Here Comes the Olympics…And Branding Issues

Has it been awhile? Yes. Am I alive? Yes!!!  The Olympic Trials have happened across the board and not without some issues.  There was the week long drawn out issue of the who came in third with Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh in the 100 m dash. I mean, how do you not have something in place for when time and photo finish doesn’t answer the question.  Now, there’s the issue of branding and censorship with the USOC.  Runner’s World wrote an article discussing issues athletes are facing.  The official team sponsor is Nike.  Say a runner who is sponsored by Asics or Adidas medals and is on the Olympic Stand.  Instead of wearing their own sponsor gear, they’re decked out in Nike, not who’s paying them and giving them money. Really?  Athletes are also on a black out period for the next month.  They can’t even say anything about their sponsors and there’s control over what can and can’t be said.  Clearly some disconnect between the USOC and athletes.  Change needed?  I think so.  Read the article and make up your mind on what you think!

Happy (almost) Hump Day Deals!

I love twitter.  I love twitter even more when there are good deals that come because of it.  Runners World (@runnersworld) passed 200,000 followers so they decided to do some discounts to celebrate (yay!).  Even better- they have options!!

  1. 40% off ALL Runner’s World training plans. Use coupon code Twitter200K. (This code is case-sensitive–make sure to capitalize that last K.)
  2. 33% off The Athlete’s Palate Cookbook(plus free shipping)
  3. 30% off Run Your Butt Off (plus free shipping)

Hurry though, because this ends 3AM on January 26th (it’s only lasting 200,000 seconds).

Then there’s Active.  If you sign up for any race this year during the month of January, you’ll earn up to $20 back to use on a future race.  Yup, they’re paying you to be healthy.  Who doesn’t like getting money back?!?!  Sign up by January 31 and mail or email active a copy of your receipt and they’ll mail you a rebate!  Have questions, go over here.  Email confirmations to or mail a copy to:

New Year Free Gift Promotion,Active Network, 10182 Telesis Court, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121.

NYC Marathon- taking on Friday And Saturday!

I leave for NYC today!!!!  I’m so excited- I don’t get to leave until later tonight, but there’s definitely some things I’m looking forward to.  If you are already in NYC for the marathon, I’m jealous!!!  However, us runners have some stuff that we look forward to.  Wondering what’s going on today and tomorrow? Here You Go!!! Also, can’t find the NYC Marathon Pamphlet they sent you?  Here’s the link

Friday November 4th (TODAY!!! Go Enjoy it!)

  • The EXPO! The all important place where you pick up your bib and visit all the vender booths.  It’s open from 10-7 today so make sure to print out your registration sheet from your login page and bring it with you in addition to your ID.  Apollo Ohno will be at the Subway booth at 1 today
  • International Taste of Travel is 2-5 at the Marathon Pavilion
  • Opening Ceremony 6-8
  • Fireworks at the Finish at 7:30 by Poland Spring Water

Saturday November 5th

  • At 2 AM Saturday going into Sunday (so 2 AM of Nov. 6th) is Daylight Savings Time.  Don’t forget to set your clock back 1 hour before you go to bed tonight!!!!!
  • NYRR Dash to the Finish 5K- family want to get involved? Here you go!!
  • 9 AM- Shake out run with Runner’s World!!!  I will be there working out my travel kinks so I’m good to go on Sunday!  Head over to the Jarvis Convention Center to join in.  Meet at the PUMA Booth!!!!
  • The Expo (again!!)- 9-5.  Lolo Jones (11-12), Ryan Hall (1-2) and Deena Kastor (2-3) will be making appearances at the Asics Booth
  • Marathon Eve Dinner- NYRR does it’s thing.  The best thing about being a charity runner? Team Dinner!!!  THe Jack’s Fund Team is meeting for a few hours to get to know each other.  YAY US!
  • Go see a play on Broadway.  There’s a Ticket booth inside Times Square where you can get discounted tickets to plays and productions.  I’ve never seen a bad show with these tickets!

Relax, hydrate and carbo load.  I’ve already started!!!

Running into Common Sense

I was in Borders last week taking a look at the limited supply of what they have left since they’re going out of business.  I appreciate that because a) I found 20 oz of Diet Cokes for 64 cents and b) I got 70% off some books.  One of the books I took a peak at was The Runner’s Field Manual by Mark Remy of Runner’s World.  Since I’ve been doing the running thing for awhile, I found a lot of this stuff common sense and somewhat amusing.  Some of what you’ll learn:

  1. How to run (perhaps, the most basic lesson of running): Start running [by putting one foot in front of the other] and keep running. Congrats! You’re a runner!
  2. Common, city threats to runners (the law ignoring biker, the crackberry addict better known as the big shot businessman who can’t take his eyes off his phone and the Tourists walking 5 across without any warning to when their stopping [I’m looking at you Chicago and Philadelphia])
  3. How to deal with dead bodies-someone’s dead if they’re unnaturally still/ stiff with no color (why would they be sleeping in shrubbery anyways?); just remember not to poke them with anything- the crime lab won’t be too happy when it comes to collecting evidence
  4. Garbage bags make great ponchos (cut out a head hole and 2 arm holes) and tube socks with the feet cut out make good armwarmers.  They’re cheap and you don’t have to worry about figuring out what throw away shirt you’re going to get rid of
  5. Balaclava (knit hat that covers someone’s neck, head and chin in ridiculously cold weather) vs baklava (a middle eastern dessert dish).
  6. The Runner’s Oath.  This, by far, is the most important thing out of the whole book. In case you don’t know what it is or haven’t memorized it yet, here you go

“On my honor I will do my best

To be a better runner;

To watch for cars, and increase my mileage gradually;

To run in the rain, without boast or complaint;

To not go out way too fast;

 To eat right, listen to my body, and,

one of these days, volunteer at a race’

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