Bibrave Product Review: Eagle Creek Pack it Sport Active Set

Disclaimer: I received an Eagle Creek Pack it Sport Active Set to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!
Another fun month of testing some good work our products!  We had the opportunity to try out the Eagle Creek Pack It Sport Active Set, and I quite frankly was excited to try it. Plenty of times I go from a spin class to the gym or am driving somewhere for a race and want to change out of clothes before driving home if I’m far enough away and things end up stinking up the car or I’m dragging along a huge gym bag full of stuff.
Enter this dual set of Pack It products

You get a Wet Dry Fitness Locker and Shoe Locker that’s incredibly versatile. Though they’re marketed as products to keep your sweaty and clean clothes separate, don’t think they’re limited to just that!

The weeks I’m off from work, I sometimes will go spinning prior to the gym. The shoe locker is great for carrying the extra pair of shoes around and keeping them in the car if I’m not using them. Since it’s just getting nice out, the windows haven’t been open all that much. Needless to say, my car still doesn’t smell like sweaty feet, and this includes leaving post work out shoes in the shoe locker. With my size 7 feet, I can fit at least a pair of spin shoes or running shoes and a pair of flip flops easily in the bag. I even have extra space for a HR monitor/car keys and phone!

The Wet/Dry Fitness locker is the second piece to this set and double sided, which is even better. You can keep clean stuff on one side and sweaty clothes on the zipper side. On a recent trip to spin class, I had my water bottle hanging out in one of the pockets.


You can also fit a good amount of clothes in the zipper side. I’ve been able to fit in a full change of clothes and then some into the wet/dry locker pack. If you’re worried about your car smelling, don’t be! I’ve left dirty work out clothes in the car for a few hours and came back to a non sweaty smelling car.

What’s even better is that you can wash these puppies and they tolerate it well. I haven’t had the chance to throw mine in the washer yet, however, just let them air dry out!

I have quite a few races coming up and I can’t wait to take this along with me. They’re definitely travel size and easily packable for races anywhere or if you’re going out of town!

Join us for Bibchat on 4/25/2017 at 9pm EST/6pm PST with Eagle Creek. Convinced enough? Use SPORT15 for 15% off!




Bibrave Product Review: OOFOS

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Oofos Project Pink Sandals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Oofos. An interesting name but a brand that does recovery shoes. Lord knows with all the running I’ve been doing, I need some recovery for my feet. Bibrave teamed up with Oofos to test out their Project Pink line. What’s up with the Project Pink? It means $10 of every purchase from the Pink Line goes to cancer research. Recover your feet and support a good cause at the same time!

I first heard about Oofos through Bibrave a few months ago and saw them when I met up with fellow Bibrave Pro and Aussie, Erin T. while in Honolulu for the Marathon. She was raving about them there. Locally, our Fleet Feet carries them and I happened to see them while in looking at some sale running tights. Enter the chance to try them out for Bibrave and I was all over it.

The Pink Line has a few options, all in men’s and women’s

I was worried about the sizing, just because I run weird on shoe sizes. I can be anywhere between a 6 and a 7 depending on the brand. My Oofos were a size 7, but my regular flip flops are a 6. Then again, I have others that are 7s. Oh well

The perks of these nice pieces of footwear involve getting more shock absorption to the feet. They also give more cushion and cradle your feet more. This is huge after races when you’re walking more around town. It’s made out of a moisture resistant closed cell foam that can be machine washed. I haven’t gone as far as machine washing, but I’ve definitely wiped mine down a few times to clean them off.

I’ve been wearing mine a lot around the house because they’re that comfortable and when you’re on your feet 12 hours a day at work and then go running, your feet hate you at the end of the day. I’ve also worn them pre and post spin classes and after my most recent Half Marathon in San Antonio.

