Missoula Marathon Race Week

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It’s race week for Missoula!  I missed out on the Missoula Half last year due to the moving debacle and my stuff not getting out here in any timely fashion. Last year, probably would have been cooler than the weather this year. This morning, some race adjustments were sent out for the Marathon and race day on Sunday. Here’s what you need to know, especially for the Marathon:

  • Start time: Still at 6 AM on July 9th (Sunday), so no change there!
  • Course time limit: DECREASED to 6.5 hrs! Normally a 7.5 hr. course, but temps are expected to be in the 90s throughout the day
  • If it’s hitting 87* or hotter by 12:30 PM, race may be called all together

What other adjustments?

  • No charge if you wish to go from the Full to the Half. All you have to do is go to the solutions table on Saturday at the Expo
  • If you’re expecting to finish the marathon between 6:00 hrs and 7:30 hrs, race directors are extending a deferral to the 2018 race and wave the deferral fee

As of now, the 5K on Saturday, the Half on Sunday and the kids events aren’t looking like they’ll be changed or altered, but be on the look out for emails leading up to this weekend~

I’ve been following the Missoula Marathon on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and they’ve been offering good advice. Me personally, even though I love downhill courses (I PR’ed at Utah Valley last month), but my goal is to pace myself and not necessarily PR. Also, I’m already starting to load up on fluids because I’m guessing I’ll be losing more fluids regardless. Stay cool this weekend and be sure to keep an eye out for any more Missoula Emails and communications



City Street Running

As much as I love living in major cities (4 years in Chicago, 2.5 in Philadelphia), I hate trying to run in the city.  Case and point.  Today, I did part of my run outside since it was one of the nicer days we’ve had since the beginning of November.  Besides there being traffic lights every quarter of a mile for the first mile or so, you get drivers who are flat out stupid and pay no attention what so ever.  I’ve had cars nearly turn into me as I’m crossing because they don’t pay attention, been splashed by disgusting looking water and have dealt with mud covered sidewalks with no shoulder to run on.

To boot, to get to any sort of path (like the Kelly River Loop), I have to drive to get there and I end up having to look for the mile markers.  Once April comes around, I end up having to drive out to the start of the loop since they close down the side of the loop closest to me.  Other trails aren’t as populated or as easy to get to and aren’t an option.

Then, you have the honkers.  The people who see you in your running clothes and think it’s cool to let you know that they see you.  I spent a month rotating in the Bronx at St. Barnabas Hospital over the summer.  It was no problem for the guys in the house to go running- they could go whenever they wanted and not have any issues.  If I went out, I’d get stared at as if no one had seen a woman run before and honked at by all the taxi drivers.  I ran twice before heading out to Central Park on the 4 Line where I could run no problem.

One day, I’ll find my ideal city to run in.  Until then, I deal with my stop lights, obnoxious drivers and all that comes with living in Philly

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