And Your US Olympic Marathon Team Is…

Let’s meet the 2012 US Olympic Marathoners:

Desiree Davila, Ryan Hall, Meb, Shalene Flannagan, Abdi Abdirahman and Kara Goucher.

I got to say, the fact that there was a ton of sportsmanship shown during and after the race was awesome. Meb was cheering for the female runners he was lapping on the last lap while they cheered for him.  When Ryan Hall and Abdi Abdiraham nearly collided during the race, Ryan apologized while still running.  The top 3 men went and congratulated Dathon Ritzenheim after he came in 4th and missed the to 3 by  8 seconds.

Shalene Flannagan set a trials record and the top 3 ladies were all thrilled for each other for making the squad.  Deena Kastor, who won Olympic Bronze in 2008, was disappointed with 6th place (and who wouldn’t when only the top 3 go to London), but was more than thrilled with the top 3 ladies representing the US.

Way to stay classy my running Idols!  And thanks for not stepping on someone’s throat during a game or complaining that the event wasn’t all about you 🙂

When, Oh When, Will the Trials Be on??

Dear NBC and Universal Studios,

In case you were unaware, today was the Olympic Trials for the Marathon.  You know, that race that’s 26 miles 285 yards that’s taking place as part of the London Olympics this summer?  Apparently, you were aware as you bought the stream rights to the race in Houston.  The race was at 9 am, and it’s just now being put on NBC. Really??  As a runner, I was a little peeved.  And by a little, I mean a lot.  Yes, running isn’t soccer, the NBA, NFL, football or college basketball, but you’re daggon wrong if you thought there wasn’t an interest for it.  Following it on twitter and facebook is definitely not the same as watching.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to figure out where someone in 140 characters.  To boot, lost connection and couldn’t tweet us because of you people.  What do have against runners??  There aren’t any good cartoons on these days anyways that can take the place of this.

Congrats to Meb, Ryan Hall and Abi for the men and Shalene, Desi and Kara for the women.  However, NBC and Universal, you dropped the ball. Yet again.



NYC Marathon- The BIG GUNS

Yesterday, we were introduced to the celebrities of the NYC Marathon. Today, how about the elites. You know, those guys who run these things in like 2 hours and 5 minutes and take home some nice prize money to go with it. It should be mentioned that probably one of the best known runners, Grete Waitz fell into this category back in the 1980s. She won the NYC Marathon 9 years in a row. I kid you not. NINE TIMES! That streak is longer than anything the NY Yankees or the LA Lakers have ever done. Needless to say, she’s a running legend and will be remembered this year at the Marathon after she lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.

Anyways, the big guns. The Elites. The Kenyans and Ethiopians with some fast Americans trying to keep up. However you like to call it.

The Women (because Ladies first right?)

  1. Kim Smith (New Zealand)- let’s put it this way, had she not torn her Soleus muscle, she would have won the Boston Marathon in April. She’s INSANELY fast and won the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon in September
  2. Jen Rhines (USA)- won the US Half Marathon championship this year, 3 time US Olympian
  3. Caroline Rotich (Kenya)- Won Boston half marathon last year and placed 4th this year at the Boston Marathon
  4. Caroline Kilel (Kenya)- Won the Boston Marathon this year after Kim Smith got hurt
  5. Isabellah Andersson (Sweden Resident, Kenyan Native)- has won the Stockholm Marathon 4 yrs in a row

The Men

  1. Gabre Gebremariam (Kenya)- He was 3rd at Boston this year and is Married to one of the Women Elites running this year
  2. Meb Keflezighi, better known by Meb (USA)- He won the NYC Marathon and is running in the Olympic trials in January, 2 months after NYC. Olympic Silver Medalist to boot!
  3. Emmanual Mutai (Kenya)- NYC runner up last year
  4. Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya)- Won the Boston Marathon this year in 2:03 which should be the world record (and is the fastest marathon ever). If only the IAAF didn’t decide that point to point marathons didn’t qualify for world records
  5. Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia)- the 2008 Bronze Medalist in the Olympics and won the London Marathon last year

I got Dibs on Kim Smith and Geoffrey Mutai for what it’s worth!

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