I love my Oofos! They really are that comfortable to wear and keep your feet happy. I wish I had a pair of the clogs on top of the sandals so I could get away with wearing them to work as well. You feel like you’re walking on something soft and your feet will love you for it. My only gripe about them is they’re a bit bulky, so packing them means they take up a little more space than I’d like (I don’t check bags 95% of the time I travel). Overall, though, a good investment for any runner or athlete who’s looking to give their feet a break after a race or event

Looking for Oofos? Check them out

Website: Oofos

Instagram/Twitter: @oofos

Facebook: oofosfootwear

Check out what other Pros are saying about Oofos: Jeremy    John      Jenna      Mary Jo

Bibrave Product Review: UV Reflective Half Buff

Disclaimer: I received a UV Reflective Half Buff race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Buff! I love me some Buffs. Over the course of my time as a pro, I’ve tried quite a few of their products (Full Buffs, Merino Buffs, Half BuffsOriginal Buffs, Hoodies) and have loved them. When I forget one of them for a race, it’s a sad day.

When the Reflective Buff came out, I was excited to try it!  What I love about the half buffs in general, is that they’re perfect for small headed people like me. While the full buffs are good for winters and head coverage, the half buffs are just enough fabric to do the job of catching sweat, keeping your neck warm or keeping the hair back.


What’s so great about this? You get the thermal aspect of the buff, 95% UV protection, Reflective Strips so you’re seen in dim/dark circumstances, moisture wicking and odor control. My first few times wearing the reflective buff, I wore it to spin class. Did wonders for keeping the sweat off and controlled and glows in the dark if you have white light! I also wore it for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Seattle over the weekend. It kept the sweat in control and the hair off my face at the same time. Needed a little adjustment here and there, but such is life. By the end of the race, it was soaked through! Need some suggestions how to wear it? Take a look below!



I still love the buffs, but one minor critique is I feel like my head is touch small for it sometimes- it seems looser than my other buffs and I’m adjusting it maybe a little bit more, but that isn’t a reason to hold up getting it. I haven’t had the chance to run at night with it yet, just because the weather is being temperamental here in the PNW (apparently we still need snow here in March).

Item Specifics:

  • 100% microfiber polyester
  • Polygiene Odor Control
  • Coolmax Extreme!
  • 95% UV protection
  • Reflex

Interested in Buff? Check them out:

Website      Instagram      Facebook      Twitter

Bibrave Product Review: Earth’s Care Pain Relieving Ointment

Disclaimer: I received Earth’s Care Triple Action Pain Relieving Ointment to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

This couldn’t come at a better time! I’m fresh off of running the Honolulu Marathon last week, so something to help with muscle soreness after some serious miles. Unfortunately, mine didn’t come prior to me leaving for Hawaii. However, fellow Bibrave Pro Chris had his already and happened to bring it to the Honolulu Marathon.

Anyone else smell mint with their @earths_care? #bibchat

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Earth’s Care Triple Action Pain Relieving Ointment is perfect for aches and pains of everyday life, grueling training or for post race soreness. It’s 3 active ingredients are:

  • Camphor (4%)
  • Menthol (10%)
  • Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil) 15%

It’s main ingredients are geared to penetrating the sore/painful spots and to provide natural pain relief without preservatives.

The Pain Relieving Ointment works quickly and is great for local use. Apply it where you need it and that’s that. It lasts and has a decent smell to it, so you don’t feel like you’re putting on something that means you’re running the bathroom. The smell of mint is on the stronger side, so a little will go a long way.

Should have opened this before work today! #bibchat @earths_care

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What’s the Pain Relieving Ointment good for?

  • simple aches/pains
  • arthritis
  • strains/sprains
  • bruising
  • post marathon soreness

Some behind the scenes good stuff:

  • Allergy tested
  • No artificial colors/fragments
  • No animal testing involved
  • Non Irritating.

It definitely helped the calf soreness the day before the Honolulu Marathon. I can thank loads of walking and the Merrie Mile for that! It was something I wish I had prior to my redeye flight from Honolulu to Spokane.

Overall, definitely get your self some of this! It comes in a in a 2.5 oz container, is $12.99 and will last a long amount of time. Any runner/non runner with everyday or sport related aches and pains need to look at this!

