 weeks after giving birth to her kid. She’s also apparently going to be the last to start and everyone she passes, Timex, Swatch or one of those watch companies is making a donation to something
  5. Mark Messier– Former NY Ranger hockey player and Stanley Cup winner
  6. Edwin van der Sar- For all you ManU (Manchester United) Soccer fans, yes he’ll be there too

And finally, last, but not least…

Your’s Truly- ME!!!  Making my debut performance in NYC.  Hopefully I will be back for more 🙂

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