15,000 Women and a Few Good Men at the Nike Women’s Half

This morning, bright and early at 7 am, 15000 women (and a few good men) took to the streets of DC for the Inaugural Nike Women’s half marathon on the east coast. When I put my name into the lottery over the winter, I was expecting not to get in because people love the Nike SF run and I figured he mass interest would be (and was) the same!

Anyways, I was up bright and early this morning at 5:30 am and changed and out the door by 6:05. Got to love eating a Greek Yogurt while taking the elevator to the lobby of my hotel. I hopped on the Rosslyn Blue line and was at the start by 6:30. After rushing through a crowd to check my bag (hey,I sweat so much, my metro pass wouldn’t survive and I need my chocolate milk at he finish), I headed to the 9-9:59 min/mile corral. At 7:03, we were off and on the streets of DC. We weren’t staggered at all, which I didn’t see as a problem since everyone around me was around my pace. The fans were out in full force cheering for us, a much appreciated plus, especially at 7 am. Shortly after mile 1, we spent 1/4 of a mile under the 9th street tunnel and the poor Garmin lost a signal. Oh well. We kept on chugging and made our way past people dressed up as a playing card and Twister. Around mile 3, we began running on a route that the Cherry Blossom Run takes us on. I was ok with it because I could settle into a rhythm and knew the route. Somewhere before and after mile 4, on part of the route that was out and back, we had some awesome drummers getting us pumped up to keep on going. Miles 6-9 got a little lonely and the Oreo and beer guys who are around mile 7.5 of the Cherry Blossoms 10 miler weren’t at their spot. Sniff. However, a guy was standing with a sign before mile 5-6 which read “single and supportive.” ME TOO!!! I wanted to stop for a picture and his number. We passed mile 10 and began circling back towards downtown DC.

We passed mile 11 and I could feel the I just want to be done thinking hitting home. Being tired didn’t help so a switch of music was an order. We got to mile 12 and the 20K point and had a straight shot to the finish (YAY!). I recorded a time of 2:07:39 per Nike.

Now the real fun begins. The first part of the chute involved bib scanning and getting our bling, a Tiffany’s necklace made for the race. It was all wrapped up too!


The Blue Box


Tiffany’s Necklace, NWM 2013

The beat part (2nd to the necklace) were the men in suits handing out the necklaces. if they see his, 100% dingle and starting residency here!! We hit the food portion of the chute and then got to the T-shirts. I hate not getting the shirts at the expo, because now I have to hunk and compare what size I want. After leaving the shirts, it got real crowded. People were in line waiting to buy finisher’s swag (ran into someone who waited 2 hrs!) and to get pictures taken on stage with their blue box. I browsed a bit and went to look up my results. I wove in and out of people and ended up back at gear check to pick up my bag. A change of shirt and chocolate milk does wonders!!

Overall, this was pretty well done, especially for an inaugural race. I honk a few tweaks for packet pick up might be needed (there was a huge line Saturday around 5) and either relocating of the finisher’s boutique or putting finisher’s swag online would be awesome. Really, though, I had a blast and crossed a race of my bucket list!  If you’re looking for results, head over here.

If you’re looking for some swag, check Nike Georgetown if you’re still in the DC area.  They have some of the finisher gear that was offered today at the finish line.  Nike online and Run also have select NWM DC gear if you couldn’t get your hands on anything in DC.

Now, it’s time for some light reading as I take a 9 hour exam on the computer tomorrow.  Good vibes and juju appreciated!


When Fall Turns To October

When fall turns to October, it means it’s close to my birthday.  Today is my last day as a 25 year old.  How am I celebrating turning a year older and I year wiser?

  1. I’m running the NYC Marathon for Jack’s Fund.  It would be awesome if you could help me celebrate by helping me raise my last $791 to raise money for melanoma research.  It would be really cool if we could show cancer who’s boss!
  2. I invested in my first thing from Tiffany’s.  What you ask? Something I would actually use: glasses.  Don’t believe me? Go look! I even got free shipping 🙂
  3. I switched running shoes.  What, say that again?! You didn’t hear me?  After almost 2 years with my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s/7s, I switched to the Brooks Ravenna2.  It was a good relationship while it lasted, but something changed. Me, Mizuno, I’m not sure exactly
  4. I managed to get through 25 uninjured.  Impressive, I know! Uninjured and single
  5. My mom visited me in KC for a girls weekend. Food, Food and shopping…that’s the way to go if you ask me!

26.2 miles. Or DAYS!

On Oct. 9, 2011, Chicago hosted the Chicago Marathon. Now that it’s October 10th, it’s officially OK to say: 26 DAYS UNTIL THE NYC MARATHON! 26 days until I run through the 5 boroughs of NYC for the time of my life. At least for this year.  How official is it, you ask?

  1. I’m $821 away from my $2500 goal for Jack’s Fund to raise money for Melanoma Research.  There’s 3 weeks left to donate!
  2. I received my BIB NUMBER! 58481 incase you’re wondering
  3. The Race Week Handbook.  Want to know what I’ll be doing? Or where I’ll be running? Or marathon rules? Take a peak.
  4. I’m debating what to get from Tiffany’s. Yes, Tiffany’s. This coming from the person who wears very little jewelry. This is where I need help. What should I get? They do things specific to the NYC Marathon
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