Join us for #bibchat on 12/20/16 at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST with Earthcare!

Website       Twitter      Instagram


Bibrave Product Review: Generation UCAN Bars

Disclaimer: I received a sample box of UCAN Snack bars from  Generation UCAN as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews.

Nutrition and fuel is always something we as runners fight with. We’re always looking for something specific and everyone’s different with flavors, palates, textures, you name it. No one likes buying a whole lot of one thing because of the fear of what’ll happen if you don’t like/tolerate/can’t stand what you bought.

I was given the chance to try Generation UCAN’s snack bars and ended up with Chocolate, Cinnamon and Peach

High profile runners (think MEB) have been using Generation UCAN for sometime and people have been fan of these for a number of reasons.

The snack bars are meant to curve cravings, slowly release sugar into the body instead of quick bursts and help maintain energy. Me personally, I’ve been across the board with what to use while running. I’ve done Paydays, gels, Stingers, you name it, so UCAN snack bars seemed appealing. Part of how UCAN Snack Bars work is they have a super starch that is meant to help with sustained energy and sugar levels throughout the work out. Instead of eating 200-250 calories of your favorite candy (Paydays or Reece’s, this is what you get out of the UCAN Bar (all stats are per bar)

 Calories: 170-190

 SuperStarch: 10-15 grams

Sugar: 5-6 grams

Fiber:  4-5 grams

 Protein 5-6 g

When some of the other nutritional bars are up on sugar and not a lot of fiber and with no super starch, this looks pretty good!

So far, I’ve eaten myself out of the chocolate and cinnamon bars. Wrappers are appealing to the eye, the bars are fairly simple. Other flavors include peanut butter chocolate, coffee and peach

If you're a chocolate fan, go find this. Just saying #bibchat @genucan #dinner

A post shared by Christine (@cginpnw) on

So far, I’m a fan of the chocolate. It runs sweet, but I tend to enjoy sweet things more. I tried this for my last half marathon 2 weeks ago. I ate about half the UCAN snack bar before hand and saved the rest for afterwards. I felt like half a bar lasted about 6 miles for me, but then again, I could have eaten it too close to the start. I didn’t think to bring any on the run with me. I didn’t have texture issues with the chocolate one while eating it. It can be a bit heavy on the flavor side though to some. When I went back to eat the rest of the bar post race, it was partially melted, so these bars don’t necessarily handle heat well.

I’ve also thrown these in my pocket while at work, since I’m not always guaranteed lunch at work (shocker). During one twelve hour shift, I tried one of the cinnamon bars. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the cinnamon. Part of it had to do with what I thought was too much cinnamon in it. When I first tried it, the first thing I thought was it would be perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. I couldn’t eat the entire thing in one sitting because there was too much cinnamon in it. I also thought the cinnamon bar had a texture that was slightly off.

Overall, here’s my thoughts on UCAN. Food reviews in general are difficult because everyone is different with how they review them and what their criteria are for liking or not liking.

  • super starches work!
  • UCAN has good flavors, I just think things need to be tweaked a bit to get the right amount of flavor/taste in each bar
  • Personally, I use before or after a run, not during (don’t think they travel well during runs)
  • Low sugar, good amount of protein and fiber

We’ll be chatting it up between pros, bib rave and UCAN on October 11, 2016 at 9 pm EST/6 pm CST, so please join us! In the mean time, go shopping and enjoy 15% off with BIBRAVE

Follow Generation UCAN:

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Bibrave Product Review: Buff Hoodie

Disclaimer: I received a Buff Hoodie to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Buff. How I hadn’t heard about them prior to becoming a Bibrave Pro is beyond me. I’ve tried and fallen in love with their half and full buffs and when the opportunity came up to try their thermal hoodie, I jumped at the chance. Forgot about the buffs? Head over to read what I thought about their half and full buffs!

