Dear NBC,

Let’s discuss your coverage of the Olympics.  Between the summer and winter Olympics, we get to see them every 2 yrs or so.  They’re kind of a big deal, so we like to see as much of them in real time as possible and uninterrupted.  That being said, this 2012 London Summer Olympic coverage has been awful to say the least. Never have I seen so much commercial interruption and interviews during events that have nothing to do with what’s actually being shown.  For example, let’s take this morning’s Women’s Marathon.  Those of who actually get up at 6 AM to watch the live coverage of it want to do just that, watch the live coverage of it.  I really don’t care about the tennis players showing up for their match or Lindsey Vonn talking about tennis.  Why? Tennis has nothing to do with marathon running!!  Then, you break away from the race every 30 seconds while our friends who are watching on BBC get to watch an uninterrupted race. You’re killing me here!

Let’s also discuss your primetime coverage.  With so much going on in these games, one would think you’d have plenty of options of events to put on TV.  Instead, we’re watching a segment on rock bagpipping and getting horrendous sideline reporting by your sideline swimming reporting.  When something like the Olympics, that only comes around every few years, we want to watch as much of it as possible without stories that have absolutely nothing to do with it.  If you want to do side or backstories, have a Olympic pre game show so to speak that is actually worth watching or commentators that actually know how to work it into event coverage.  Better yet, show the stories with they’re actual sport!  After these Olympics are over, I’ll be watching very little, if any, of you NBC.  One shouldn’t have to take to twitter and social media exclusively to get their live coverage of an event, something I just spent my Sunday morning doing.  If you’re goal was to fill my morning with minimal coverage of actually competitive activity, congrats, you’ve done your job well. #NBCFail


Olympic Loving Americans

Bring on the Olympic Running!

Last Friday, we watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in London.  For the past week, soccer, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics have taken over the TV scene on NBC (even if we know what’s going to happen ahead of time).  I love the swimming, not going to lie.  However, tomorrow is huge. Bring on the Track and Field and the Marathon too!  If the marathon is live, I will no doubt be watching it.  The big news is that Paula Radcliff pulled out with a foot injury last week and it’s up in the air of Desi Davilla is running.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Philadelphia Runner is hosting a viewing Sunday August 5 from 2-5 at Tir Na Nog.  Interested?  It’s Free!!!  FREE I tell you! Expect buffet appetizers and raffles and other fun shenanigans. And hey, runners are good people right?  Head over here to sign up and hope to see you there!

Here Comes the Olympics…And Branding Issues

Has it been awhile? Yes. Am I alive? Yes!!!  The Olympic Trials have happened across the board and not without some issues.  There was the week long drawn out issue of the who came in third with Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh in the 100 m dash. I mean, how do you not have something in place for when time and photo finish doesn’t answer the question.  Now, there’s the issue of branding and censorship with the USOC.  Runner’s World wrote an article discussing issues athletes are facing.  The official team sponsor is Nike.  Say a runner who is sponsored by Asics or Adidas medals and is on the Olympic Stand.  Instead of wearing their own sponsor gear, they’re decked out in Nike, not who’s paying them and giving them money. Really?  Athletes are also on a black out period for the next month.  They can’t even say anything about their sponsors and there’s control over what can and can’t be said.  Clearly some disconnect between the USOC and athletes.  Change needed?  I think so.  Read the article and make up your mind on what you think!

When, Oh When, Will the Trials Be on??

Dear NBC and Universal Studios,

In case you were unaware, today was the Olympic Trials for the Marathon.  You know, that race that’s 26 miles 285 yards that’s taking place as part of the London Olympics this summer?  Apparently, you were aware as you bought the stream rights to the race in Houston.  The race was at 9 am, and it’s just now being put on NBC. Really??  As a runner, I was a little peeved.  And by a little, I mean a lot.  Yes, running isn’t soccer, the NBA, NFL, football or college basketball, but you’re daggon wrong if you thought there wasn’t an interest for it.  Following it on twitter and facebook is definitely not the same as watching.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to figure out where someone in 140 characters.  To boot, competitor.com lost connection and couldn’t tweet us because of you people.  What do have against runners??  There aren’t any good cartoons on these days anyways that can take the place of this.

Congrats to Meb, Ryan Hall and Abi for the men and Shalene, Desi and Kara for the women.  However, NBC and Universal, you dropped the ball. Yet again.



Runners Lost

Over the past few weeks, the running world has lost two running greats:

Grete Waitz, 9 time NYC marathon winner and the Silver Medalist of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics (behind Joan Benoit Samuelson) died of cancer last month.  Note, she didn’t just win 9 NYC marathons over the course of her career, she won 9 STRAIGHT NYC marathons.  Grete was someone who after pacing her first marathon, swore to her husband she’d never do it again.  Cancer can show its ugly claws in anyone, no matter how healthy or how active a person is.  For awhile, it seemed as if her demon was in remission, however, it managed to reappear.  the NYRR has dedicated the women’s only Mini 10K for Grete this June.

Earlier this week, Kenyan runner Sammy Wanjiru died after a fall off the second story balcony of his home.  Sammy won the 2010 London Marathon, the Chicago Marathon last October and the 2008 Olympic Marathon in Beijing.  This is someone who had so much going for him in his young career, but since last November, had numerous family and legal issues that overshadowed what he’s done.  There were police reports filed for domestic violence against his wife, threatening to kill his wife and him coming home drunk.  On May 15th, his wife reportedly caught him at their home with another woman.  What happened next isn’t clear- whether his wife left the house and he thought jumping from the balcony would be the quickest way after her, if he was trying to commit suicide or if he was pushed.  No matter what you think happened in his personal life, you must admit that a young talent was lost too soon

May Grete and Sammy RIP

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