The Buff Hoodie is just that, it’s a hoodie you put on and take off as you choose (and hey, maybe look a tad homeless when leaving work depending on how warm you need to be). The way the hoodie is designed makes it warm. The hood itself is thermal and it also has a buff sown in to provide neck and face coverage

The material itself is Polartec® Thermal Pro® material. Read, it’s warm and wind resistant. With the buff worked into, you get neck/face/ear coverage. It also means mom isn’t yelling at me to cover my ears when I go out! How warm is it? Warm enough that even at 0* Fahrenheit, while getting off of work, I don’t have to worry about freezing when I’m warming up my car to go home!!

It’s also wonderful for running outside during the winter (should you have time to do that in daylight hours, which is currently not me. It does stay in place when you run (and yes, I did test that out on a treadmill just for fun!!). It stays in place well and if you get too warm, it’s easy enough to bring the hood down until you need it, but still get some head and neck buff coverage.

Like outdoorsie type things (I don’t know, skiing, snow boarding, etc?)? Perfect for people who hang outside over the winter. Perfect for the skier/snowboarder or for someone who does the snow removal type thing. A perk to it is that since it’s a piece of its own, if you go inside, you can take it off and let it dry out while you recuperate.

I honestly am a huge fan and really don’t have any complaints about it. I haven’t washed mine yet, but plan on using it on some more runs once I can get outside to do that!

The Details

Where to find it: Buff Hoodie

Cost: $50 (free shipping since it’s over $40)

Hoodie Specifics

  • 100% natural merino wool
  • Polartec® Thermal Pro® hood
  • Thermal protection from cold & wind
  • Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter
  • Quick drying
  • One size fits all adults

Other Pro Reviews: Angie Katherine Amy Sarah M.

Join us Tuesday at 9/8 EST for #bibchat with Buff USA!

Bibrave Product Review: Wigwam Lightning Pro Low Cut Socks

Disclaimer: I received a pair of wigwam socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

To say getting my pair of wigwam socks was an ordeal is in understatement. I placed my order to try out my pair after I got the You’re In email from Julia and then I waited. And waited. And emailed Julia. And waited some more. Turns out, the socks came after our Bibchat sponsored by Wigwam thanks to the Cleveland Postal Service. I’m still not sure what happened, but I figured I’d still do a blog post!!

I’m always one who has issues finding socks. Some companies due sizes that are size 5-10. Really? I have munchkin feet due to the Lebanese ness that runs in the blood line (seriously, I could fit into kids soccer cleats through high school- score for saving money!). So whenever I find socks that my feet aren’t drowning in and that fit, I buy multiple pairs.

yYAY for @wigwamsocks coming today!!!!! I blame Cleveland mail 🙂

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I’m a sure fan of the Wigwam socks after getting a chance to wear them. For one, the sizes are scaled down. A size 5-7 (ish) is perfect for my small feet and I like smaller socks to begin with so they don’t bunch up on my toes. It’s also a plus that the Wigwam socks are seamless. They fit well and I never felt them bunching up on me in my shoes. I also love the no blister aspect of them. I haven’t had a chance to wear them on any long runs yet, so that will be the true test of running.

Also, if you’re wondering what they’re made of, here you go: 42% Stretch Nylon, 32% Dri-release® TENCEL®, 22% X2O® Acrylic, 2% Stretch Polyester, 2% Spandex. If it were me, I’d go less dry release, more stretch nylon/spandex, but that’s just me.

They do carry fun colored type socks, though some weren’t in my size [sadness]- I’m a huge fan of fun colored socks. Sizes include MS, MD, LG, or XL.

Cost: $11. Hurry and save 15% off with 10-WG615BR through the end of October!

Colors: white or other solid colors

Positives: heal tab [which means no slippage!], no blisters, keeps the feet dry, very lightweight!

Social Media: website       Facebook       Twitter       Instagram

Social Media Team: awesome! will definitely respond on instagram and twitter

Overall: A definite runner/tri athlete/ hiker, etc must have!

Socks small enough for my feet! @wigwamsocks #bibchat

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